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Fixed: PS5 Crashing & Freezing ?

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Is your PS5 frozen and doesn’t shut down? Here is a easy ways to fix PS5 freezing issue, this article has guide which can help you encounter this problem.

What causing the PS5 Frozen Issue?

First of all, you need to know the factors that are causing your PS5 console freezing issue, because this is absolutely not normal for PS5 to crash. If rest mode is enabled in your PS5 console it can lead to crashing the system and freeze the console, so it is best to disable this mode.

How to Disable Rest Mode?

Here is a quick way you can disable PS5 rest mode step by step:

ps5 rest mode
  1. Go to PS5 Settings
  2. Go to Power Mode > Rest Mode
  3. Select Don’t Put in Rest Mode

Also you can diagnose your console from PS5 diagnostic tool, which can help you identify the real problem because first of all you need to know if your console is freezing due to some specific game or not.

For example if your PS5 gets freeze when you play Destiny 2 then best way to fix it, is to uninstalling and reinstalling this game.

So, after you find out your console was freezing all the time and not just due to specific game than there are more steps you need to know. First, let’s find out the way to restart your PS5.

How to restart PS5

Let’s do it by pressing and holding the power button which is one the front part of console. You need to press it for some seconds until, you hear beep sound. This function will force PS5 to force shut down and doing it you will lose any unsaved game data as well.

By the time your PS5 might have shut down, to restart it just press the power button once again. This is the best solution to fix PS5 Frozen issue. Freezing issue might have gone for now, but if you get same issue more and more in future than you need to rebuild database for PS5.

How to rebuild PS5 database

Sony has stated that freezing issue can get resolved by rebuilding PS5 database. And here is the step by step guide you need to follow to rebuild it.

  1. Press Power button until PS5 will beeps twice to turn off the console, power indicator will blink for some moments before turning off
  2. Now, press and hold power button for at least 7 seconds, Only release if you will hear two beeps once again
  3. Connect DualSense wireless controller through USB cable and press PS button
  4. Now, your console is on Safe Mode
  5. In safe mode, select Rebuild Database

Rebuilding database takes some time and it was also experienced that some users has faced more than hour for rebuilding so, just keep patience till it creates a new database.

After all of this progress still, the issue has not fixed? Than you need to reinstall system software, this will clean your hard drive and also delete all the data that is stored in hard drive. If you don’t want to loss saved games than you need to backup the data before you reinstall system software.