Maximum-Tech.Net has a New Home has acquired You can still find all the computing advice here that offered for years.

About Maximum-Tech.Net used to provide latest news and unbiased reviews of anything that’s related to computer hardware. They had the motto to bring what’s latest and hottest in the computer world to their readers. They also had a dedicated forum for everything related to computer world.

About Broken Analog

Here at Broken Analog, we are a small team of deciated tech enthusiasits who has the same motto as the guys from

We strive to provide value to our readers. Our staff has great experience and that’s why we can bring the best articles on the topics like PC Customzation, troubleshooting guides, guides on monitoring and maintenance of your pc, a general section what we call as Knowledge base where we explain complex things in a simple way and also helps you with buying the right computing device.

We write all articles after hours of research to provide value to our readers. Take a look and check out some of our articles.