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Ps5 Overheating: How To Prevent & Fix It?

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Like other tech devices, this PS5 console is not free from issues, especially from Overheating. So, here is the way to prevent your PS5 from overheating.

Lately, there has been some report publish regarding the heating issue of the PS5 console, some gamers have faced this issue already and they are very furious about this issue and angry towards the Sony company.

Besides, that the overheating issue can also cause by the gamer’s or customers’ side because sometimes, we don’t follow the safety measures we need to take to save the console from too much heating.

Causes Of Ps5 Overheating

It’s time to talk about one of the most common issues that people have with their consoles, overheating. Here are five causes for PS5 overheating.

Cause #01: A Dirty Console

A dirty console is one of the causes of ps5 overheating. If you don’t clean your console regularly, it can get all dusty and gunky. This buildup of dust will make the PS more susceptible to overheating.

Cause #02: Overheating from Extra Hardware or Unusual Usage

If you are using an extra peripheral with your Playstation such as a set-top box on top of the TV then that might cause some overheating for ps5 consoles too! You need to free up space for cooling vents so airflow is not interrupted by the addition of this equipment.

The other source of overheating in Ps consoles comes from unusual usage like running intensive programs or games 24/seven which could lead to eventual wear and tear issues due to high temperatures.

Cause #03: The Temperature Misreading

Another reason for ps consoles overheating is that the temperature reading on your console might not be accurate. It just could read hotter than it really is, meaning you need to turn off and restart the PS when this happens so there’s an accurate reading of how hot or cold your device actually is in room temperature.

Cause #04: A Dirty Fan

The final most common cause of ps consoles overheating has been a dirty fan which blocks cool air from circulating through the system as intended. You can tell if your fans are dirtied by looking at them with a flashlight! If you see dust then clean those out with canned air or go ahead and take apart the console entirely to make sure all parts are free of debris.

Cause #05: A Faulty Cooling System

The final cause of ps consoles overheating is a faulty cooling system, which might be due to the overuse of substances like alcohol or concentrated cleaners that can actually corrode metal. It’s important to make sure your console has been properly cleaned and maintained so that you are able to avoid this issue.

How to Prevent Your PS5 from Overheating?

Here, we have listed some of the works you can do to prevent your expensive gaming console PS5 from overheating.

Do not cover PS5 With cloth

This is one of the mistakes many PS5 users can do, always make sure your console is not covered by any means or any clothes as well. Always keep your PS5 free, placing a cloth can cause issues on passing heat air from PS5 which can lead to overheating.

Keep PS5 Clean and Dust-Free

Most gamers love to play games but they don’t care about cleaning this console. Always do regular clean for your console not daily, but let’s say once in a month. Sometimes dust particles may have prevented the flow of hot air from and PS5 which can cause hot airflow inside the device and result in overheating.

Make Sure Air Can Pass Out

Sony has officially released a way you can make this device cool and prevent overheating, their suggestions are below:

  • Put console at least 10 cm or 4 inches away from the wall surface
  • Place your console on the hard matter
  • Do not put PS5 on carpet or rug
  • Place your console in a free space where air can flow
  • Never ever cover PS5 with cloth
  • Regular clean the console

You can place your console horizontally or vertically, this is not an issue but the way you put the console is the issue. Always make sure you follow all the steps included above and save your PS5 console from overheating.

Place console on the hard matter

Putting PS5 on a couch or carpet is never ever gonna be a good idea, always place your console on a hard matter like wooden or on Marble. Carpet or rug can have a thread that can be pulled in by a PS5 fan which can cause your device many other issues including overheating.

Contact PS5 Support

After all the prevention still problem not fixed? Then the best option is to contact PS5 Support and talk about them related to this problem.

Many times the best way to contact us is by calling them jotting down your problem rather than email and wait for the reply, still, you can email them as well.


Does PS5 need an external cooling fan?

The simple and general answer is no because the fan inside PS5 is very powerful and very much enough to cool its own body. But there are also some suggestions like if you game less than 5-hours daily then you don’t need any external fans because the inside fan can handle it easily. But if you are a hardcore gamer and spend most of the time gaming then you gonna need an external fan as well which will also help to extend your PS5 lifespan.

Does PS5 have liquid cooling?

Yes, the new console comes with the liquid metal cooling power to prevent from overheating, this metal remains cold and tries to cool down the surroundings as well.

Why is a liquid metal used in PS5?

We all have faced PS4 overheating issue once in a gaming experience. So, the production company Sony planned some other way to cool down PS5 very fast. They use liquid metal which is the best and easy solution that can belong last as well.

How long does liquid metal last on PS5?

As per the report, the liquid metal can last for more than 5 years with no any issue. The seal which has covered the body of liquid metal prevents the inner fills from evaporating. But PS5 owners, don’t need to fill or even try to feel this part by their own like in PC. We hope Sony will soon release all the answers related to liquid metal topic in future.