12 Best Games Like Factorio

12 Best Games Like Factorio

Is Factorio one of the best games you have ever played? Want to play some more games like Factorio? Yes? Awesome! This is the perfect list for you. 

Factorio is a really nice game with awesome mechanics. It gives the players all the required tools that can help them tap into their imagination and then they can design superb factories to prioritize automation as well as efficiency.

The game has quite a unique blend of different kinds of gameplay mechanics such as building bases, strategy as well as survival gameplay. All of these mechanics make it a really satisfying game. The gameplay itself is quite addictive as well. 

We are going to go over some of the best games like Factorio that you can play in the year 2022. These are some of the best automation games with resource management being the main part of the game. So, let us get into this list and get started. 

Release dateAug 14, 2020 (Initial release date)
GenreSimulation/Management, Real-Time Strategy
PlatformWindows, macOS, Linux
StudioWube Software
Number of PlayersSingle Player, Multiplayer

Best Games like Factorio

1. Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included’s survival simulation aspect has similar difficulty as Factorio. The players are tasked with establishing the expanded colony and they also seek refuge in the Underground Caves on a very alien planet where there is a scarcity of oxygen. 

The game assigns you some crew members, to different stations and keeps everything running as well.

You are tasked with gathering resources to keep the colonists alive. The players also need to research new technologies to improve their base in this game. The stakes are quite high here and you have to save your colony from being wiped!

2. OpenTTD

Open TTD is a game that came way before Factorio. This game was released in 2004 and it is actually a remake of a game that came out in 1995 titled Transport Tycoon.

This game is all about real-life simulation as the players have to earn money by transporting passengers as well as cargo over roads, water, air, and more. You can use different types of vehicles for it. 

Your job is to grow the towns and let them flourish. You are also tasked with inventing new modes of transport and in turn, you are able to create new industries and opportunities for maximizing production.

Since this game is open source, the players can modify the game using different cheats and mods. They can also explore the world and the game has an abundance of community mods that can be installed using an in-game content provider. 

3. Space Haven

Space Haven is yet another colony management simulation game that is set in deep space. The game has you leading a ragtag crew of spacefarers to search for a new home for humanity’s decreasing population. 

Just like Factorio, this game also offers superb base-building potential. It lets you build your ship tile-by-tile and you also need t to fine-tune the doors, walls as well as hulls. 

Since your crew’s dependence is on you, you will have to monitor the needs and also provide enough food, medicine as well as oxygen for your own survival.

When you travel through space, you will definitely encounter random scenarios such as alien invasion and derelict ships as well. You can also face internal conflicts among crew members that can impact their overall mental as well as physical health. 

4. Stormworks: Build and Rescue

Stormworks offers everyone an immersive physics playground where you can design, craft, and even pilot your own vehicles that run on-air and water. The game issues you the task of putting your vehicles to the test and you are tasked with rescuing people. 

The customization of the game is quite incredible as well. And it goes beyond submersibles. The game allows you to program your own scripts and create unique situations and storylines with other players. 

Just like Factorio, this game also offers multiple difficulty options and it has a good suite of tools that you can use to build stuff. It is an overall great game to play. The community is super nice as well. 

5. Automation Empire

The best recommendation for all the Factorio fans is Automation Empire. This is another strategy simulation that revolves around automation and production lines. The game is also all about building factories.

In this game, players start with nothing and over a duration of some time, they are able to build interconnected factories. They can also use machines, pipes as well as trains that are able to transport resources.

In terms of features, Automation Empire is not as comprehensive as Factorio but as far as features go, the tools become available to you as you progress further and as you complete the challenges present in the Map. By the end of this game, you will be able to unlock different mine carts, robot drones, and even rockets which are all quite cool!

6. Hydroneer

Hydroneer’s mining aspect is similar to Factorio. It also introduces some excellent mechanics. Terraforming is one mechanic that Hydroneer is quite great with.

The gameplay allows players to shape the world around them to create caves that can be expanded.

In addition, there are also quarry pits, mud mountains as well as it has all the required items to speed up production as well as material acquisition. 

The game also has a system for designing as well as building structures and powering the machinery that provides plenty of chances for design work. You can gather resources to build and craft new weapons, decorations, and more. 

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7. Satisfactory

Just like Factorio, Satisfactory is another game that highly emphasizes resource management. The game also has a whole lot of quests that you can play. 

Things start off small in this game and eventually, you will have to assemble many things with the help of Conveyor Belts. You can also make stuff with the resources that you have gathered. 

There are many ways to put the materials into good use as well. The game has a whole bunch of cool new weapons, buildings as well as vehicles that can be used. You can unlock new areas, creatures, resources, and more. The game also has a great community of players and immense support from the developers. 

8. Astroneer

Astroneer is unlike Factorio in terms of the world. While Factorio has a hostile environment, Astroneer has a bright planet that you can explore. The planet also doesn’t have many dangerous creatures.

The game has its own challenges as well. The rough alien planet is low on power and oxygen. These are the limitations that you have to overcome in this game. 

The thing that sets Astroneer apart from other base-building games is the Terrain Tool. This tool allows the wielder to bend the environment to their will. This has many applications as well.

The game can benefit traversal, production as well as creativity. Finally, Astroneer is continually updated with new planets to explore, hazards to tackle, and craft different items. 

9. Mindustry

Mindustry is an appropriately named Resource management game that also has an emphasis on tower defense.

The players in this game have the task of connecting as well as placing conveyor belts to transport ammunition. They also need to produce materials, make turrets, and battle waves of the enemy. 

There is a powerful map in the game that allows you to make very unique environments. You can also modify the terrain’s shape quite easily.

The game features a very wide selection of customizable items and the experience is quite refreshing as well. 

10. Dyson Sphere Program

Want to take your factory-building skills further and own a factory in space? This is the game for you! Dyson Sphere is a science fiction simulation.

It lets you own a galactic empire that you build from nothing. The game is set in the future of humanity so, it obviously has advanced technology.

You can play as a space engineer in the game. Your job is to build massive structures for absorbing energy that can then be used on Earth.

The game has many star types, distribution, planets as well as resources. The planets are generated procedurally. You just need to keep the spheres operational here. 

The game’s main emphasis is on Interstellar travel and movement, mining, material building, and more!

11. Stationeers

Stationeers can be quite a complex game. It is an open-world survival game with a lot of crafting. The learning curve is steep here so, it can take some time before you become familiar with the game’s mechanics. 

In this game, you are put in charge of building as well as managing a space station. You need to make sure your character’s basic needs are fulfilled in the game. Your job is to provide ample warmth, food as well as the power to the characters.

This feat can be achieved by a combination of resource-gathering as well as automated production using machines as well as computers.

Just like Factorio, Stationeers also provide you with tools and freedom to decide the look of your station as well as functions. This game also supports online multiplayer.

12. RimWorld

RimWorld is quite similar to Factorio in its base-building gameplay. This one is a survival and strategy game that provides you with a lot of customization options. 

In this game, you can pick from many biodomes before you crash land with a team of colonists. The planet you crash land on is generated randomly.

The colonists have physical as well as emotional needs that need to be tackled. You can also provide housing to the colonists and expand the base. 

There is a rewarding gameplay loop here which is supported by a story that focuses on Artificial Intelligence and has tons of humor. 

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Final Words

Factorio is quite a decent construction and management simulation. This game is great for the fans of this genre of video games.

The above-listed games have similarities to this game so, if you are in need of a game that plays and feels like Factorio, do give the games listed here a try. 

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