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Jump Force DLC Characters (All Seasons) 2021

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Jump Force is an All-Star anime fighting game that consists of some of the best characters from popular anime in the world. It is one of the best anime fighting games out there which has a lot of scopes and a great future ahead.

This game has a solid foundation and a lot of people play as their fav characters. While the base game had a selection of 25-30 characters, that number got bigger when the creators of the game, Bandai Namco announced the DLC lineup of the game.

They officially announced and confirmed the DLC lineup and it came out sometime last year. The lineup is incredible and this makes Jump Force a game to play in 2021 despite it being an old game at this point.

How many characters does Jump Force have right now?

Currently, Jump Force has a roster of 40 anime characters. All of these characters are from the major anime that you and we love. The lineup is pretty huge if you think about it. There is a really great array of characters in the game to choose from.

This DLC brings 9 new characters into the game. The DLC is split into 3 phases with the first Phase giving you characters from My Hero Academia and Yu-Gi-Oh.

Later, all nine characters were announced and we will get to them later in the article. The name of the characters was actually leaked first by a user and this was confirmed by Bandai Namco after a couple of days.

How many DLC characters are in jump force?

There are currently 10 confirmed DLC characters on jump force and there will be more characters added in the future with a pass or a new character.

Jump Force DLC Characters

some fans were still pretty skeptical about the DLC, it can be said that the DLC is real and the characters in the DLC are pretty awesome. So, let us get into it.

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DLC Name



DLC Name

Biscuit Krueger Hunter X Hunter Check Price Mereum
Hitsugaya Toshiro Bleach  $2.99 Yoruichi Shihoin
Majin Buu (Good Version) Dragon Ball  $2.99 Giorno Giovanna
Katsuki Bakugo My Hero Academia  $2.99 All Might
Trafalgar Law One Piece  $2.99
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez Bleach  $2.99
Madara Uchiha Naruto Shippuden  $2.99
Seto Kaiba Yu-Gi-Oh  $2.99
Shoto Todoroko  My Hero Academia  $2.99
Hiei Yuyu Hakusho  $2.99

1. Biscuit Krueger

|Price – $2.99|

Biscuit Krueger Jump force dlc chracters

While watching Hunter x Hunter, Biscuit Krueger became one of my favorite characters from the show. She is a pro-Treasure Hunter that enlisted to clear the video game called Greed Island. She likes to be called Bisky and is super powerful. You will have a great time playing as her in the game. With her powers and abilities, the gameplay is so fast and incredibly sleek.

2. Hitsugaya Toshiro

|Price – $2.99|

Hitsugaya Toshiro

If you are a fan of Bleach, you might like Hitsugaya Toshiro. This character can control water and ice. You can hit your opponent with some really cool special attacks. He can create spiritual power from the tip of his blade which looks awesome. Really a great character to play as.

3. Majin Buu (Good Version)

|Price – $2.99|

Majin Buu jump force dlc

Majin Buu is one of the Best characters in Dragon Ball Z. There are multiple versions of this character. Good Buu is the fat one. This character has a pretty great overall power level and strength.

One thing he lacks though is Speed, Aside from that, he is a really great character to play as. He controls great and has a really good overall strength.

4. Katsuki Bakugo

|Price – $2.99|

Katsuki Bakugo

Katsuki is a very well-written character that fans love to hate. He is arrogant but he has got the skills to back it up. Katsuki has an incredible quirk that allows him to create explosions. The same thing happens in the game.

Since Katsuki’s explosions become stronger as he sweats, he can be pretty dangerous even at low health.  If you know this, you can get incredibly good at the game.

5. Trafalgar Law (One Piece)

|Price – $2.99|



Trafalgar Law is probably one of the best characters from One Piece. He has good incredible speed and his Devil Fruit power is also very cool. Law is a strategist and with the correct player, he can be used to pull off incredible moves.

This is the reason why we believe that Trafalgar can be one of the best characters in the game.

6. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

|Price – $2.99|

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

Grimmjow from Bleach is a Shinigami who can fly (or levitate). Aside from that, he is a master of combat. Close ranged hand-to-hand combat is where this character thrives. So, if you have a punch-kick playstyle, do play as this character and get the best out of him. Grimmjow is a master at using this skill and dismantling opponents.

7. Madara Uchiha

|Price – $2.99|

Madara Uchiha

Madara is probably the ONE reason to get the DLC. We know how big Naruto is and Madara is probably a fan-favorite character. His powers are great. He has got the Sharingan and uses multiple chakra natures.

As a member of the Uchiha clan, Madara is also able to use Fire Style Jutsu. He has a fireball jutsu that he can use to his best nature. Madara can also use Wood Style Jutsu.

8. Seto Kaiba

|Price – $2.99|

Seto Kaiba is a fictional character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series created by Kazuki Takahashi. He is the older brother of Mokuba Kaiba and son to Gozaburo Kaiba, who was a rival figure in Yugi’s early life until his death at the hands of Noah Zarc. Seto is a skilled duelist with an affinity for Egyptian god cards.

9. Shoto Todoroko

|Price – $2.99|

Shoto Todoroki is the tritagonist in the manga o no Exorcist Ao, no Exorcist is an anime and manga series about Rin Okumura, a boy who finds out he’s the son of Satan. The story follows him as he trains to become an exorcist in order to defeat his father.

10. Hiei

|Price – $2.99|

Hiei is a male fire demon. Recently jump force has released this character as a DLC. Believing him to be a cursed child, his father deserted him as a baby. Hiei is known for his powerful pyrokinetic abilities and intense fighting style. His primary weapons are the three basic elemental orbs: blue, red, and yellow.

He has been shown to be able to produce other colors of energy at will by modifying these orbs in some way – such as producing white or purple flames from an orb; he can also reactivate extinguished fire with green energy. Hiei’s signature attack is called “Demon Seal” which usually inflicts severe damage on its victim when used aggressively enough. The technique seals demons away into their own dimension without the need of a spell-casting object like Kotoamatsukami (in contrast to Toguro).

11. Mereum

|Price – 2.99|

A cruel leader and the main antagonist of hunter x hunter manga and anime in Chimera Ant arc has now been officially added as a DLC character in the game. The downloadable characters come with a playable character, outfits, special moves, and missions.

12. Yoruichi Shihoin

|Price – $2.99|

From an anime bleach, Yoruichi is a character affiliate with Shihōin Clan, Soul Society and she has gained the rank of Captain of the 2nd Division, Onmitsukidō Commander-in-Chief, Corrections Corps Commander, Executive Militia Corps Commander. If you like anime bleach, you would love this character which comes with missions and special moves, outfits & skills.

13. Giorno Giovanna

|Price- $2.99|

The character from vs battles Giorno is a good character that can be downloaded as an add-on character on jump force. The character is the fifth “JoJo” in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and the main protagonist of Part V: Vento Aureo.

14. All Might

|Price – $2.99|

This is a character of Hero Academia which is known as a Toshinori Yagi which has good ability in anime. With the same moves and skills, All might is now a downloadable character with good outfits and moves as a pass in jump force.


So, there you have it guys. These are the DLC characters in Jump Force that you should definitely check out. You can now have your dream matches like Goku vs Madara, Vegeta vs Katsuki, Law vs Sasuke, and more.

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