What Fightsticks Works on PS5? [10 Best Options]

what fightsticks works on ps5

Fighting Games are pretty fun to play on a Console. As the new generation of Sony consoles has been released, fighting game enthusiasts have one question in their mind right now. What fightsticks work on PS5?

Well, there are no dedicated Sony fightsticks for the PS5 right now. This also makes sense as Sony doesn’t really have their exclusive fighting game. Most of the biggest fighting games in the world are Tekken, Street Fighter, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Injustice, and so on. All of these are third-party games.

We know that PS5 has the backward compatibility mode so, all PS4 fighting games work on the system. So, does that mean PS4 compatible fighting sticks work too? Well, we are going to answer that today!

In addition to that, we are also going to cover some of the best compatible fighting game sticks that you can buy for the PS4. So, without any delay, let us get started!

What Fightsticks works on PS5?

The following fightsticks work on PS5:

  1. Mayflash F300
  2. Mayflash F500 Elite
  3. HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai
  4. Victrix Pro FS
  5. Hori Fighting Edge
  6. Nacon Daija
  7. Qanba Drone
  8. Qanba Obsidian
  9. Qanba Dragon
  10. Razer Panthera Evo

1. Mayflash F300

Mayflash F300 is a perfect stick for beginners. It works on PS5 and offers a good overall value. This unit is manufactured by the Chinese Company named Mayflash. The F300 is a budget stick that is available for an affordable price.

The most appealing feature of this fightstick is that it is able to play on almost all kinds of platforms. It is a Universal fightstick so, you can use this device with a PS4, Xbox One, PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch, and so on. You can even use this with android!

A lot of people might have some questions about this unit though as it is quite cheap. Is this fightstick worth it? Well, let us get into it. In the case of Xbox 360, it is a bit difficult to set up. But all modern consoles are supported properly. This fightstick can be used without any problem with a PS5.

When it comes to design, the Mayflash F300 is great. It has a cool design that can be customized without any problem. The size of the fightstick is balanced too. It feels sturdy in hand which is quite great for the price it’s available on.

As the size is compact, this device can be stored very easily and it doesn’t take much space too. In the case of the layout, the F300 has a typical button layout. You can see such a layout on an arcade stick. There are stock buttons here and the joystick itself is a square gate.

In terms of button quality, they are a bit mushy as they are non-Sanwa. While the response is fine if you are a beginner, it can feel a bit odd to pro players. It does feel like a step down when you are accustomed to the Sanwa button type and you play with the F300.

Another thing to consider is the size of the stick. This stick is quite small. So, if you have big hands stay away from it. As for portability, this small size makes it easy to carry on the go.

And it’s not that light despite being small. When you put it in your lap, you will definitely feel some weight which is a good thing. These minor issues don’t break the deal though and they are all personal preferences.

One thing that’s very good about this fightstick is that it can be customized and parts can be replaced. So, you can swap the default buttons for Sanwa buttons and it will cost you less than actually buying a fightstick with sanwa buttons. Cool, right?

You get what you pay for in the Mayflash F300. Overall it is a good beginner fightstick that gets the job done. It has a nice overall value for money and the fact that it can be modded and customized is a huge deal.

If this is the first time you are buying a fightstick, the Mayflash F300 is the perfect one to get.

2. Mayflash F500 Elite

The Maylash F500 is one of the few fightsticks that is compatible with both PS5 and Xbox Series X. Not many fightsticks have support for the Series X but this one does. And that’s one of its unique selling points.

It also includes a headphone jack which the F300 did not have. This is a nice feature to have and audio lovers would really appreciate this feature.

Just like the F300, the F500 is a universal stick that can be used in almost all devices. It even works on a Nintendo Switch. The Xbox performance is pretty great as well and on PS5, it is butter smooth.

The buttons are the same as the F300. They are mushy and loud but get the job done. As the buttons can be swapped, this is not really that big of an issue. And for a beginner, it is not an issue at all!

Response time, on the other hand, is a spec that is needed and the F500 does way better in this regard. As opposed to its predecessor F300, the F500 has a solid response time and this is music to the ears of fighting game lovers!

Button swapping is too easy here. There are just 6 screws on the bottom panel that you have to remove and you will be inside the device. You can customize this fighting stick without any problem. You can also add Sanwa buttons here.

The only issue here is that you won’t be able to use this in Tournaments. Setting up this fighting stick can be a bit difficult and because of its size, the device is not that great to carry. So, yeah this fighting stick is not worthy for a tournament.

You need a high end Sanwa button fighting stick is superb precision if you hope to stand any chance on a competitive fighting game tournament. Even with modifications, this fighting won’t reach the response time that is there in some of the high end sticks.

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3. HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai

The HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai is an incredible fightstick. It has a very solid base and the overall build quality is just so good.

In terms of design, it is appealing and looks very premium. The stick doesn’t have sanwa buttons but the default buttons here are still quite great actually. They are fun to play with.

This is the perfect recommendation for gamers looking to get a fightstick that looks and plays like it’s a premium device but is affordable!

In terms of button layout, this has the standard 8 button arcade style of buttons which is standard. The option button is placed to the right of the main face buttons. This can be quite awkward for some though. The chances of hitting the option button by accident is pretty high. But you can turn the button off so, no complaints there. We are just nitpicking!

Anyway, you also get a touchpad with the fightstick that kind of resembles the touchpad that the PS5 has. But just like the PS5, the touchpad is not really that useful here. It’s just there.

You can also assign, reassign and disable some buttons here which is great for fighting gamers. You don’t get a headphone jack though and that’s a bummer.

In terms of button quality, they are good. Not sanwa but still good. Hori has its own Hayabusa stick and buttons. These are great for playing games like FighterZ and Injustice. These buttons are actually the same ones used in the Japanese arcade machines. So, the quality is off the charts here. There is a square gate lever in the joystick for improved precision and responsiveness.

The buttons make a nice sound when clicked. This along with their responsiveness makes for a pretty good overall use case. While the buttons can get a bit loud, they are still very much usable. you can also swap these buttons up if you feel like it.

Speaking of which, the modification options are pretty great in this fightstick. You can crack open the button panel with a screwdriver and then make your modification. The process is not difficult. But it’s not that easy too. There are some other high-end fightsticks that crack open without needing any sort of tools.

4. Victrix Pro FS

The Victrix Pro FS is a great fighting stick for PS5 owners. This one is actually made for the PS5 and you can enjoy really great performance with this one.

The best thing about this fighting stick is that it has a good weight to it and the overall quality is superb. It is actually built like a tank! You get a really solid metal chassis here that also looks good. So, on the design front, you don’t really have to worry. There is also that purple glow coming out of it from the sides that make it one of the best looking fighting sticks out there.

Victrix has also built a super solid fight stick here and this doesn’t stop at the metal frame too. The parts are pretty great here. You get a total of 8 front buttons on the stick. You can access the stick components with ease and the customization here is superb as well.

5. Hori Fighting Edge

Hori is a premium fightstick that is great to look at. It has a nice button layout and is great to play with. The stick has native PS4 support so, it will work nicely with the PS5.

Just like the Hori Real Arcade Pro, this one has that Hayabusa button as well as joystick. These joysticks are great, they are responsive enough and they have an audible click sound when you press them,

The buttons can get a tad bit loud though. The lever system is better on the Sanwa and the Hayabusa just doesn’t stack up against it. You can easily switch the level though.

The actual gaming part is pretty great though. We played some Tekken with this fighting stick and we could easily pull off some epic combos. The stick does feel good once you get the hang of it.

The button placement is nice. The L3 R3 and Share buttons are on the side of the stick so, you don’t accidentally press it. The options button still has an awkward placement though but it’s much better than the Real Arcade pro.

Overall, the fighting stick is quite great and you can take it to a small-scale tournament and who knows? Perhaps win it! It does depend on your skill though. You got to master the Hayabusa joystick first.

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6. Nacon Daija

The Nacon Daija is a superb fight stick made by Nacon. This fightstick is compatible with both Windows PC and PS consoles. It supports the PS4, PS4 Pro, and the PS5.

One nice thing about this is that it has a simple configuration system for managing the inputs. You get proper navigation control thanks to a great level system in the joystick. Since this is a very premium controller, it comes with the Sanwa Joysticks.

We have talked a lot about Sanwa buttons and joysticks because these buttons are great. They are made out of high-quality material and they are field-tested as well. You can use Sanwa buttons for decades too.

Customization here is another great feature to have. You can easily open the lid here and change out all kinds of components. The wires can be taken out properly.

And everything can be connected as well. The things that you can customize include the style as well the buttons and the external features.

7. Qanba Drone

Qanba has two budget fightsticks: The X1 and the Carbon. The Qanba drone beats them both in terms of quality though. The Qanba Drone is not as good-looking and aesthetically better as some high-end sticks but functionally, it is the best one for a beginner.

You can mod this fightstick without any issue. And when you mod this with the correct parts, you can beat anyone with it.

The buttons as well as the joystick lever feels good here. The buttons are a bit hollow and need some force to press but you can switch them up. The stick definitely needs some modifications to compete with Tournament grade sticks though.

The performance overall is not that bad though. You will definitely appreciate the response time and the accuracy even as a beginner. But if you are a veteran, you might have some issues with the device.

With this fighting stick, you get some extra buttons at the top. The buttons are laid across the top section as they are Start, Options, and Turbo buttons. You can turn off the start and options buttons when you are in the middle of a tournament or a ranked match.

We also like the cable storing mechanism in the Qanba Drone. It has a hollow tuner like section where you can keep your cables. This nifty little feature can be a lifesaver if you also hate cables in your setup!

8. Qanba Obsidian

Moving on to our next Qanba product, the Obsidian is a nice looking stick that is pretty premium. The main USP of this fighting stick is the design. It is one of the best looking fighting sticks for the PS5.

The surface of the stick has a black gloss and the sides are made out of silver metal. While the glossy finish is a fingerprint magnet, it can be cleaned properly. The overall black and silver combo is something to really consider though.

The stick also has rubber pads that are anti-slip. When you put the fighting stick on your lap, it won’t slip thanks to this mechanism. The pad also works well on any kind of flat surface.

There is an indent or a gap on the sides. They are like handles for better portability. You can carry the device like a serving tray. In addition to that, an LED strip is provided within the metal that can light up. You can turn it on all the time and enjoy some cool lights while you are playing a game! It looks great when looked at from the sides.

The Qanba Obisidian has Sanwa Denshi buttons and a Sanwa joystick as well which is a square gate. The layout of the buttons are industry standard as well.

The performance of the Obsidian is pretty great as well. The buttons as well the joysticks are quite responsive. They are actually on par with some other premium fightsticks.

Since the joystick and the buttons are closer together here, it can sometimes feel like a deal breaker but it is actually pretty fine. This works and in games like Street Fighter V, pulling off hadoukens and sonic booms is quite easy!

The only bad thing about it is the actual size of the fight stick. This unit can get a bit large for some people. It is quite difficult to carry around especially in a backpack.

9. Qanba Dragon

If money is not an issue for you and you just want the best of the bunch, the Qanba Dragon is the way to go. This fighting stick is in no way subtle, it is a heavy device that boasts quality, price and performance.

This is one of the most premium fighting sticks out there and we can make a whole another article if we try to cover every single feature. So, we are going to provide you a brief rundown of features here.

First feature is the price. This is an expensive device but that’s not a bad thing. This fighting stick is like the Ferrari of fighting sticks. You get what you pay for and then some!

Next feature; Premium Build Quality, Solid look, A great overall design and aesthetically pleasing. In terms of performance? Sanwa Buttons and Joystick. What else do you need?

The buttons are amazing and the overall feel of the stick is quite impressive too. The performance of these buttons is great.  They are responsive and feel good to use. Combos and Finishing moves in FighterZ has never been THIS easy to pull off!

The Qanba Dragon also has top level cable management. It consists of a unique method for storing the cables which we are not going to spoil for you. The overall external design and the artwork looks quite dope too.

In terms of customization, you can easily get inside the stick to customize it to your liking. There is a headphone jack support as well here.

Moving on to some of the gripes we have with the Dragon. First of all, it is quite expensive so, not everyone will get this. And another bad thing is that the size is a bit bigger. So, portability is an issue. Aside that though, easily the best fighting stick that money can buy!

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10. Razer Panthera Evo

The Razer Panthera EVO is the latest arcade stick in Razer’s Panthera lineup. The overall design of this fighting stick is a massive improvement over the previous Panthera stick from Razer.

Razer is quite a big player in the gaming market. It has a huge market where it makes some pretty cool stuff for their users. The panthera evo is one such device.

They have installed mechanical buttons on their fighting sticks that feel good actually. It might be a bit of a concern for Sanwa fans but these Razer buttons make sure the price of the stick is down. And the thing is the buttons are not that bad! They are actually more than usable.

Street Fighter V plays like a charm with this and so does Marvel vs Capcom. The buttons are quite responsive and the input lag is close to none. This is a huge deal. You need good response time in case of the fighting stocks and this is a pretty great overall feature.

While we still prefer to use Sanwa buttons, the Razer ones are not really bad so, yeah you can definitely use it for playing some good fighting games. We have no complaints here. This stick is comfortable to hold as well and has a nice solid weight to it.

Buying Guide – What to look for in a fighting stick for PS5?

There are some aspects that you need to keep in mind before buying a fighting stick. Here are some of those:


The primary fact to consider is the portability of the stick. It also depends on your use case. If you want the stick to remain plugged in or if you want to carry the stick around with you. These are some of the questions to answer. So, while making that all important decision to get the fightstick, do take this thing into consideration.


The next thing that you need to consider is the compatibility of the platform in question. There are many third party products that make fightsticks work with the consoles you wish for. But there are natively compatible fightsticks as well. You should go for these natively available ones as they are better. You can simply plug and play the device and be done with it. At least you can pair it without an issue.

Button Arrangement

Button Arrangement is quite important for pro gamers. You can also take a look at the button as well as joystick arrangement to see what is better. The sticks as well as the placement of the buttons are some important things to consider to get an arcade cabinet layout. This is a pretty great device for pro gamers with its baton style top and a really great overall design.


A fighting stick with an option to customize it always a great purchase. When you can fully customize a stick, it is always great. You can also make the purchase based on the kind of customization that you might need.

Price and Value

The price and value of the fightstick is another thing to consider before buying a fightstick. You need to make sure that the stick addresses your needs and doesn’t put a hole in your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need a fightstick with a PS5?

Fighting games have very difficult controls. To do a simple combo or a special move, you need to press a bunch of buttons. This makes it pretty hard to do with a controller. While it’s also the question of habit, the pro level is simply filled with people who use a fighting stick. So, if you want to be a pro-fighting gamer, might as well start playing with a fightstick.

Will my fightstick work on the PS5?

If you own a PS4 currently and the fightstick is working for you then it will definitely work for the PS5. Also, all other Sony licensed fightsticks will also work without any problem with the PS5. You can take a look at the back of the fightstick to see the full compatibility list.

Will my PS4 fighting stick work with PS5?

Yes, a PS4 compatible fighting stick is perfectly compatible with a PS5. Since PS5 has legacy support, almost all games, controllers and other devices that worked in PS4 will work in PS5. So, all the fighting sticks that you used for playing PS4 games will work perfectly well with a PS5 console.

Enjoy Your PS5 Compatible fighting stick

The answer to “What fightstick works with a PS5?” is very simple. A lot! Yes, there are tons of fightsticks out there for the PS5. In this article, we covered some of them.

These are all compatible sticks that you can use to enjoy games such as FighterZ, Guilty Gear, Soulcalibur, Marvel vs Capcom, Injustice, Tekken, Mortal Combat, Street Fighter and more!

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