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Top 5 Survival Games for PS5 In 2021

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What’s the one thing that every gamer wants? A new console! With the release of PlayStation 5, you can expect an explosion of survival games. In this post, we will be telling you about the best survival games for PS5.

We are going to include a few different genres with some exciting surprises in store so hopefully, there is something for everyone!

Best Ps5 Survival Games 2021

#1 Little Devil Inside

Little Devil Inside ps5 survival game

Little Devil Inside is a survival game with more emphasis on action, adventure, and fun. There’s not much information about it yet besides the developers saying that gathering stuff to survive isn’t like the core main element of this particular game. The creators seem adamant in their belief that you can have both an engaging social experience as well as just be able to play by yourself out in the wilds if you want.

#2 Winter Survival Simulator

Winter Survival Simulator survival games for ps5

In the game Winter Survival Simulator, you and some friends go on a hike to Mount Washington State Park. Things take an unfortunate turn when you fall off a cliff; stranded in a harsh winter climate with no equipment. It’s up to you to find any supplies that are around and survive until getting back home!

#3 Subnautica


This game Subnautica, a sci-fi survival adventure set in an alien ocean world offers the player free reign to explore and fight their way through this unknown territory. The story is pretty basic but there are some twists that will keep you coming back for more. You start out with little life support except for your suit’s comfy recharging oxygen tank which runs on battery power like any other electronic device these days so manage it wisely by not going too deep into dark corners or taking scavenging trips longer than necessary because of risk of running out of juice when scaring off sharks! If I had one complaint about what could be improved upon in terms of gameplay though it’s that food/thirst also run on timers.

The game comes with a variety of modes that make it more fun and challenging. There’s the normal survival mode, where you need food and water; freedom mode, which doesn’t require either but also makes crafting impossible; hardcore mode resets your game if you die as well as taking away all progress from before death: creative is like an open sandbox world without any limitations at all.

#4 The Forest

The Forest

This game is a little more on the violent side with realistic graphics and sounds. It has been praised for its ability to convey tension in “The Hunger Games” way, but without any of the gore. There are many different scenarios that will make you feel like you’re fighting for your life or trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. The Forest is the perfect game for anyone looking to get lost in an immersive experience that will keep you on your toes at all times. If you’re not into violence, but would like something similar with less gore and more of a focus on horror, we recommend “Nightmare Boy”.

#5 Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles is a survival game that takes place in the world of Conan. It has some willies but doesn’t offer much else to really make it stand out among other games like this one. Exploring the world can be rewarding but isn’t too difficult to explore due to how well crafted it is with its jank that’s customary in most such experiences on consoles.

#6 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die is a game about surviving the zombie apocalypse. You take on the role of someone who was unlucky enough to have survived this third world war and now must face these zombies, but not without help from other survivors you meet along your journey. The days are used as timers for events that happen every seventh night or day: blood moons which occur when everyone in-game goes into an uncontrollable rage mode where they’ll attack anything nearby them – including their fellow humans. It is kinda a horror game.

#7 Minecraft


While other games very rarely will live up to the hype of their release, Minecraft has been on fire ever since its opening. The game is endlessly addictive and can be modified with different types of challenges at any time for a new experience every time you log in!

Minecraft is the ultimate survival game, filled with limitless possibilities. You can fight monsters in a dungeon or farm animals to eat; go after The Wither at your own pace and start living among the stars as an astronaut! There are so many different paths you could take that it’s hard to decide what you want to do first – but whatever way you choose isn’t wrong because there really are no limits on Minecraft.

There are only a few PS5 survival games that have released till now and we will update more survival games as soon as they get released.

Till, then you can check some of the best PS4 survival games that are possibly released in ps5 soon, which can play right now.

Upcoming Survival Games for PS5

We have listed down some of the best survival games you can try out on PS4 as well.

  • #8 ARK: Survival Evolved
  • #9 Stranded Deep
  • #10 How To Survive
  • #11 Death Road To Canada
  • #12 The Long Dark

#8 ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is a game that offers up everything you could ever want in a survival adventure. This includes the best of both worlds as it contains dinosaurs and futuristic sci-fi! You form alliances with other players to share resources like food, while also exploring this mysterious world for treasure or fame. Dinosaurs and Sci-Fi make their way into your life once again in order to give you something new from an apocalyptic setting. While starting off alone can be hard because everyone needs help these days, forming alliances with others will allow all parties involved access to more resources such as food which are scarce at times.

#9 Stranded Deep

Do you have a fear of ghosts? You’re not alone. There are plenty of horror movies and haunted houses to prove it! But, statistically speaking, your worst nightmare is probably being stuck on the ocean floor in Stranded Deep. In this game about suffering from starvation while trying to make an existence for yourself as best you can out at sea–whether that’s surviving by finding food or crafting things with what few supplies exist–you will be avoiding some very dangerous creatures lurking around down there… like sharks and something much worse than them too!

#10 How To Survive

How To Survive is a top-down survival game that puts you in the shoes of an unlucky plane passenger who crashes on an island. Zombies are everywhere and it’s up to you, with some help from new friends along the way, to ensure your own safety as well as those around you. The storyline has plenty of charm thanks to its irreverent narrative style which also keeps things entertaining for beginners while still being engrossing enough for more experienced players looking for something fresh or just want their zombie kills quick and easy.

There are even side quests available depending on how far into the story mode gamers choose before branching off but they’re all equally enjoyable if not always successful at keeping one fully satisfied throughout gameplay no matter what difficulty level is chosen during playtime; it’s a very enjoyable and well-paced game that you’ll want to play more than once.

#11 Death Road To Canada

The horse mask game, Death Road To Canada is one of the silliest games in its nature. From a dark twist here and there to hilarious puzzles like appeasing zombies with food or escaping from haunted houses, each day you play provides new challenges for your group. It’s as if The Organ Trail and Zombies Ate My Neighbours had a baby. The game is a fun and comedic take on the often serious survival genre of games. It’s not just about running from zombies, it has food-inspired puzzles that also require witty thinking or you’ll be doomed!

#12 The Long Dark

A perfectly normal mechanic in survival games that most people take for granted is keeping yourself protected from the elements. It can be as simple as being too hot or cold, but The Long Dark makes it your primary concern by setting you up for a deep winter of Vancouver and having Will wake up alone after his plane goes down with no idea where he’s at – let alone how to survive this extreme climate!

With objectives like finding warmth, shelter, food…and hopefully find her ex-wife alive? This game doesn’t force you into micromanaging every little thing though; some stuff just needs addressing when necessary and there are other mechanics if you need help managing everything else (like eating!).