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9 Games Like Firewatch to Play in 2021

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Looking for a game that captures the adventurous setting of Firewatch? Well, we have got some games like firewatch that you will find interesting!

The studio behind Firewatch is Campo Santo. The game is a beautifully styled one with a story driven adventure that has one of the best closures ever in Video Game. In this game, you take a job in the Wyoming Wilderness.

Your job is to watch out for the fires in the year 1989. The story is shaped by the conversations that Henry has with his supervisor Deliah over the radio. But the game has so much more than this. The story starts to unravel, and you start to discover many mysteries of the Wildlands. You also get to learn so much about the person that you play.

The game has a great array of voice actors, a plot that focuses on themes of relationships, love, loss as well as fear and there are plenty of twists and turns.

The story makes a big impression and after you finish it, you will try to find more games like it to play. So, what are some of the other games that are like firewatch? Today, we are going to find out in this article. Let us get started!

Release date9th of Feb, 2016
PlatformWindows, Mac, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
StudioCampo Santo
Number of PlayersSingle-Player

9 Games like Firewatch

1. Life is Strange

Life is Strange has a very serious story which is based on time travel. It has quite strong characters and it also has a unique title that is quite impossible to put down.

Life is Strange is great because of the writing that the story has. The game intrigues all the players as well.

This game is a great recommendation for any gamer who is looking out for a title like Firewatch.

It is a unique story with time reversal mechanisms as well as story beats that make it easy to just sit down and play.

2. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is an exploration game that lets you play as detective Paul Prospero. One day, Paul receives a very strange letter from a kid named Ethan Carter.

You slowly start unraveling the secret in Wyoming and try to find out what has transpired here.

The detective you play as is also not an ordinary investigator. He has a superb knowledge of the occult. Paul also has supernatural power that enables him to communicate with the dead.

The game starts as a search for a missing boy that unravels into a full-blown murder investigation, and it starts to go much deeper than expected.

The game is very much atmospheric, and it has several memorable moments as well.

3. The Long Dark

Firewatch shows Wyoming’s wilderness with a sense of isolation. The game feels very isolated whether you are sitting in your watch tower or traversing the landscape by yourself.

The setting is great, and it is based on the characters of Henry or Delilah. The setting also allows for plenty of reflection.

The long dark delivers the same feeling in its own distinct style. You play as Mackenzie in this game who tries to survive in a post apocalyptic world.

While the game is a survival game where you need to keep a watch over things like your hunger, thirst, and other important things, it also creates a sense of dread in the players. But this is a good thing as the players will feel totally immersed in the game. You find a desolate game world in it which is very fun to explore.

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4. Tacoma

Tacoma excellently mimics the human connections and relationships that exist in Firewatch. The game heavily focuses on its characters who are on a futuristic space station. The space station is set in the year 2088.

This is a game made by Fullbright Company which specializes in tropes like this. In this game, you play as Amy Ferrier who is a contractor.

Amy boards the space station and she can be seen using special technology to see holograms of the crew that are on board.

In this game, you can gather information by exploring the personal quarters, searching the desks, lockers, and everything. As you continue to journey through the facility on the station, you will start to unravel a very exciting story.

The narrative is quite memorable as well. The characters you meet in this game leaves you with an impression and they are relatable as well.

5. Oxenfree

Oxenfree is a game made by Night School Studio. It is a story-driven thriller that has a whole host of intriguing characters and very impressive art style.

In this game, you play as Alex who is a teenager that travels to Edwards Island with her new stepbrother named Jonas. He wants to have a party with a group of friends. But things start to take a turn when Alex unknowingly opens rift.

The group is then separated, and the player has a journey through the island. The player starts to discover secrets lurking in the shadows.

The characters in the games are quite relatable and the themes are also quite spooky here. Alex plays like Henry in Firewatch. The two characters have similar tropes. So, if you like Henry, you will like Alex!

This makes Oxenfree a perfect game to play if you have that Firewatch itch to Scratch.

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6. The Witness

The Witness was released in the same year as Firewatch. It is advertised as a puzzle game. But it is more of an exploration game. Don’t let this fact fool you though. The game has an open world island to explore.

The main character of this game doesn’t have a name. He has no memory of himself and that is how the character ends up on an Island.

The player needs to solve many grid-based puzzles to make it through the game. The game has an inspiring narrative just like Firewatch. It is also quite beautiful to explore.

7. Kona

This game takes place in Northern Canada. Kona is a game where the player takes on the role of a detective named Carl Faubert.

Carl investigates strange events of Vandalism in his town. This game is kind of like Firewatch as it the main themes here are mystery and the setting is atmospheric to say the least.

The game feels even more dangerous that firewatch. The player must fend off natural threats here like cold and wolves!

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8. Call Of the Sea

Call of the Sea is set in the South Pacific region. The time setting is the 1930s. It lets the players explore an island through the eyes of a woman named Norah.

She is looking for her missing husband. This game has a unique atmosphere, and it came out all the way back in 2020.

The game can be played with a first-person mode. There are puzzles as well. While it is very short, the game does provide a lot of fun.

9. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

The mystery and story of Firewatch is unmatched. But if there is a game that can match it, it’s Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. This exploration game is set in Yaughton, Shropsire in the 1980s.

The village is rendered in a beautiful manner. But the whole village is empty. There are no people in there.

Quarantine Leaflets are stuck on the doors and birds are dead on the ground. This feels like a post-apocalyptic village, but it is rather magical in some ways.

There is a light that guides you as you travel around the village. You are only person that is still alive.

You slowly start to see what exactly happened to the residents of the village. The story is very non-linear, and you can uncover it at your own speed by witnessing different events as well as memories of the residents.

You can also listen to radios, search for traces of information and more. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is quite a fascinating story with brilliant voice acting. The story might be slower in pace, but you can soak it up in a very good manner with this game.

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Final Words

Firewatch shocked the entire world with its impressive setting, gameplay, and overall quality. It is one of the best adventure games out there and if you have played it, you might want to play more games like it.

The list that we have provided here consists of some of the games just like that. Do play these games if you are a fan of Firewatch and want to have more fun!