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Fixing PS4 CE-43461-8 Error Code [Fixed]

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The CE-43461-8 is a PS4 error code that can occur for a variety of reasons. It has normally got to do with either the hard disk or the system software in the PS4. The error is quite common and it can be fixed pretty easily as well. There are a few fixes that can work with this error.

Today we will be looking at the reasons for this error code and also the ways that you can use to fix it. So, without wasting any time, let us get started!

CE-43461-8 Error Code

Reasons for the CE-43461-8 Error Code

Notification Issue

There is a glitch in the PS4 system and this glitch is actually present on the notification. If you had an unexpected error while updating your system then the update will get stuck in the notification queue. This will result in the system software not recognizing the software update and thus the glitch. This minor issue can be fixed easily though. You can simply clear all the notification and try the update again.

Corrupted Database

A corrupted Database is yet another reason why you might be facing this error code on your PS4. When you have a power outage or if the Blu-ray drive has some problem, games will not install and the update could be interrupted. During this condition, valuable data can be lost or corrupted and the PS4 will flash you this error. You can simply rebuild the database with the help of Safe Mode to fix this issue.

Hard Disk Errors

The most common reason why the CE-43461-8 error occurs is a problem with HDD. If you have recently switched to a new HDD, the problem can occur. Maybe the PS4 is unable to recognize your new hard disk. Another reason could be significant hard disk failure which can occur pretty much in most cases.

Software Update Issue

If the update can’t be installed in a conventional manner then, you need to go manually update your PS4 software. Update issues are common and they can also be fixed easily.

File Corruption

Another reason for the CE-43461-8 error is a botched update. When you are constantly trying to update the system and keep on getting the error then, the only fix would be to initialize your PS4 after backing up the data that you need.

Fix for the CE-43461-8 error code

Rather than giving you separate fixes for the CE-43461-8 error code, we will be giving you one fix that incorporates everything that you can do to try and solve the issue. It will be short, easy to understand, and help you out in no time. So, let us begin

Fix 1: Okay, let’s tackle the notification issue first. The first thing you want to do is go to your notification panel from the dashboard. The ‘i’ inside the circle will land you on the notification page. Now if you can see the software update notification there, select it and delete this notification. Try updating the system again, it should fix the issue.

Fix 2: The next fix would be to check your Blu-ray drive. If you think there is some hardware problem with your Blu-ray drive then take the console for servicing. If not, then you can simply update the database. Just power off your console. Now, press and hold the power button for 7 seconds. Connect your controller with the USB cable, hit the PS button on your controller and there you have it. Safe Mode! Now, visit the option that says Rebuild the Database, hit X, and wait. Your PS database will be reset.

Fix 3: For hard disk issues, you can take your PS4 hard disk out of the system and connect it to your computer in order to see what the problem is.  If there is a hard disk error, then you can simply replace the hard disk.

Fix 4: If your PS4 isn’t updating automatically, you can update it manually with a USB device. You can get a working USB drive and format it to the FAT file system. Create a folder called PS4 and inside this folder create another folder and name it UPDATE. Now, download the PS4 update file on a PC and then copy that file inside the UPDATE folder. Plugin the USB device to your computer and there you go. You can now manually update the PS4 with the USB device.

Fix 5: If all of these fixes are still not working then, the only thing you can possibly do now is to initialize the PS4. But before you do that, make sure you have the back up of your game files and stuff. Initializing will reset your PS4 to factory settings. For initializing the PS4, simply boot up the console in safe mode and go to the Initialize PS4 option. This process may take a minute or two. After it is done, you will have a fresh PS4 system free of all errors!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we prevent the CE-43461-8 error code?

Yes, you can prevent this error code by taking care of your PS4 in a better way. Install the updates as soon as they come, keep the system clean and check for any hard disk problem every once in a while to ensure that the system is working as it should.

Are all hard disks supported by PS4?

No, there are special PS4 internal hard disks available that you can buy. In the case of external hard disks, any external hard disk that supports the USB connection would do the trick. You cannot connect wireless hard disks though!

Does initializing the PS4 delete my installed games?

Yes, it will delete all your installed games. But if you have digitally purchased games on your library, you can redownload them without any problem.

What kind of USB Device do you need for a manual update?

A USB device with a minimum of 4 GB storage space, support for USB 2.0 and above, and the file system of FAT is necessary for performing a manual update.


The CE-43461-8 error code is quite fixable. You just need to know what the actual problem is and then target the fix directed towards that problem. One fix that is quite difficult is the hard disk fix. It is a hardware problem so, you should seek the help of a person capable of doing a hard disk fix.

You can ask the person who sells the PS4 hard disk to install it in your system, just to be safe! All other fixes are software fixes and they are pretty easy to do when you have the proper guidance. Do follow our fixes in a step-by-step manner and your error code will definitely be fixed.