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Fixing PS4 CE-35694-7 Error Code [Fixed]

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Say you have just bought a new game disk and you want to install the game but while you are installing it, you see the  CE-35694-7 error code and it doesn’t seem to go away.

This error code can be very frustrating and people often lose their minds when they encounter it. All that expectation and energy of playing a new game turn into a disappointment.

PS4 CE-35694-7 Error

The PS4 CE-35694-7 error has two main causes which we are going to explain today and we are also providing you a detailed explanation of the possible fixes that you can try. So, without any delay, let us get into it.

Reasons for the CE-35694-7 error code

As we said earlier, there are two reasons for the CE-35694-7 error code. They are explained below:

Insufficient Storage Space

The major reason behind this error is that the PS4 just doesn’t have enough space for your game to install. This mainly happens because of the sheer size of modern games. They can go up to 100 GB. When you have insufficient storage space, there are two things that you can do. You can either delete some games and retry the installation or get a new external hard disk and store your games there.

Software Issues

The second reason for the CE-35694-7  error is the actual PS4 operating system. Some of the time, the PS4’s system software gets misconfigured. This mainly happens due to a failed system update or cluttered files in your system. When this happens, you can reset the database or revert the PS4 to factory defaults and fix the problem. You can also perform a system update, either automatic or manual and this might also fix the error for you.

Fixes for the CE-35694-7 error code

Fix 1: Free up some space

The most common fix for the CE-35694-7  error code is to free up some storage space on your system. Games are one thing but there are other things that take up space too.

From your browsing cache, themes, downloaded videos perhaps, everything can take up space so, you just need to find a way to delete the stuff that you no longer need.

A lot of times gamers tend to install too many games and some games they don’t even play! You can always delete them.

Single-player games can occupy a large space on your hard disk and if you have completed the game, there is no point in keeping it installed. You can follow the steps below to delete the files:

  • When you are on the home screen, press up with the left thumbstick. This will let you access the dashboard.
  • Now go to the settings icon and scroll down to the system storage management inside the settings option.
  • The next thing to do is go to the Application tab, hit the X button.
  • No press on the options button and choose Delete. Tick mark the games that you want to delete.
  • Once you have selected all the games that you are trying to delete, press the delete button, obviously!
  • Wait for some time depending on the size of the game you are deleting and you should be good.
  • If the deleted games still don’t provide you enough space to install your new game, you can simply delete the theme data or some in-game recordings that you might have saved in the gallery. Deleting these files can also free up some massive amounts of space on your hard disk.

Fix 2: Upgrade or Extend the PS4 Storage space

Game files are just very big these days. The new call of duty has a size of around 100 GB, the same for Red Dead Redemption 2. Normally, games are between 50 to 100 GBs and a standard PS4 hard disk is 500 GB or 1 TB. Even if you have a 1TB hard disk, you can only store 10 to 15 games in there.

So, upgrading to a larger hard disk is one way to fix the CE-35694-7 error. But upgrading can be quite tricky, you’d need to remove the pins and go inside the console to replace it with a PS4 approved hard disk. Also, there are some technical things to consider like higher RPM for better speeds and proper quality of the disk.

You also need to install the PS4 system software in the disk which is another problem entirely so, yeah upgrading a hard disk is a bit problematic.

This is why we recommend extending it. What do we mean by extending? Extending a hard disk simply means that you buy an external hard disk and connect it to the system. This is much easier to do and it also doesn’t require any professional or hardware knowledge.

Fix 3: Glitch fix

There is a PS4 glitch where the system will show that it doesn’t have enough space to install the game. The PS4 players generally call this a double-sized glitch. The game you have installed will be shown to have covered twice the game’s actual size.

The system is essentially confused and this problem mainly occurs when you connect external storage to your console. There are fixes for this error though. You need to force the system to check the storage status. Doing this can fix the error. The instructions are listed below:

  • Plugin the Dual-Shock 4 controller into your PS4 system using the USB cable now turn on the PS4.
  • Press the power button for a few seconds till you hear a beep and then release the power button for the system to turn off completely
  • Once the PS4 is turned off, press the power and the eject button together, and shortly after this, the PS4 will enter the system storage check process. When it completes, the PS4 will restart.

When the PS4 boots up again, open your game to see if the error is still there or not.

Fix 4: Rebuild the Database

rebuild data base

Bad Cache files can also cause the PS4 to throw out this error. To fix the bad cache, you need to rebuild the PS4 database. To do this, just restart the PS4 on safe mode and hit the rebuild database option. Wait for a while and you should be good. But how do you access the safe mode? Well, press and hold the power button for 7 seconds till you hear the second beep and connect the controller. Hit the PS button on the controller and there you are. Safe Mode!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do PS4 games have large sizes?

The PS4 games have to hold a lot of assets. There are different types of resolution assets and sounds, cut scenes. And most of the time, a game has around 40 hours of content. So, the developers need a minimum of 40 to 50 GB to hold everything together. Larger games have around 80 hours of content and the size is according to that.

How do you install an external hard disk to a PS4?

You can connect the external hard disk to a PS4 by simply plugging it in. You don’t have to do anything more for connecting it.

Is the CE-35694-7 error fixable?

Yes, it is definitely fixable. Most of the time, just deleting the game files will be able to fix the error.


The CE-35694-7 error is one of the most common errors in the PS4. This error, however, is super fixable. It is an easy fix and most of the time, the error is the result of a lack of storage space. Sometimes, you may need to perform a system check but that is also pretty rare.

Just deleting some games will do the job most often. You can definitely extend or upgrade your hard disk to store even more games. This entirely depends on you. Also, rebuilding the database could help if all else fails. That’s about it for the CE-35694-7  error.

We hope our guide was able to solve the problem for you. And also, If you know any other working fix for the problem, do leave a comment!