10 Awesome Games like Little Big Planet

There aren’t many games like Little Big Planet. This is because of the quality of the game. It is without a doubt, one of the best games that are out there.

While other games can’t really match the quality of Little Big Planet, there are games that offer a similar level of gameplay mechanics. This is why we are delivering this compilation of games.

To make it more diverse, we are not sticking to Sony’s console only. We are also focusing on other platforms that include PC and Mobile. This is because Little Big Planet is a Sony exclusive. Anyway, let us get started

Release dateOct 21, 2008 (Initial release date)
PlatformPSP, PS Vita, PS3. PS4
StudioGuerilla Cambridge
Number of PlayersSingle Player

Games like Little Big Planet

1. Trine

Let us start this list off with a game named Trine. This is a physics-based game that is also a side scroller. This particular game offers ultimate action. The gameplay is quite nice. It blends different styles of gameplay. This one in particular is a good blend of Prince of Persia and Flashback. It has superb graphics as well. The game is developed by the indie developers named Frozenbyte. It takes place in a fantasy world where three heroes fight to rid the world of evil. The game is colorful as it has a total of 15 levels filled with Challenging Puzzles. 

To solve these puzzles, one has to overcome many obstacles too. You will have to use the ability of all the heroes for it. You have to use the Wizard, the Knight, and the Thief. Levels can be played in a total of three difficulty modes. The developer also has included a co-op mode in this game. It allows around 3 players on 1 system. This game is available for Windows, PS3, Linux as well as Mac OS. The game costs around $9.99. 

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2. Etherborn

Etherborn is an interesting game. It is an environmental Puzzle-Platformer that is built on exploring and understanding the gravity shifting structures. In this game, you play as a voiceless being that has just been born into the world. A bodiless voice calls to you and you can patiently await your arrival. Your first thoughts emerge as you realize your journey that has just started. 

3. Club Penguin 3D

This is a nonprofit game that emulates the original Club Penguin. But this has a 3D twist. The developers, writers as well as artists, and moderators are all the gans of this classic. And this game has made a very nice comeback recently. The game is pretty great overall and the support it has managed to gather is next level as well.

This game is a free-to-play game and there are some in-app purchases. Membership will be mostly there for an inclusive atmosphere. Club Penguin 3D has the classic Club Penguin that we all are fond of. In addition to that, there are new areas that are derived from various other projects such as Penguin Chat 3. 

4. Hytale

This game Hytale combines the scope of a sandbox with the depth of an RPG. It immerses players in a world that is generated procedurally. The game world has deep dungeons and it provides some pretty nice rewards for playing the game. This particular game has wonderful mini-games and all of these make it a great alternative to Little Big Planet. 

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5. Forgotton Anne

Forgotton Anne is a 2D adventure game that combines puzzles, platforming, and more. It is an adventure game where you play as Anne. As Anne sets out to squash a rebellion, your task is to make sure her master Boku is returned to the world of the humans. 

This game imagines a place where things that are lost and forgotten are kept. These include things such as old toys, letters, and even socks! The Forgotten Realm is a pretty magical world that is inhabited by many creatures that are composed of objects that need to be remembered. 

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6. Ratchet And Clank

If you are up for the challenge and need a really enjoyable experience too, Ratchet and Clank is the perfect series for you. The game is a nice remaster of the original Ratchet and Clank for the PS3. The game has many quirky features and mechanics that work flawlessly. With a PS5, you can play this in 60 fps but even at 30 fps on the PS4, the game looks and runs quite smoothly. This game puts you on a very impressive mission as well. You are tasked with the mission to save Cank and also the Universe from the main villain named Dr. Nefarious.  The game is very fun to play and it is also included in the PS Collection when you buy a PS5. 

7. Super Mario Galaxy 2

Nintendo is known for making games that are too fun to play. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is one such game. it is a sequel to the original Super Mario Galaxy. This 3D platformer is available on Nintendo’s consoles and it is laced with many cool ideas and gameplay mechanics. All of these things make it quite fun to play. Mario even has new power-ups and suits in this game. 

Our Favorite Italian plumber is yet again going to save Princess Peach from Bowser! The Koopa King has kidnapped the princess and Mario jumps through obstacles to save her. But the catch this time is that you have to journey across many galaxies to finally be able to face Bowser. You also have to collect power stars. You can also face some comet metals that are scattered around the world. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a must-have if you own a Wii Console. You can get it for a low price of thirty dollars right now. 

8. Rain

Rain is a unique as well as a cool alternative to Little Big Planet. The game is worth considering if you like Little Big Planet. This game has a very gripping story with a narrative that hits the point. The concept is also incredible. In this game, you play as a young boy that enters a world filled with Rain. His job is to save a girl from being haunted by fearsome creatures. You play as a very invisible character who can take shape of rain. 

While it does sound a bit scary and mind you, it is quite scary, there are still beautiful visuals in this game. The music is nice and the monsters also have great art direction. There are challenging puzzles in every corner of the game. It is another PlayStation exclusive though. 

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9. Portal

You might be wondering. “What is a first-person shooter doing in a list of platformers?” Well, the portal franchise is the best of both worlds. This game is developed by valve and it has physics-based puzzles and platforming mixed looting and shooting. In this game, you are taken into a Science lab which is filled with physics-based levels. The game was first released in 2007 and it got a lot of popularity for it. It had unique gameplay too. 

The second installment of the game acts as a direct sequel and Portal 2 is a much better game. But the first Portal is still worth a shot. The game has many conceptual similarities to Little Big planet so, we can’t help but recommend the game to our readers!

10. PixelJunk Eden

PixelJunk Eden is the third game in this series. The game is based on a Psychedi=lic world where you can take control of a small critter called Grimp. This grimp is able to shoot our silk latch onto different objects. Your goal is to explore the garden of Eden and to collect Spectra which is scattered all over the place. As you gather pollen, new plants will start to grow. And this will allow you to go further into the environment. 

The game puts you up against hostile creatures as well. The main selling point of the game is its wonderful gameplay and very creative use of graphics The game looks and plays quite nicely. 

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Final Words

The games that we have listed above all remind us of Little Big Planet. Some of the mechanics and concepts are quite similar between these games. There are also many other games that we might have missed out on. Games like Puppeteer which is a platformer for the PS3 and Createrria for iOS that allows you to create your own levels are all great games. So, check these games out too. If there’s something that we have missed out on, do give your feedback!

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