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Fixing PS4 CE-30774-1 Error Code [Fixed 100%]

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Updates can be very annoying, right? Whether you are in a PC, Smartphone or a Console, you are in the middle of your work when the OS will tell you to update the device. A lot of people just sideline the update as long as they can because of how frustrating they are.

But yeah, these software updates are actually very important and when you don’t update for a long time, there are a lot of problems that you can possibly face.

Error codes are just the start of it. In the case of the PS4, there is an error code: CE-30774-1 that can occur while you are trying to manually update the system.

The CE-30774-1 is a PlayStation update failure error. This error occurs when you are trying to update the system from a USB stick. The message that comes with the error is “The PS4 is unable to update the system software using a USB storage device.” There are quite a few reasons for it.

Today, we are going to explore these reasons and see some of the fixes that you can apply for solving it. Without any delay, let us start the article and see how you can fix the error.

CE-30774-1 error

Reasons for the CE-30774-1 error code

There are a lot of reasons for this error code. Some of them are briefly explained below:

  • The update file that you have downloaded is corrupt and you need to download it again with a reliable internet connection.
  • The USB device that you are using is damaged. Try using another USB device.
  • The PS4 doesn’t support the USB device that you are using. Use a trusted USB device that works.
  • The file system of the USB device doesn’t match the file system that the PS4 supports.
  • The update file is wrong and the PS4 update software is not recognizing the file.
  • There are some software problems with the PS4 that is preventing the update.
  • The update file is placed in the wrong folder and the PS4 update program is not able to locate the system files.

Fixes for the CE-30774-1 error code

The fix for the CE-30774-1  error code is quite simple. Make sure you properly update the system. The manual update can be a tricky job. So, you need to be careful while doing it. For a proper manual update, follow the instructions below:

  • Get a good and reliable internet connection, a PC, and download the appropriate system file for your system update. The larger file (4gb)  is the one you should go for.

ps4 update file to fix error

  • When you have downloaded the system file the next step would be to set up your USB device. Find a USB device with a USB 2.0 standard minimum and space of more than 4 GB.
  • Now, when you have found the proper USB device, insert it inside the PC and quick format it. Set the Allocation unit to default and the file system type of FAT or exFAT (if you are on Linux).
  • The next step is to now create a folder called PS4 inside the USB device and then create a folder called UPDATE (all capital) inside the PS4 folder. Copy Paste the file inside this UPDATE folder and you should be good to go.
  • Insert the USB device into the PS4, follow the onscreen commands of “Manual Update” and you should be able to do the system update with ease.

If you are still not able to update the system then, perform an Automatic Update. Just go and find a reliable place with a good internet connection and then update the system automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is a system update necessary?

A system update will install some important patch files and all the necessary system files for your PlayStation OS tp work in a proper manner.

What are the things needed for a proper manual update?

A good enough PC, a reliable internet connection, and a PS4 supported USB device is all you need.

 Should we update the PS4 regularly?

Definitely. As soon as there is a new update, you should go and update the PS4. The update will make sure your device has the latest technologies. It will also save you sometime later as you won’t have any error problems.

Is the CE-30774-1  error preventable?

Yes. The error is pretty much preventable if you update the system regularly and even when you are doing a manual update, if you do it properly, you won’t see this error.


The CE-30774-1 error code is a very common error code for people who want to do a manual update. The error code is preventable if you just follow our guide to manual update. Make sure you follow the steps above one by one and you should be good to go. The two most important things to remember is to set the filesystem as FAT because the PS4 doesn’t have the support for NTFS and to store the files inside the PS4 folder and the UPDATE folder. Do this and the error will be fixed in no time.