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How to Reset Dualshock PS4 controller?

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The PS4 Controller (also called the Dual-shock 4 Controller or DS4 controller) is one of the best controllers ever made by Sony. It has a great ergonomic design and comes with tactile buttons. The triggers are impressive, there is an earphone port right in the controller to plug in your earphones and the touchpad makes it look beautiful.

Also, the blue ambient light makes the controller feel futuristic. On the technical level though, the controller can act a bit crazy sometimes. It can behave in an erratic manner sometimes and you might even have a problem with pairing it.

There are a few things you can try to fix this though. You can reset your PS4 controller and you can do this in two ways. Today we will be providing you a complete guide on resetting your PS4 controller so, let us get started.

How to Reset the PS4 controller?

As we said earlier, there are two ways to reset the PS4 controller. We have discussed these two ways separately:

Soft Reset

A soft reset means basically a software reset or you can even understand it as turning some device off and on. This is done by removing the memory from the device and reverting it back to the default settings. This is what we are doing to the controller as well. A soft reset will essentially reset the connection between the controller and the console. One thing you should remember is that a soft reset should only be performed if you have an extra controller at your disposal.  Let us begin now!

  • First, log in with your Working controller and go to the settings menu.


  • And then, choose devices from the menu that comes after it.


  • Now go to the Bluetooth Devices.

bluetooth devices

  • You will see your PS4 controller listed there.  Since we are using the working controller, you need to now select the inactive controller from the list.

unused devices

  • Press the options button present on your controller and this will bring a new menu.


  • Now, select the forget device.

forget device

  • We’ve now disconnected the error-prone DS4 controller.  The next thing to do is power down the PS4 completely and then power it on again. Wait for the PS4 to start.
  • Now, using the USB controller connects the controller that you have reset to the PlayStation and then see if the controller is still misbehaving or not.

    Hard Reset

    A hard reset is performed when you reset a device to the factory settings using some hardware tricks. Hard Resetting a DS4 controller generally requires you to play with the actual hardware. You would need to have a small paper clip to reset the controller. Follow the steps below:

    • First of all, power down the PS4. Now take the controller and search for a small hole. The hole is there around the left shoulder button.

    how to reset a dualshock ps4 controller

    • When you find the hole, unfold one end of the paper clip and put it inside the hole. There is a button inside this hole. Push and hold that button down for around 10 seconds. Now, you can release the button.
    • Connect the controller to your PS4 now with the help of a USB cable.
    • Turn on the PS4 and then connect the controller to your console. Jus press the PS button on the controller and login into your PlayStation account. The flashing light bat will indicate that the PlayStation has successfully paired with the console.

    What to do if you still have controller problems?

    • If the controller problem is still not fixed, restart your router or modem. Most of the time, there is signal interference between Bluetooth and Wi-fi signals and this can cause erratic behavior. You can try this and fix any problem related to the network.
    • If you are unable to synchronize the controller. Perform a hard reset with the internet turned off. This prevents interference and could help you out.
    • If the problem still persists, you need to change the channel setting that your router is operating on. Contact your ISP and tell them to change the router to a different channel.


    Most of the time, PS4 controllers act in erratic behavior mainly because of signal interference. You can fix your router and solve this issue. Other times the problem lies with the PS4 software and performing a soft reset will fix your problem. Very rarely, the problem is because of the controller itself, and to solve this problem, a hard reset is a must.

    Whatever your problem might be, the solutions that we have provided here are all tested and they will certainly help you out. There is one exception though, if your controller actually has hardware damage, we can’t do anything about it.

    In that situation, you need to replace the controller. But do not worry, you can find a good enough controller for a relatively cheap price these days.