WV-33898-1 PS4 Error: Fix it in one step (Updated 2021)

PS4 WV-33898-1 error

The PS4 is also a computer in addition to being a gaming console. It can run apps such as Netflix and a Web Browser. And just like any computer, there are issues that arise in these applications. The WV-33898-1 is one such issue and it occurs in your PS4 browser.

When you try to browse something on a browser, this error will flash a message saying “Unable to display the webpage. (WV-33898-1)” So, what could be the reason for this error?

Today we are going to be providing you with the reasons why this can occur and then also give you some fixes that you can try. Let’s start now!

Reasons for the PS4 WV-33898-1 Error Code

Bad Internet Connection

The primary reason for the error could be a bad internet. Just plain and simple. Try downloading something from the PSN network or playing online multiplayer games. If that also is not working then, it’s definitely because of bad internet. Try to re-connect to your wi-fi or check the LAN cable for any faults. Most of the times, these things will cause the error.

Fault in the Browser App

This is pretty common. Some of the times, the browser’s cache gets pretty filled and it won’t be able to connect to the internet. If this is indeed the case, you need to clear all the cache from the browser. Restarting the browser could also fix the issue with the app.

Server Side Fault

This is another reason for the WV-33898-1 Error code. Maybe the server of the website is down so, you cannot access it. This can be a proper and valid reason for the error code. Try again after an hour or two to see if you can connect to the site you want to visit. Also, check for the other sites and see if they connect or not. If you can access other sites but not the site you want then, it is the server that is causing this error code.

Fix for the PS4 WV-33898-1 Error Code

There are some simple fixes for the WV-33898-1 error code that you can implement without any hassle. Follow the fixes given below to solve the issue.

Fix 1: Make sure your PS4 is updated to the latest firmware

update system software in safe mode

Before going into this fix, make sure the “Connect to the Internet” option is checked properly. You can get this error due to this option not being checked. When it is not checked, the PS4 won’t connect to the internet. Simply go to the Settings option and then to the Network tab and put the checkmark on the “Connect to the Internet” checkbox.

Now, if the problem is still there, you need to check if the PS4 is updated or not. Go to settings and to the System Update tab to check the system version. You can google the current version of the PS4 and compare the two to see if the PS4 is updated or not.

If the PS4 is not updated to the latest firmware, then you need to update it.  You should also check the status of the PSN before actually updating the software. If the PSN is not working, the update will not take place. So, go to Sony’s website and check for the PSN’s status.

Fix 2: Rebuild the Database

Rebuilding the Database will reset the cache of your system and this can help if the issue is with the application itself. The process is also pretty simple. Just turn off your PS4 and then turn it on, keep holding the power button for 7 seconds and you should be able to boot in safe mode. When you are in safe mode, go to the Rebuild Database option and hit X.  There you go! Pretty simple.

Fix 3: Check for the Network Connection

check internet

This is quite an obvious fix. The problem could rest on the network itself so, check your routers and LAN Cables. Connect other devices and see if the network works or not. If it is working on other devices then, immediately disconnect all other devices and check again on the PS4 console. Network Congestion can sometimes result in this error as well. For LAN cable users, check the ports in both the router and the PS4 to see if there is any physical damage. Also, try another cable to see if there is cable damage.

Fix 4: Change the DNS Settings

This is another fix that could possibly work if you have this error. This fix is all about changing the DNS settings. Simply go to the network settings tab and Set Up the Internet Connection option. Select the DNS as manual and enter the primary and secondary DNS. You can refer to a lot of DNS servers for entering the best DNS server.  When you are finished doing it. Restart the PS4 and see if the error is fixed or not. It is that simple!

Fix 5: Clear the browser cache

The final fix is to just clear the browser data and try again. We think this is the last resort option because clearing the cache and the data will also clear all your browsing history and your saved passwords. So, if you don’t have a backup of that data, it is not advised! But if you do know all your passwords and you don’t mind clearing your history then, definitely give this a chance.

ps4 Spotify error WV-33898-1

The WV-33898-11 error is a DNS issue. The PSN network will not load, and when you go to your browser on the console, it will display an error message that says “DNS Server Not Found” or something similar. This means there are issues with connectivity for some reason between your console and our server (or all servers). There are three solutions that we recommend:

a) Reboot Your Console – Sometimes rebooting just one thing can solve this kind of problem. Turn off power then turn it back on;

b) Reset Internet Settings If you have access to another device such as a phone, tablet or laptop try these steps to see if they work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the PS4 browser any good?

Well, the PS4 browser isn’t as capable as Chrome or even Microsoft Edge but it gets the job done. It works flawlessly in the system and you can use the browser to do some basic things.

Why is the WV-33898-1 error so common?

Since the browser in the PS4 is not really that great, some cache errors can occur frequently which makes the WV-33898-1 error very common.

Is the WV-33898-1 error fixable?

Of course, it is just an application error most of the time, and software errors can be fixed with pretty ease. But if the error is caused due to a faulty LAN port then, you might have some serious problem!

How does a bad DNS cause the WV-33898-1 error?

When you have a bad DNS server, the PS4 will not be able to connect to the website you want to connect to and this error is the result of that.


The WV-33898-1 error is a browser error most of the time that can be fixed by simply clearing the cache. But oftentimes, there can be some other reasons behind the error and it is very essential to find the exact reason.

It may not be the same reason for everyone so, try to find the exact reason before you do the fix. And yes, you can follow our fixes without thinking twice and most of the time, these fixes will definitely help you get rid of the WV-33898-1 Error Code.

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