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How To Fix PS5 Wifi Not Working? (Easy Guide)

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If you are facing PS5 wifi issues which leads to PS5 not connecting to the internet there can be multiple reasons for that. We have an easy fix guide for this problem.

This is the issue we all encounter sometimes while playing games or using this console for other reasons as well. In the meantime, there are no exact guides that can help you encounter this wifi and not connecting to an internet issue, but our research time and our gamers have found some way you can bypass this problem.

It won’t take you to diagnose the wifi problem in PS5, it just takes less than an hour to kill this problem in your PS5 console.

What causes PS5 wifi issues?

There are many reasons for this problem but we have listed the causes of this PS5 error:

  • PS5 Console is too far from router reach
  • Too many devices connecting to the internet
  • Problem with router
  • No internet at the time
  • Problem with console internal system

The problems of this cause in detail.

The wifi has no internet connection

Sometimes we won’t notice that the internet has not worked and we just blame the console for this, always be sure to check the router and internet from your mobile device first to ensure that the internet is working.

Slow wifi connection

Slow wifi connection is also one of the reasons for this problem, PS5 takes a huge amount of internet data for its smoothness and gaming experience. So, in slow internet PS5 will have the struggle to connect with PSN or other game servers which leads to problems in connecting to the internet.

You can use Best Wi-Fi Extenders for PS5 to boost signal.

Internal Console Issue

This is rare for PS5 because PS5 is Sony’s most advanced and well-tested gaming console which is way faster and better compared to PS4.

Anyway, the device can never be free from technical issues so, be sure to check the internal part of it but Beware! don’t check it by yourself, check it from the authorized console repair centers only.

How to fix PS5 wifi not working issue

Here, is the quick and easy way you can fix the PS5 wifi not working issue.

  • Be sure you entered the wifi password correctly
  • Restart your PS5
  • Check and restart your Router
  • Try moving the PS5 console near to the router
  • Reset your router
  • Factory reset PS5
  • Contact PS5 support

Above mentioned solutions are the quick way you can fix the problem, but still, the problem did not solve check the step-by-step proper guide below.

Check PSN server status

PSN Network

Sometimes there can be issues on PlayStation Network servers which can cause disruptions from accessing online services. This type of issue gets fixed as soon as possible so, all you can do is wait until it gets fixed from the PSN side.

Or for more sure you can also visit the official site of PSN and check the server status from there, to know if your region got hit by server issues or not.

Check your network status from here.

Connect PS5 To Network With An Ethernet cable

This is one of the important steps which can fix internet connection issues on your PS5 console. Sometimes there can be an issue on your PS5 wifi part of it can be on the modem part so, using the best PS5 ethernet cable is the best option. Rather than being connected with each other wirelessly, ethernet cable helps to get connected PS5 and router via wire.

  1. Get Ethernet Cable
  2. Connect one end of the cable on PS5
  3. Connect another end of the cable on Router
  4. On PS5 Click on Settings
  5. Network > Setting
  6. Select Set Up Internet Connection
  7. Select Wired Lan 1 > Connect

Change DNS settings in your PS5

PS5 uses the DNS that your router gives to it, and sometimes there can be an issue on ISP’s DNS servers. In this case, you can try to fix the problem by changing DNS settings in your PS5 console.

There is some best DNS server for ps5, you can use for free.

Here is a quick way you change the DNS settings in your PS5:

  1. Go to PS5 Settings
  2. Select Network option
  3. Select Set Up Internet Connection
  4. Select Set Up Manually
  5. Click on Use Wifi
  6. Select DNS
  7. Change the Primary DNS to
  8. Change the Secondary DNS to

PS5 factory reset

factor reset ps5

You tried all the methods but still, the problem was not fixed then the final option you can do is doing a factory reset on your console. With this method, your all saved game data and anything personal data you had in your PS5 will wipe out and return to the original state of PS5.

Contact Support

After you followed all the methods written above but still PS5 wifi issues have not been fixed then we suggest you contact the official support of PS5.

More soon you contact the support, it will be the best to fix out this issue.