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PS5 Right Or Left Stick Drift? Here Is Analog Drift Fix

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Analog stick drifting is an issue where the controller doesn’t really stay in one place. It constantly moves while you are playing games and this will make most gameplay pretty hard to do. The drift can happen either in a slow manner or it can happen rapidly.

Anyway, today we are going to be providing you with an incredible fix to solve the DualSense analog drift issue that can happen in your controller.

What is an Analog drift?

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The Analog Sticks are the two sticks that can turn 360 degrees on your controller, there are two analog sticks; left stick and right stick. When there is some issue in the Analog controller, the stick moves on its own so, all your inputs get really messed up.

Sometimes this can cause the whole gameplay experience to be pretty bad and that is not a really good thing. For example, let’s say you are playing Call of Duty. An analog drift would cause your sight or your player to move inconsistently and sometimes automatically. This can cause major problems for you if you are playing online.

Reasons for Analog Stick Drift

The primary cause of Analog Stick Drift in a controller are:

  • There is dust, dirt, and grime in the inner section of your controller.
  • The electric connections inside the controller is all messed up.
  • The controller might have some software error.

Fixes for the Analog Stick Drift

Fix 1: Reset the controller

If the cause behind the analog drift is software, resetting the controller is the way to go about fixing the issue. The software may get buggy over time so, it’s a good thing to reset the controller. A hard controller reset will get rid of all the bugs and errors and it can also fix the drift issue of the controller.

You can use an unfolded paper clip for this fix. Just pick up one paper clip first and then insert it into a tiny hole that is present in the back of your DualSense controller.

This hole has a small button inside it and when you press it, the controller will get a factory reset. After it has been reset, the controller will need to be resynced to make it work with the PS5.

Fix 2: Clean the sticks


As we discussed earlier, dirt and dust can be the reason behind analog stick drift. If you have a controller that you don’t use that often, dirt and dust can accumulate and this can cause a major problem. If there are any food remains or other small debris inside your controller, it can get even worse so, cleaning your controller is very important.

To clean your controller, you can use wet wipes as these wipes will not put too much pressure. Just wipe the controller gently. Don’t exert that much pressure on it. In terms of cleaning compound, you can use isopropyl alcohol.

Alternatively, cotton swabs dipped in alcohol is also one method to fix the controller.  Similarly, if you have experience with screws and hardware, you can use a screwdriver to take apart the controller and do a more thorough cleaning. This is an advanced method but, it can really fix your controller. Do not do this if you have a warranty though,  this will void your warranty.

Fix 3: Reconnect the controller

Sometimes, the Bluetooth connection can be a problem. So, reconnecting your controller to the PS5 system is one way to fix it. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Settings menu by clicking on the icon on the top right corner of the home screen.
  • Inside the settings menu, go over to Accessories and Select General.
  • You now have the option to turn Bluetooth off. Turn it off and then turn it on to reconnect your controller.

Fix 4:  Install Updates

Oftentimes, a system software bug can break your controller. If you have a system software bug, you can simply install the necessary updates and hope it will fix these bugs once and for all. Head over to the settings menu and then manually install the updates if you have missed one.


Analog drift is a common issue and it’s not something to be worried about. Yes, sometimes the issue can be because of the electronic components not working properly and if that is the case, you need a hardware repair person.

Other times, a simple reset, or a thorough cleaning will definitely fix the issue. As we discussed, you can also try installing the proper updates to fix any software bug that is causing this Analog-stick drift issue.