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How to fix: PS5 controller Not Syncing (Not working)

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We have all faced this error where the PlayStation controller will straight up not connect to the system. The error was present in the PS3 and the PS4.

And even the next-generation PS5 is not able to fix this.  Some problems are just there, right? This connection or syncing error can, however, be fixed easily.

There are multiple reasons why the error could be happening. So, without wasting any time, let us see the exact reasons behind this error.

Why does the PS5 controller doesn’t sync?

PS5 controller doesn't sync

There are quite a few reasons behind a PS5 controller not syncing properly, they are:

  • The controller is already synced or connected with another device. Perhaps you had used the controller with PC and you forgot to disconnect? Check it once.
  • The controller is too far away from the TV or there is a Bluetooth issue. Maybe some other device is creating this problem or perhaps the controller is not in range with the PS5’s Bluetooth signal.
  • There is a wired problem with the USB cable. Maybe the cable type is wrong or you have used the third-party cable that doesn’t have support for the system.
  • The ports are damaged. Most of the time, the USB ports can get pretty dirty or even straight-up damaged and when this happens, the console might not be able to connect with the controller.
  • There is an internal hardware error in the controller, battery, or Bluetooth sensor.
  •  There is an outdated firmware error, the system software doesn’t have the latest updates. This can cause many types of problems with the PS5.

How to fix the PS5 controller sync error?

To fix the sync error on your PS5 controller, follow the steps below:

  • Check whether the problem is with the controller, the port, or the USB cable. You can do this by using a different cable, a different controller and if possible, use your friend’s PS5 (if they have one). When you are sure what the exact problem is, then you can start fixing it.
  • If the cable is messed up, simply change it. Use another USB-C cable, you can get a good quality cable for affordable prices so, do try it.
  • If the ports are damaged, you can try cleaning them, after you have cleaned them gently blow in it so that all the debris will get out. When your pores are unclogged, insert the USB cable and see if this fixes your issue.
  • Disconnect your controller once and then reconnect it so that the PS5 console can properly identify and connect to the controller. But before that, make sure that your controller isn’t connected to other devices like your PC or your phone.
  • Remove any Bluetooth interference caused by obstacles and distance. Move the PS5 closer to the controller so, that the controller can get properly connected.
  • You can always perform a soft reset. To do this, turn off the console by holding the power button. This will clear all the cache from the controller.
  • As a last-ditch effort, you can also try factory resetting your PS5 controller. Just press the reset button present inside the back hole of the PS5 controller.
  • Sometimes, the PS5 controller isn’t connected cos it’s being used by another account in your system. So, if you have multiple accounts logged in, you can always press the PlayStation button to reconnect to a given account.


The PS5 controller not syncing problem is very common. This error has been there in Sony’s gaming consoles for ages and if you properly apply the fixes, the error is more than fixable.

Just make sure that your controller isn’t broken. If your controller does have hardware errors and drifting problems, you can always use your warranty to redeem a new controller.

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