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Ps5 Jailbreaking : Do Hacker found the way to Crack it? (Updated December 2021)

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UPDATE 25 December 2021

On Nov 9, 2021 group of hackers with a username (Fail0verflow) on Twitter tweeted about a new root key and debug menus and claims to have decrypted the ps5 which opens gateway for a future modification to console.

Failoverflow is the same group that decrypted ps3 which let normal users jailbreak the ps3 and make modification as they want. With all the root keys hackers can reverse the code and software structure used in the console which helps in the modification and that leads to jailbreak. But they have not shared a method or any tutorial about how will it work.

As I know sony will try to fix the bug and work on the leaks but we can say jailbreaking ps5 is near. Although sony claimed ps5 as unbreachable, It proved wrong for this console.

Know everything about PS5 Jailbreak, before you try it out. Learn its benefits and also about jailbreak’s disadvantages. 

With the new PS5 just on the horizon, there are many questions that have surfaced regarding the console.

We just had a full hardware teardown of the console and we know all about the specification of the next generation PS5.

We know that the games will run on native 4K 60 fps (minimum) with support up to 8K.

We know about the SSD, the powerful chip, and the large heat sink to cool everything down. But the bigger question rests on the software side of things.

We have had no information about what kind of an OS will the PS5 incorporates.

We also have no idea about the kind of DRMs (Digital Rights Management) that the games will ship with this time. DRMs basically make it harder to pirate the system.

So, the biggest question of them all is, Will the PS5 has a jailbreak?

What is PS5 Jailbreak?

what is jailbreak

For people living under a rock, A PS5 Jailbreak is a process of modifying the system code and installing a new firmware that lets you access pirated games.

The main reason behind Jailbreak is to make sure that the system runs pirated games smoothly and saves you a good amount of cash!


The major advantages of Jailbreaking a PS5 would be:

  • High Priced games will be able to Run Smoothly and they will be free!
  • You will be able to enjoy classic PlayStation games with software emulation.
  • You can even reformat the code and use your PlayStation as a server computer.
  • You will be able to customize the UI and get the best out of the system as a whole.

Jailbreaking really sounds cool, right? Well, there are some flaws that come with the jailbreak.


We saw these flaws with the PS4. And they are:

  • You cannot go online with a jailbroken system. If you do go online, your account will be banned from the PSN
  • You won’t be able to download any new games from the PS Store. You need to wait for the pirated crack.
  •  Multiplayer games that need online access to verify and play will no longer work in a jailbroken system.
  • Your warranty will be void and if there are any hardware errors after you do a jailbreak, you will be responsible for the console’s damage. Sony will not give you the warranty claim.

Can we jailbreak PS5?

The PS5 can be jailbreak since its older console was also accessible for PS4 Jailbreak.

And only up to the firmware 7.51 was the jailbreak possible. PS4 system after the 7.51 update does not have a jailbreak.

So, it is very hard to predict whether the PS5 will have a jailbreak or not.

We know that the PS5 will also run a Linux kernel just like the PS4 did so, that would mean the system will definitely have some ways that hackers can use to bypass the security.

There are probably some hackers who have begun working on it already.

But it isn’t really a given, the PS5 will definitely have a jailbreak at some point but it can happen pretty late.

ps5 skins

For instance, the PS3 was considered to be ‘unhackable’ but at the end of its life cycle, hackers managed to get past its security and run pirated games smoothly.

The PS5 will definitely have increased security than the PS4. It will also have some additional DRMs added to all of its games so, hackers will have a tough time cracking it.

Even PC games are now filled with so many copyright protection systems such as “Denuvo” that it makes it very difficult for hackers to crack the games.

Therefore, the real question is not ‘Will the PS5 get a jailbreak?’, the real question is ‘When will it get a jailbreak?’ and we think that it would take a minimum of one year after the console releases.

You can expect the hackers to work their magic and get the PS5 a jailbreak at around late 2021.

How long could it take for ps5 jailbreak to release?

With each new console, it gets harder and harder to jailbreak. The ps consoles have been notoriously difficult to jailbreak, and with the release of console five, it seems that this trend will continue.

There is no set date for when we can expect a new hack by any means but as soon as there’s news or rumors about a potential breakthrough in cracking the code I’ll be sure to update here after the jailbreak is released.

Does PS5 have a browser?

Like a PS4, this PS5 gaming console doesn’t have an inbuilt web browser. You will not have any kind of browser on it and don’t expect to get any browsing experience from the PS5.

The maker of this console Sony thinks that it is not necessary to add a browser app on their upcoming consoles.

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