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Fix: PS5 Error Code CE-100045-0 (Unable to connect to the server)

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The PS5 is a new console so, the system software isn’t as good as it should be. The system still has a lot of bugs and there are many error codes that are there.

These error codes are frequent but most of them are known and fixed. Unfortunately, the exact reason behind this error code is not known.

People have however speculated about the reasons and the error could be because of a failed update. Normally, this error is shown when you update your games like Bugsnax and Apex Legends.

Fixes for the PS5 Error Code CE-100045-0

Fix 1: Delete the download and restart it

If you are facing this error while you are downloading/updating your game, just delete the download. Once you have deleted it, try downloading it again but later.

Contact the game’s customer service to see if there is an issue on their side. If the download is not being deleted then, restart your PS5 system and you should be able to delete it.

Fix 2: Rebuild the Database

Another way to fix the issue of PS5 error code CE-100045-0 is to rebuild the PS5 database. Rebuilding the database is quite easy to do.

You just need to restart the PS5 in safe mode and select the rebuild database option.

rebuild database ps5

When you rebuild your database, the PS5 will automatically reset all the cache and then you can reuse the system.

Fix 3: Check the internet connection

Another fix to this error would be to check and fix your internet connection if the error is caused because of it. When there is an internet error, the connection would be pretty bad. And this will not let you download and install the game files or system updates.

Fix 4: Clear the notifications

Sometimes, the downloads will get stuck in the notification panel and this is very difficult to take out. Thankfully, you can clear all the notifications and then re-download the file.

Fix 5: Reset the firmware

reset ps5

If rebuilding the database doesn’t work for you, the only thing left to do is to reinstall the whole PS5 firmware. The method is the same as rebuilding the database, just boot the console in the safe mode and then select the option to reinstall the system software.

Here is a full guide on How to Rebuild the PS5 database?

What is the PS5 error code CE-100045-0?

The error code CE-100045-0 is an unknown error that has mainly to do with either game updates or system updates. The exact reason is still unknown but it may have something to do with a faulty system update installation or a game update.

Reasons for the PS5 Error Code CE-100045-0

The possible reasons for this error code are:

  • The system isn’t updated regularly. There is a faulty system update.
  • The servers are down so, the game being updated isn’t working.
  • There is a problem at your end, the network might be down.
  • The PS5 needs to rebuild the database/there is an error in the SSD.


The PS5 Error Code CE-100045-0 is an unknown code that can really be fixed. The reason might not be quite visible right now but there are people working to fix this error. Sony has also recently released a new update to the PS5 that can fix this error. So, if you haven’t updated your PS5 yet, you should definitely give it a try. You can also try our fixes if updating the console doesn’t fix your error. Also, this error can easily be fixed if you use disc-based games instead of downloading the game.

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