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PS4 Error NW-31297-2 Code Solved (Quick Solutions)

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PS4 error code NW-31297-2 is a network-based error code that occurs when you are trying to connect to the Wi-Fi network but did not happened.

There are quite a few reasons behind this error, the most obvious one being the wrong Wi-Fi password. But there are other issues as well. Let us see what exactly are the reasons for PS4 NW-31297-2 error code.

Wrong Password

The most common error is that the password is actually wrong. So, try reconnecting to the network. Enter the correct password and recheck the password 3 times before connecting.

Make sure you don’t confuse capital and small letters. Remove any extra spaces that might cause the problem and just make sure the password is entered in a proper manner.

Network Congestion

Another reason behind this error code is network congestion. If you have too many devices connected to your wi-fi network, this error can occur. Make sure you don’t have too many devices connected to your network and try again later.

PS4 Network Cache

Sometimes the PS4 will store the passwords as a network cache and then the cache will get corrupted. And because of this reason, the system will not connect to the wi-fi network. To fix this, you need to clear all the cache and even need to reset the system

How to fix NW-31297-2 error code?

Here is the list of quick way to fix NW-31297-2 error code.

  1. Check if Wi-Fi password is entered correctly
  2. Try re-connecting to the Wi-Fi
  3. Reset the PS4 and router
  4. Unplug PS4 and Router Connection for 20 minutes
  5. Try connecting via LAN cable
  6. Enter Safe Mode
  7. Try Google DNS (;

Fix 1: Check Wi-fi and fix it

The first thing you need to do is check the password of the wi-fi and make sure you enter the correct password. Then you need to check for the network congestion, stop using other devices, and try to connect to the internet.

If it still fails then try using the ethernet cable for the connection. Try to remove the cache from the router as well, just hold the reset button on the router and revert it to the default settings. This might fix your problem.

Fix 2: Common Fixes

There are some common types of fixes that can potentially help you solve this problem.

  • Try to reconnect to the wi-fi and see what happens
  • The network may have been congested at the exact time that you tried to connect
  • Make sure your wi-fi password doesn’t have any extra space or if you are missing a space
  • Quick reset the router and restart your PS4 and see the changes
  • If the problem still doesn’t stop, hard reset both your devices
  • Press the reset button for 30 seconds on your router to reset it to factory defaults
  • Turn off the wi-fi from all other devices to make sure the congestion is minimum
  • Connect to another wi-fi to see if the problem is with your wi-fi or your PS4
  • Using a wired connection could fix the problem!
  • With same Wi-Fi network other devices are working fine then change the PS4 DNS.

Fix 3: Reset the PS4

restore default setting

The final fix for this problem is a PS4 reset. If you keep on getting the NW-312927-2 error code, rebooting the PS4 in the safe mode and then restoring the factory defaults is the only fix that is left. Follow the instructions given below to do this:

  • Turn off the power to your console and let it be turned for 5 minutes
  • Now, power it back up
  • Hold the power button for 7 seconds and you will hear two beeps
  • In the second beep, release the button and the console will start in the safe mode
  • The next thing you need to do is connect the controller
  • To pair the controller, simply plug it in with a USB cable and hit the PS button
  • When you are in the safe mode, choose the option number 4 titled Restore Default Settings
  • Hit X on it
  • Wait for a minute and this will restore your PS4 settings to default
  • It will not delete any data so don’t worry about that!

This reset will fix this problem for most users but if it doesn’t maybe the problem is with the hardware of the PS4 or your router. If the problem is with your router then call you ISP and tell them to fix it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can saved wi-fi data get corrupted?

Yes, if your PS4 is constantly getting powered off because of the electricity fluctuation, it can corrupt the data inside it and the saved Wi-Fi passwords can get corrupted.

Does the PS4 support 5 GHz wi-fi band?

Yes. PS4 does have the support for the newer and faster 5 GHz Wi-fi. In fact, this wi-fi is more reliable and is even better for the PS4.

Why are network errors so common in PS4?

Not just in PS4 but network errors are common in all kinds of devices. In smartphones, PCs, and laptops, ATM Machines, everywhere. Networking is very tough and there are countless errors that can occur.

What happens when you reset your PS4?

When you Rest your PS4, it deletes all the settings and caches in the system. It removes the wi-fi passwords, the browsing history, and everything in the system. Your personal data such as the game saves and downloads remain intact though.

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The NW-31297-2 error is very common when you use wi-fi for connecting your system. While this error is pretty fixable there are some cases where it might be because of the aging hardware.

If that is the case then only a warranty claim could save you (that is if you have a claim). Otherwise, you should be fine. Just use the fixes we explained here and one of them could work for you.

Still not fixed error code NW-31297-2? Then you can contact Sony Support.

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