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Quick and Easy Way to Change NAT Type on PS4

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If you own a PS4 then an issue with a PSN connection is very normal. Commonly users get frequent disconnections and high ping rates all the time.

Changing your Network Address Translation (NAT) can help you out with this problem. You can change your NAT type on PS4 and get better connections. Today, we are going to be providing you a complete guide to NAT. So, without any further delay, let us start.

What is NAT?

NAT Stands for Network Address Translation.  It is a technology used by the internet to translate the IP address into a domain name and vice versa. NAT can do a straight lookup and reverse lookup of websites and a faster NAT generally means better connection.

Under your PS4 settings, you can see either a Strict or Moderate level of NAT that you can choose from. We will get to it later.

 Types of NAT

There are commonly three types of NAT.

Type 1, Type 2 and you guessed it, Type 3.

Type 1 is called an Open NAT and you might get a wrong idea of it being perfect not but that is not the case. Never set your router to Type 1. Open NAT tends to remove any unwanted disconnections and that can leave your network with holes.

Type 3 NAT is a very strict connection type that helps you enable additional firewall settings and this can also cause some problems.

The best NAT, therefore, is Type 2 NAT and when you switch your PS4 NAT type to NAT2, the console can perform better. In this article, we will be guiding you to change your NAT type to NAT2. So, let us start.

How to Check Nat Type on Ps4?

Before you actually start changing your NAT type, you should know what your current NAT status is. Doing this actually very simple. All you got to do is fire up your PS4,

  • Go to the settings, and then visit the Network section.
  • Inside it, hit X on the view connection status option

nat type test

  •  Right at the bottom of the page, you can find your NAT type.

nat type connection test

Now, remember this NAT type as you need to change this on your system.

How to Change NAT Type on PS4?

While it is possible to change the NAT type on your PS4, the actual process isn’t that easy to follow. There are a lot of things you need to play with. In addition to the PS4, you also need to fiddle with your routers and this could make the NAT process a bit difficult for many. You can, however, definitely do it if you follow our instructions clearly. Let us start now.

Step 1 – Entering the router

The first thing that you have to do is enter your router’s admin panel. To do this, get a PC and open a web browser.

Enter the Router’s IP address which is basically for most routers. You can check the label on your router or ask your ISP for the router’s IP. When you enter the IP correctly, you will see a router page. The router’s home page will ask you to enter your username and password. Enter these correctly and there you are, inside your router!

Step 2 – Changing the Settings

When you are inside the router, do the following:

  • Search for a setting that can help you enable the UPnP (Universal Plug and Play). Look for it under the media section, you will definitely find it.
  • When you have successfully enabled UPnP, there are two ways with which you can change the NAT type. You can forward specific ports to the PS4. You can also try turning on the DMZ setting but we don’t recommend it due to security problems.
  • For port forwarding, you can follow any of the best port forwarding tutorials on the web relative to your router. Different routers have different port forwarding settings.  Normally, you can simply assign a Static IP address to the PS4 depending on the router.

Step 3 – Port Selection

Now you might be wondering the ports that should be used, right? Well, don’t worry. Sony has released the official port numbers for the PS4 console. They are given below:

TCP Port Numbers: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480

UDP Port Numbers: 3478, 3479

Step 4 – Reboot

This is a very important step. Once you have set up everything on your router, the next step is to reboot your PS4 and you will be able to see the system running on the NAT Type 2 connection. You can now play all your favorite multiplayer games with as little lag as possible. Enjoy!

FAQ on How To Change Nat Type On Ps4

What is the best Nat Type For Ps4?

According to my experience, I would consider the NAT type 2 to be the best and one of the safest nat types to use on ps4.

How to change Nat type to open?

To make open Nat type you just need to enable DMZ mode in the router. Doing this will create security, Better not to make it open rather I would suggest nat type 2.

What is the nat type port for Black Ops 3?

1935 is the port that you need to set up in order to run this game properly on your ps4. Remember that every game has its own port that needs to be assigned.


Port Forwarding is a very important step in the NAT changing process. Since every router is different, the way of port forwarding can also vary. This is why we advise you to know your router name and search for the tutorial with the router. One thing you might have noticed is that changing the NAT type has nothing to do with the PS4 and that is correct.

You are doing all the changes on your router and not on the PS4. The PS4 is basically the result of that change. If anything goes wrong in the process, you can always long press the reset button on your router and revert it back to the factory settings.

You can do the same thing if the PS4 is having some network issues after you have changed the NAT settings; Just reset the router.  But there won’t be any problem if you follow our tutorial properly!