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Too many USB devices connected to PS4 [Fix 2021]

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One of the very common errors that you can see in a PS4 is the one that says that you have connected too many USB devices. This error is very confusing because you will get this error message even if you have not connected any USB device to your system.

The error Too many USB devices connected to PS4 can be very frustrating. After you get this error, the PS4 could also freeze and crash so, it is necessary to get rid of this problem.

There are quite a few ways to do exactly that. But before we get into the actual fixes, let us first see the reasons that cause this problem.

Reasons for Too Many USB Devices Connected Error

There are a few reasons why the error message could occur in a PS4 console. Most of the common reasons are given below:

Hardware Issues

The most common cause behind this error is the issue with the USB device. You could have a faulty USB connector or a USB device. Perhaps the ports in your PS4 are a bit damaged. All of these things can definitely cause errors.  If you are facing any hardware problem in your PS4, you should talk with a technician and ask him for help.

Faulty System Files

When you have a file system that is corrupted the PS4 gets confused and logical errors such as the Too many USB connected will definitely occur. To solve it, you have to just be patient and reset the database. Sometimes you even have to revert the settings of your PS4 back to the factory defaults.

Electricity Failure

When you have constant blackouts and power surges, the ports can get pretty rough and then get damaged. If this happens, then the error message is quite obvious.  Make sure you have a voltage stabilizer to prevent this problem.

Fixes for Too Many USB Devices Connected Error

Fix 1: Perform a Complete Restart

The most simple way to fix the ‘Too many USB devices connected” error is to just restart your PS4. When you restart your PS4, it will get rid of all the shocks that cause the PS4 to act out. For properly restarting the PS4, follow the following steps:

  • Turn your PS4 off from the console itself. Go to the Function Screen > Power > Turn off PS4. You can also press the power button for a while to power it off that way as well.

turn off ps4

  • Disconnect all the USB devices from the PS4 now (if you have connected any), make sure you disconnect everything such as USB controller, hard drives, VR system, etc.
  • Unplug the power cable now. Let the PS4 be in this state for 30 seconds and then plug back the power again.
  • Turn On your PS4 normally now.
  • You can now connect your USB devices one at a time and in an interval of 5 minutes. See if all the devices are working properly or not. By doing this, you can probably fix the “Too many USB devices” error.

Fix 2:  Rebuild the database

rebuild data base safely

Another fix for the too many USB device error message is to rebuild the database. When a PS4 database gets corrupted, you can find yourself in the middle of so many problems. To fix the database, all you have to do is boot your system in safe mode. Just hold the power button for 7 seconds (after you have powered off your console) to get inside the safe mode. When you are in safe mode, connect your controller with the USB cable and go to the Rebuild Database option. And there you are, it’s this easy to fix your database. When you do this, the problem can be fixed in no time.

Fix 3: Initialize PS4

instalize ps4

If rebuilding the database also fails to resolve the issue of  “too many USB devices connected PS4”, you can always initialize your PS4 and reinstall the PS4 system software. For reinstalling the system software, simply enter the safe mode by following the methods given in the fix above and select the Initialize PS4 option. Now, follow the prompts and that’s about it. You have successfully initialized your PS4. Once your PS4 initialization is complete, you need to just restart the console and then reconnect your controllers.  You may also need to re-enter your PS4 network details.


The “Too many USB devices connected to PS4” error message can be a result of many things. Most of the time, it is the result of carelessness by the user, and sometimes, it is the result of the PS4 system software. It is totally fixable though.

All you really need to do for fixing this problem is to just restart your PS4 in a proper way and then rebuild the database. If these don’t work, then you can initialize the console. Also, very rarely the problem could lie in the ports of the system so, you should check them out too.

If the ports have physical damage, get a repair person to fix them. But aside from that, the fixes that we have provided here will definitely work. We are pretty confident about that.