10 Awesome Games Like Hades

10 Awesome Games Like Hades

Recently played Hades and want to play another game like it? Well, you have come to the right place. This list is all about games like Hades. 

Hades is one of the best indie games out right now. It has quickly become a favorite of the gaming community. And if you have played the game, you know exactly the reason behind it. There are a few titles in the world like it. Here is a list of some of them.

First of all, we need to know what the game is all about. It is a new roguelike game that everyone loves. This is the game that you should play when you are done with the other games. Everyone enjoys battling greek gods and defeating monsters like Hydra or Megaera. 

Even after enjoying Hades immensely, many gamers still want to experience another game like it and while there are plenty of options in the market, most of them fail to make an impact as big as Hades. Anyway, there are some games that are still quite great, and here are some of them. 

Release dateSept 17, 2020 (Initial release date)
GenreRoguelike, Action/Roleplaying
PlatformWindows, macOS, Linux, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series S/X
StudioSupergiant Games
Number of PlayersSingle Player

10 Games Like Hades

1. Dead Cells

Deadcell is quite a wonderful game. It is also very impressive and it is inspired by the Metroidvania subgenre.

The game is just like Hades. You are able to control a character who is desperate to get out of the situation that they have placed themselves in. But the doomed try to escape over and over again. 

This game has a total rating of around 89 on Metacritic. It also has a score of 10/10 on Steam. 

Dead Cells’ one bad thing is that the game lacks saving. You are not able to save in this game. There are no checkpoints. You kill and you die. When you die, you need to learn as well as repeat. This can get quite exhausting.

Every run in the game is different so, you have to learn and repeat the process until you become a huge badass in the game. You also have to defeat the monsters that are on your way. 

2. Gunfire Reborn

Do remember that this game is still in its early access phase. Still, the game is quite great. If Hades is anything, oh boy, this one, in particular, is nothing to worry about. It has a pretty different style of gameplay as well.

The game is a first-person shooter. And the artwork is quite similar to Hades too. The game will definitely leave any gamer quite mesmerized because of its good ambiance and sound design. 

Don’t get too comfortable with it being easy and enjoyable though. The game is renowned for being quite hard.

But this just makes it even more rewarding when you defeat the bosses in the game. Gunfire Reborn is worth a purchase especially if you can find the game on Steam. 

3. Transistor

The best thing about Transistor is that the game is available at a really cheap price. This game was made by the same development team that made hades so, there’s that angle in play as well. This means the gameplay is not new. It is comparable to Hades.

The game is a must-play for the fans of Hades. So, if you like Hades, do play this game. 

The game’s scores are also very similar. It has gotten the same score of 9/10 and 83 across the board.

When a player gets into the game, there is a very likely chance that they will really love the overall game and the multiple endings that it provides. The game is a perfect choice for fans that like to play Hades. The experience is quite similar to Hades too.  

4. Scourge Bringer

Scourge Bringer is a little more different from Hades. In terms of game design, the difference can be seen. The game focuses more on the 2D side of things. It explores all the corners of the map in a 2D setting. 

This is nonetheless a fast-paced platformer with hack and slash elements. Gamers can hack and slash through the levels with ease and the pace of the game is quite speedy.

Just like Hades, this game has similar ratings on Metacritic as well as steam. It will keep you entertained for a long time too. Overall, the game is rewarding, to say the least. 

5. UnderMine

While Undermine doesn’t have the same style as Hades, it’s still a good thing. Undermine has its own charm.

The game has a high rating of around 9/10 on Steam and it also has tons of good reviews. Just like Hades, the player can experience themselves leveling up in the game with everything they do.

This game also has a rewarding system. The players can meet many characters who are written extremely well.

The journey makes it worth the time. This game is not like Hades where the levels are hard and tough, it is a fun casual game. But the similarity with hades is that the game is very fun to play! 

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6. Pyre

Pyre is yet another game made by Supergiant games with a very high score of 82. The game ranks great on Steam ranking as well. This particular game is a fantastic roguelike game that you can play for months at length.

The game is made by Supergiant so, the style is beautiful and the soundtrack is quite fascinating. You can get fully immersed in the world and the experience here is totally worth it.

Fans might not like some of the things in the game as it has some sports-like elements (especially Rugby). But overall, the game is laced with nice visuals, a very good story, and a rewarding experience. 

7. Neon Abyss

Neon abyss is one of those games with a lot of bugs. Players have literally told the developers of the game to fix it and it has been getting new fixes lately. There are also many DLCs that you can download.

The game has high reviews as well. It is ranked 9/10 in Steam. The game is quite wonderful and many say that the game has quite a nice vibe to it. And it is very much true. 

This particular game has a Cyberpunk vibe which makes it aesthetically pleasing. When you get hold of a new weapon and unleash incredible damage, the game is at its best.

Another thing that will definitely keep you interested in the Special Abilities that are available in the game.

The gunplay is quite insane as well. It keeps the players powerful. And you can cause all kinds of chaos in the game!

8. The Binding Of Isaac

The Binding of Issac is a highly rated game. It is a famous game with so many fans playing it till today. The game will certainly change your life.

In this particular game, you play as a bald naked child and you have to face poos with the child’s tear. SHEESH! 

Anyway, the game is a fun platformer and while it can get frustrating at times, it will certainly give you a new perspective on video games. This is why we recommend you play this game if you really loved Hades.

9. Ancient Abyss

Ancient Abyss is a really great game that was in Early Access previously. Now, it has reached around 10 months of its life still in early access right now, and is relatively new, coming out on January 15th. Due to it being relatively new it doesn’t have the most ratings, making it a 7/10 on Steam. 

This makes it perfect to get in the game before it gets fully released, just like most did with Hades.

The design of the game is quite different but it is still unique in terms of style. This game provides a Zelda-like experience as the game is totally randomized. It gives the player a very unique experience. 

10. Bastion

Bastion was the first game of its kind. It was released by the company named Supergiant and it most certainly changed the face of roguelike games. The game is quite beautiful. It has a really enticing soundtrack and a plot that is quite easy to follow.

The story of the game keeps the players interested in the story. You can play the game with just one controller and the experience is totally worth it. We definitely recommend this game. 

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Final Words

Hades is a superb game. It was even nominated for many awards. Particularly, the game was a Game of The Year candidate.

This game has created a wave of games that have similar mechanics. Most of them are given in this article. You can definitely play these if you enjoyed playing Hades. 

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