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Paladins Codes 2021: Exclusive In-Game Items

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Paladins is a game that was released in 2018 by the independent studio Hi-Rez. It is an online free-to-play shooter. The game was developed by the studio called Evil Mojo.

The game first came out for Windows and all the consoles (Xbox One and PS4). Later a switch version was published.

We all know that in the gaming world, epic battle royals have become quite famous. A lot of studios are shifting towards this genre to offer products that meet a lot of demands.

A good example of this trend is Paladins that have this PvP universe under their belt. So, today we are taking a quick glance at the best Paladins Codes.

What do these Paladins codes do?

The Paladins codes have a lot of features. They will provide you skins, appearances, and more. They are pretty great overall and the cosmetic items provided by these codes are something to be desired. You can also personalize your characters with different new looks through the skins that the codes provide.

While earning skins and different rewards in the game is pretty easy, the game can be enjoyed even better with all the unique skins that you get with the code.

These extra codes allow you to stand out above a lot of competition. That is what this game is all about guys and the codes that we have presented here are definitely a solid array of codes that you can use.

Why Paladins Codes are Important?

You can get radiant chest rolls and different skins using these codes. You can also get legendary skins and mounts with these codes. The game is a team-based shooter, where you choose two characters from different classes before entering the battlefield. You control one of them while the other one follows behind automatically – as long as they are not targeted by your enemies or attacking an enemy themselves then they will stay back at your side.

The ultimate goal in Paladins is to destroy all three towers on either teams’ base first, which triggers “base destruction” (the winning condition). To do this players must push forward up towards their opponent’s bases while controlling chokepoints on each map that lead into the enemy fortifications; if any player manages to reach an enemy’s tower it will start taking damage until destroyed.

This radiant chest will cost you 2500 gold coins to unlock, and it’ll give you all of the skins in Paladins.

The chests can be opened with a key or by spending 2500 currency coins to open them instantly. These chests contain at least one legendary skin for each character, meaning if your favorite is Viktor then this chest will surely have his rarest skin available!

There are also some common items that are guaranteed inside every Radiant Chest but there’s no way of knowing what those items are before opening up the Radiant Chest itself. It always costs 2500 gold coins to open up these boxes – which seem like a steep price tag on its own; however, when players get their hands on the loot they receive…it doesn’t take long.

List of Paladins Codes

APXRCRCBD47071212:  When you enter this code, you will receive a Radiant Chest Roll.
APXSFCAEB58D71212:  When you enter this code, you will receive an infernal string.
AZDRCRCFS42272018:  When you enter this code, you will receive a unique skin.
AZDRCXYYF67872018:  When you enter this code, you will receive a unique skin.
WAXHZZDFF54672017: When you enter this code, you will receive a unique skin.

How to redeem Paladins codes?

It is very easy to Redeem the Paladins game codes. All you have to do is go to their official page and enter the store section of the website. Once inside it, just go to the account panel and then choose the redeem code option. Just enter the code and you are done. It is this easy!

Steps of redeeming Paladins codes:

-Visit the official website and sign in to your account.

-Go to the “Redeem Code” option present on the left panel menu bar.

-Enter the code that you want to use it and confirm by clicking on “redeem”.

-Wait for a few minutes, once done with this process then all items will be added automatically into your account without any hassle as well as time-consuming efforts. You can see them under the User Items tab from the Home > Inventory button dropdown. This whole process is not only easy but also very convenient which makes it one of the most favorite ways among players for acquiring new skins or other special offers such as loot boxes.


Paladins is a fun game to play. If you don’t like PUBG and Freefire, you can hop on this game and give it a try. Perhaps you will like this one. Anyway, if you end up playing this game do give our codes a try and get cool buffs in the game!

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