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Fix PS4 SU-41333-4 Error Code [Fixed]

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The PS4 SU-41333-4 error code is one of the rarest error codes that can occur in the PS4 console. While the error can be fixed quite easily, this is very rare and it normally occurs because of confusion.

There is a big confusion while installing the update file manually and because of this reason, this error can take place. Today we are going to be solving the confusion for you so, you never have to face this error again. So, let us get into it.

Reason for the SU-30625-6 error code

The SU-41333-4 error code takes place when you try to update the PS4 manually but you fail in the process. And this error can be fixed very easily. Let us see some of the reasons for the error,


As we discussed earlier, this is the main reason for the error. When you go to the PlayStation website to download the update file, you can see two updates, one has a size of 460 MB and the other one has a size of 1.1 GB.

A lot of people download the 460 MB file thinking that this small file size holds the update and then they get this error.

The bigger 1.1 GB file size has the latest updates and you should always download this file. Remember, bigger is always better!

File System Issue

You need to use a USB flash drive to manually installing the PS4 update. And while you are formatting the flash drive there are two options; NTFS and FAT32.

Always format with FAT32. The PS4’s OS is based on the Linux Kernel so, it doesn’t have the support for the NTFS file system. You need to reformat the system with FAT32.

Update Mistake

This is one of the common mistakes that you can make and this can really cause the SU-41333-4 error despite being so trivial. The update file that you download is named PS4UPDATE.PUP and this update file should be copied inside the UPDATE folder.

What happens is, a lot of times people will name the folder “update” and not “UPDATE”. Yes, this simple naming issue will give you the error.

Crazy, right? All this time you were scratching your head and the mistake is this simple. All capital, always remember that!

Also, other update-related errors can check from here.

How to Fix for the SU-41333-4 Error code

Well, the fix for this error is very simple. All you need to do is properly format and copy the update file on your flash drive. Follow the steps given below to solve the issue:

Step 1: First, go to the PS4 download page and download the update file with the largest file size. Never download the 460 MB one. Go for the 1.1 GB file.

ps4 update file to fix error

Step 2: Insert the flash drive inside your computer and when you are formatting the system, always choose the FAT 32 or exFAT file system. Never choose the NTFS one, that will not be supported.  You can perform the quick format though, no problem with that.

How to Convert a USB Storage Device to FAT32?

It is not a big deal to convert a USB storage device to FAT32 from NTFS. You can use the Windows command prompt or Follow the simple steps:

  • First, you need to plug a USB disk into a Windows computer.
  • Now Right-click the USB disk and select Format
  • Now select the file system type to FAT32
  • Now click okay and it’s done.

Step 3: When you create the folder inside the flash drive, name it properly. Do not name it anything other than UPDATE. Yes, not even ‘update.’ Make sure the folder name is strictly UPDATE.

Step 4: Copy the update file inside the UPDATE folder. Remember, do not copy the file inside the flash drive, you need to copy it inside the UPDATE folder of the flash drive.

Step 5: When you have completed this phase then the rest of the process is quite easy. Just turn off your PS4. Now, hold the power button for 7 seconds and 2 beeps.

Step 6: The PS4 will boot on safe mode, go to the third option ‘update ps4 system software’ and then go to the first option ‘update from the USB storage device.’ And there you go, wait for a minute and your PS4 will automatically get the update and the SU-41333-4 error code will be fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does the PS4 not recognize the NTFS file system?

The NTFS file system is the default file system of the new windows based OS and Xbox. Sony’s PS4 has an OS based on the Linux kernel. This is the reason why NTFS is not supported.

What sized USB flash drive do you need for a manual update?

You would need a USB flash drive of at least 4 GBs. There is no limit on the maximum size.

Can we use an external hard disk instead of a USB flash drive for the update?

Yes, you can. The process is the same. But, the only difference is that an external disk must be supported by the PS4.

Why is a manual update needed?

Sometimes, people don’t have a steady internet connection so, they cannot automatically download the latest firmware. And sometimes there are some other errors that don’t let you automatically install the update. In these cases, a manual update is the only fix you have!

Is a manual update safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe when you do it right. This is not like rooting your phone. Sony lets you do manual updates themselves and it will not void your warranty so, you have all the freedom to perform a manual update. Just make sure you perform it properly.


Most of the time, we are not sure what is the actual reason behind the error code so, we try many fixes for it. This error code, however, is quite simple and it has just one reason for it; A faulty manual update. You can definitely fix this error code if you closely follow this article. Just make sure you follow it in detail. You don’t want to get anything wrong.

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