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PS4 WS-37432-9 Error Code [Fixed]

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When you buy a PS4, the first thing that you’d have to do is join the PlayStation Network. A lot of people play multiplayer games these days so, a PS Plus membership is necessary. The PS Plus and the PlayStation store work with the PlayStation network.

So, the network is the backbone of the PS4 but sometimes, this backbone will collapse. You are in the middle of a very important game and the network will suddenly disconnect leaving you with the WS-37432-9 error code. This is very frustrating, to say the least.

PS4 WS-37432-9 Error

The WS-37432-9 error code will come with an error message that says, “The PSN is currently on a maintenance phase, please try again later.” Now, you might think the reason is quite obvious and the fix is to just wait. But, wait a minute, is the server error really a reason for it? Let us dive deep into it and see the exact reasons for the error and the possible ways to fix it.

Reasons for the WS-37432-9 error code

Server Issues

The first reason is obviously the server issue and the PSN is actually down. You can visit the PlayStation website to confirm or better, ask your friends to see if the networking is working or not on their consoles.  If the error is true because of the server there’s nothing you can do really. Just wait till it gets back on.

Client Issues

Sometimes the PlayStation can misjudge the reason and provide you with the WS-37432-9 error code, despite the problem being on your side of the equation. If you have a really bad internet connection or a DNS setting that is taking a long time to connect the PlayStation will assume that it is a server issue and flash you the error code. It is a machine after all. And machines are fooled easily!

Fixes for the WS-37432-9 error code

Well, there are quite a few fixes for the WS-37432-9 error code. While most of these fixes are common network fixes, you should definitely give all of them a try if you have confirmed that the server is not the reason for your error.

Fix 1:  A thorough Network Check

So, you have concluded that the problem lies on your end, right? Well done!  Now follow these instructions:

  • Go to your router and check other devices for the internet connection. If every other device is connected to the internet, the problem is with your PS4. If not, then the problem is with your ISP.
  • If the problem is with your Internet Service Provider, then ask them the reasons behind it and the time it will take for them to fix the problem.
  • If the problem is with your PS4, then follow the following fixes:

Change MTU Settings

mtu setting manual

You can go to the MTU settings inside the Setup internet connection tab and change the MTU to 1472 and 1473. The default MTU setting is 1500. Changing it to either of the two MTUs will lower latency and boost network speed by some margin.

Change the DNS settings


You can follow our DNS article to know all about the DNS settings. We have a complete guide on how to set up different DNS and how to choose the best ones from them. If you are not sure which DNS to use, we recommend you go with Google’s DNS. The primary google DNS is while the secondary is If this doesn’t work for you then by all means change to something like Cloudflare DNS or OpenDNS. Both of these are famous, secure, free, and fast DNS servers.

Fix 2: Wait for the Server issue to end

Well, this might not be a fix but it is something! Normally, when a server issue arises, it is because of the maintenance. The servers are offline because Sony needs to make sure that their servers have great security and performance.

If maintenance is the reason, normally Sony fixes it pretty soon. So, you just need to have patience and wait for a while. You can also contact PlayStation’s support center and get the exact time when the server is back online. In the meantime, enjoy an offline single-player game while you wait. We recommend you try Uncharted 4.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the PSN network maintenance issue fixable with DNS?

If the maintenance issue is country-specific then, DNS can fix the issue. Consider only the servers in America are under maintenance then, you can connect to the DNS of the UK server to connect. The speed will not be stable though so, we don’t recommend it.

Why do most ISPs have so frequent network problems?

Most ISPs have to support the internet infrastructure of a whole city or a whole country. There is too much traffic sometimes and their servers cannot handle it. The result is quite obvious: low speeds, unreliable connection, and even total connection failure.

Will resetting the router fix the internet?

Sometimes it can definitely fix the internet. Resetting the router will clear all it’s cache and revert it back to the original DNS and IP settings. This can definitely fix unreliable connections.

What to do if the PSN is overcrowded?

When the PSN is overcrowded, you just need to hope and pray! Yes, that’s all you can do. But most of the time, when the PSN has too much traffic, the server crashes and Sony will put the server in the maintenance phase. You can always try to connect to another country’s server.


The WS-37432-9 error code is very bad news for online gamers. The error has a quite straight forward reason for it. The PSN network is down and under maintenance so, you shouldn’t worry about it. Just keep yourself busy till the network comes back in. But if the problem is because of your network or your PS4 then you can definitely follow the instructions that we have provided in this article. Make sure you follow them from top to bottom and the problem will definitely be fixed. The error is quite fixable if the reason is your bad internet connection.