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PS4 WS-38220-5 Error Code [100% Fixed]

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The PS4 WS-38220-5  error code is one of the most frustrating error codes out there. This error code causes your console to run slower than usual. They occur generally takes place when your console is not stable or if some important system files are missing.

The exact cause is unknown. The numeric WS-38220-5 code also comes with a technical description that uses hexadecimal numbers and for us, it is plain garbage! A technical repair person can, however, know the time and memory location of the error from it.

WS-38220-5 Error fix

The error is generally present after a system crash or if your PS4 is unreliable for a long time. The symptoms of the errors include anything from unresponsive programs, slow console performance, hardware problems, installation, and update errors, system freezes to even total hardware failure.

Don’t worry though, today we are going to be providing you the most comprehensive guide to solve the PS4 WS-38220-5  errors for you. But before that, let us see the reasons for the error.

Reasons for the WS-38220-5

We could write an entire article just on the reasons for the WS-38220-5  error code. This is because the reasons are plenty. From internet issues to corrupted system files, a lot of things can be a threat to your PS4 console and they can all cause the error. The major reasons are explained below:

Network Reasons

The network reasons for this error include a faulty router and a badly assigned IP i.e. if your internet is unreliable and slow, your games will get slow, and then the error will flash. Also, a faulty DNS could essentially slow down your connection.

Human Reasons

f you are very inconsistent and shutdown the PS4 by just killing off the power supply, this error can occur. Always turn off your system manually first.  Also, if you are impatient and don’t complete system software installation or don’t even update the system for a long time then, this error can occur as well.

System Software reasons

This is another reason for this error. If the drivers in your PS4 are installed in a bad manner or if there is a game that consists of malware then, your PS4 can act ours. Also, never delete applications that you don’t have an idea about.

Corrupted Files

The most common reason for the WS-38220-5 error is corrupted files. Missing or wrongly linked files could essentially cause this error and frankly, there is no other method to fix it that a system software restore.

Fixes for the WS-38220-5  error code

Fix 1: Network Fixes

The first fix to the WS-38220-5 error is to set the IP address of the PS4 console manually. This might fix the error if the network is the reason behind it. Just go to the IP address tab inside the “Set up your internet connection” option in the settings and enter the manual IP address. Just enter the IP address of the router. The IP address is segmented into four segments and entering it manually could very well fix this.

Another fix is to change the DNS manually or change it to default if you have entered the DNS. You can follow our DNS related article for complete information on how to do this and the best DNS that you can possibly use.

The next network fix is all about the router. You can reset your router and fix the connection issues. Long pressing the reset button on a router will clear its cache and return it back to the factory settings. You can try this as well.

Fix 2: Manual Update

Some of the times the WS-38220-5 error is caused due to a faulty software update that might be the result of a bad or unreliable internet connection. You can however easily fix this with the help of a manual update. All you need is a Computer, any kind of internet connection, and a flash drive.

Just make sure that the flash drive is supported by the PS4.

Go to your computer’s browser and download the latest update file from PlayStation’s official site.

When you are done, enter the flash drive in your computer and quick format it to the FAT file system.

Now, make a folded named strictly “UPDATE” inside the flash drive and copy-paste the PS4 update file inside the folder.

Connect the flash drive to the PS4 and then go to manual update on the update menu and select the external drive as the update file location. And this should pretty much fix the issue.

Fix 3: Factory Reset the PS4

This is the last-ditch effort. If all else fails, you should perform a factory reset of the PS4. Doing the factory reset is also pretty easy. Just go to the settings > initialization > restore default settings. Now follow the instructions that the system flashes. The reset might take some time and there you have it. The system reset is all but complete.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the WS-38220-5 error code fixable?

Yes, the WS-38220-5 error code is fixable if there is no hardware problem or failure.

What to do if there is a hardware failure?

Hardware failure such as a bad RAM or a slow HDD can cause the WS-38220-5 error. If you think that this is indeed the problem, you should contact Sony and ask for the warranty (if you have a warranty claim left). If not, then you can simply give your PS4 to repair.

How to prevent the WS-38220-5 error code?

You can prevent the WS-38220-5 error code by turning off the PS4 system properly, not installing any harmful applications in it, and most importantly. updating the system in a timely manner.

Will factory reset damage by PS4?

No, it will not damage your PS5 but you cannot restore to a previous version of the System after you reset the PS4. Also, all your settings are cleared as well.

What to keep in mind while the factory resetting the PS4?

There is one thing that is very important to keep in mind. Never turn off the power while factory resetting. This is crucial.


The WS-38220-5 error is a software error for 90% of the time. If it is a software error then the fixes we have provided would be more than enough to solve them. However, if none of them work for you then, it might be a hardware error and if it is that, only a repair person can save you (or your warranty can save you!).

But don’t worry, even if you don’t have a warranty, you won’t have to spend that much money to fix an HDD failure or even a RAM error.

But if you do need to replace the motherboard then, it might burn a hole in your pocket! Anyway, let us not be pessimistic and have hope that the error can be fixed in no time. Do follow the instructions we gave you and see if you can fix the error.