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Fix PS4 SU-30638-0 Error Code [Fixed]

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Ever woke up one day early in the morning and tried to play your PS4 only to find that the console is not opening at all? Well, we have definitely faced this problem and the error code for this is SU-30638-0. This error is quite common for the PS4 and it can occur because for many reasons.

We will get into it later. Before that, let us assure you that this error can be fixed pretty easily if you follow the instructions so, hold tight! Let us begin the article.

Reasons for the SU-30638-0 error code

The most common reason for this error is system software corruption. When your system software gets corrupted or even deleted (in some cases), this error can take place. It has also varying levels of fixes and other different reasons some of them are given below:

Bad Cache

Maybe the PS4 has a pretty bad cache and it needs to be cleared. Rebuilding the database can definitely help you out here. We will explain the rebuilding database later in the article. For now, just know the reason!

System Update Interruption

If you an interruption when you are trying to update the system on your PS4, the SU-30638-0 error code can occur. To solve it, you can simply update the system to the newest firmware.

Software Failure

Sometimes the Operating System can fail because of various power cuts, malware, and other issues. This can also cause the SU-30638-0 error code. This can be fixed by resetting the database of the PS4 console or by a factory reset.

Fixes for the SU-30638-0 error code

There are basically three main fixes for the SU-30638-0 error code and they are explained in a brief manner below:

Fix 1: Fix the cache with a reset

A lot of people power on a PS4 and use it for months without restarting it. This can be seriously problematic.

Never do this. If you leave your console in the ON state for too long, the console will start having some cache problems and this error can occur. Cache problems basically mean junk files.

A lot of temporary files will be collected in the console. With that corruption of files, the PS4’s OS will get confused and the error code is the result.  Performing a complete restart in the right manner will definitely fix this issue.

To properly turning off the system, follow the steps below:

  • Hold the power button on your PS4 till it shuts down completely. Make sure the console doesn’t have any residual electricity.
    When the console is off completely, take the power plug out of the socket. Wait a few minutes and let the capacitors drain fully.
  • You should be now able to connect the cord to the power supply and restart the PS4 again.
  • When it’s all booted up, update the system software and you should be good to go.
  • Now, install the update and if you can update without any issues then it was a data corruption thing and it is now resolved. If you are still getting this error though, it might be something entirely different.

Fix 2: Update to the latest firmware

fixing with system software update

If your console is running on an older firmware, the error can occur. To fix the constant error, just update the console to the latest firmware. Updating it can be very easy. Just follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the settings > system software update
  • Now update the software and your PS4 will restart
  • This might just fix your problem and you should be good to go

Fix 3: Rebuild the database

data base rebuild fix

If everything fails to work then the last resort fix is definitely to rebuild the database. When you rebuild your PS4 database, most operating system errors are fixed. To perform a rebuild, you can follow the steps below:

  • Turn off your PS4 and disconnect the power supply for a minute now, press and hold the power button for 7 seconds until you hear a beep sound. On the second beep, release the button and you should be booted in the safe mode.
  • For the next step, just go to the 4th option which is Rebuild the database inside the safe mode, and there you have it.
  • Wait for a while and the process should complete in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does the PS4 store cache?

The cache is stored by any device for faster access to any data, a PS4 store cache so that it can boot up the games and the settings faster.

Why does Cache get corrupted?

Cache gets corrupted when there are frequent power cuts or interruptions while saving them. The best way to prevent cache corruption is by making sure that the console turns on and off properly and by restarting the console every once in a while.

Are there any precautions to prevent the SU-30638-0 error code?

Yes, there are two precautions. Update the system files as soon as a new update is available and make sure to turn the system on and off properly.

Is the SU-30638-0 error common?

Yes, it is a pretty common error that can occur in most consoles.

Will rebuilding the database void warranty?

No, it won’t. A software tweak or fix will not void any warranty. It is perfectly safe to rebuild the database.


The SU-30638-0 error is an error that can be avoided altogether if you have a habit of turning your consoles on and off when you are not using it. Otherwise, the error is unavoidable. Also, make sure that the console stays updated frequently.

This error can be quite problematic as it will not let your system work whatsoever. You can’t go online, play games, or even do anything. Just boot on the safe mode in this situation and rebuild the database. Do this and the error will be fixed in no time.

We hope that the fixes that we talked about in this article worked for you. These are some tried and tested fixes so, you won’t have to worry about further damaging the console.

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