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Fix: PS5 Error Code CE-100028-1 (Not Enough Free Space On SSD)

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The PS5 Error Code CE-100028-1 is a space-related error that can happen in a PS5. The PS5 has an SSD, we all know this. There are many good things about the SSD such as faster loading time, great game performance, and speedy installation.

The one thing that is really not good about it though, is the size. The SSD is just 825 GB out of which only around 600 GB is usable. This makes it very difficult for us gamers because the sizes of the game have been increasing at a rapid rate.

A normal PS4 game was 50 GB in size but a normal PS5 game is around 70 GB. The worse thing is that the SSD is not replaceable right now and you can’t even add a third-party SSD.

Sony hasn’t released their official SSDs in the market and till they do that, you can’t really upgrade your disc space.

Having said, there are quite a few methods that you can use to add space to your PS5 and if you get the PS5 Error Code CE-100028-1, you can definitely use these methods. So, without any further delay let us get started.

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Fixes for the PS5 Error Code CE-100028-1

Fix 1: Delete games and make space in your SDD

The most logical and common fix to the problem is to delete your games. Now, it is very doable if you have a game disc but deleting a downloaded game might be inconvenient for many.

Don’t worry though, we have a separate solution for that. Anyway, to delete a game from the PS5 system, follow these steps:

  • First of all, go to the Settings menu and then to Storage > System Storage.
  • Select the data (games, apps, or recordings) you want to delete and then select delete to simply delete the content.
  • You can also delete your content from the home screen by following the same steps as above.

Fix 2: Use an external Hard-disk to store games

harddisk for ps5

The PS5 doesn’t support external third-party SSDs but it does support external hard disks. So, if you have downloaded games that you can’t bother to download again, you can simply use the third-party HDD and store your games there.

The HDD will not make use of the SSDs speed though so, you might get some performance issues with it it’s still better than deleting the whole downloaded game. You can at least have a backup of your games and play it when you need to while keeping the SSD pretty free in terms of space.

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Fix 3: Reset the System

The third fix is to just boot the PS5 in the safe mode and reset it so that all the software bugs are fixed. Doing this very simply, you just need to press and hold the power button for a while and the boot menu will pop up.

Inside it, you can select to reinstall a fresh copy of PS5’s firmware and this will definitely fix the issue for you.  If all of these fixes don’t work then, you need to take your PS5 to the nearest Sony service center to check for the hardware problems.

What is the PS5 Error Code CE-100028-1?

The PS5 Error Code CE-100028-1 is an error code that the PS5 system shows you when you don’t have enough space in the system. Either your SSD has some problem or it is full. Technically, the error can be fixed quite easily and in this article, we will provide you with the fixes.

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Reasons for the PS5 Error Code CE-100028-1

  • Your SSD is full. You have too many games and apps installed in it.
  • There is a hardware problem with the SSD, the system is unable to read it.
  • The PS5 system software isn’t updated so, it can’t read the SSD.
  • There is a cache error so, a system reset might be necessary.


The PS5’s SSD is a very good technology. It makes gaming faster and easier but it has its own drawbacks. The main drawback is definitely the size of the disc. With only 825 GB, you can’t really do anything with it. If you install 3-4 games, it will get filled and since there is no way to extend it right now (with an SSD), you really need an external hard disk.

But the external drive will not benefit from the cutting edge technology of Sony’s own SSD. Therefore, the PS5 Error Code CE-100028-1 is pretty common! You can definitely fix it though if you use the fixes that we have shown you in this article.

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