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Error Fixed: PS5 Repairing Console Storage

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The PS5 has had a very good launch with their units flying off the shelves in no time but there are other issues that have arrived with the launch. Users are experiencing strange error codes and messages on their systems.

The main error seems to be because of the SSD. The internal SSD issue can be solved through and today, we are trying to tackle this problem.

What is the PS5 Repairing Console Storage Error?

The PS5 console storage error occurs when there is a problem with the PS5’s solid-state drive. The error message says “repair your storage drive” and while this error doesn’t really break the system, it can cause severe problems to your gaming experience.

The repairing console storage screen is very annoying and most of the time, you just need to patiently wait until the screen reaches 100%. This can take a while but you must be patient. You don’t want to power the console down while the storage repair takes place.

Once the process completes, the console should present the users with an error reporting screen. You can then select the “Accept and Report” option.

You should definitely report the error as this will force Sony to act on it. Sony generally fixes these issues with a new System Update so, if you are also facing these problems, do update the system software.

But What if the problem isn’t fixed? Well, if even after completing the repair work, the system still doesn’t get fixed, you can then use an alternate fix. Generally, the console will power itself down after the error screen is fixed.

This error is noticeable in games like Spider-Man and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla so, do update these games as well. A lot of gamers have also reported this issue with the new Call of Duty. Even browsing through the PlayStation UI can sometimes result in this error. If the error is very persistent, a hardware reset is the only way to save your console.

How to fix the PS5 Repairing Console Storage Error?

There are only two possible ways to fix the PS5 Repairing Console Storage Error. We have already discussed the first one which is to just let the repair process complete and wait. But if you don’t have patience, you can always try to update the system software. A fresh update could fix the PS5 Repairing Console Storage error and if you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry. Here are the steps to follow for manually updating the system software of the PS5:

  • From the home page, go to the Settings menu and then select the System.
  • Now, choose the system software tab and then select the System Update and Settings
  • Go to the Update System Software and select Update Using Internet.
  • When you are done, simply reboot the system and you should be okay.


The PS5 is a new console right now and there are plenty of software bugs. Sony is relentlessly releasing updated files and patches to control the damage and if you own a PS5, you should definitely get the latest updates. Just make sure that the error is not caused because of the hardware.

Software errors are easy to fix with updates and patches but the hardware issues need a Sony service center. So, if you have any doubts about the physical hardware of your Sony PlayStation 5, contact your retailer.

Also, you can add an external flash drive to your ps5 to fix this issue completely.,