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50 Best Fastest DNS Servers For Ps4 Gaming & Internet (Updated December 2021)

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Multiplayer games have become widely popular these days. To play a multiplayer game without any connection issues, you need a good internet connection obviously. But that could also not work sometimes.

Even if you have the best internet connection, using the wrong DNS servers for your gaming console can be problematic. It can crush your ping time and even lower the bandwidth.

Most people are happy using the default DNS servers that your ISP provides but they are never as fast as the DNS servers that you can potentially use.

In this guide, we are going to be providing you all the information about the best DNS servers, what they do, and what are some of the best DNS servers for ps4 that you should look into. We are also going to provide you a guide to set up the best DNS servers.

As a console updated, the DNS server also gets updated so here are the Best & Fastest DNS servers for PS5.

Fastest DNS Servers for PS4 and Other purposes

While there are many best DNS servers for PS4, only a few are proven. These are some of the fastest and free DNS servers. You can use it to stop censorship and improve gaming speeds.

We are going to go over how to exactly use these servers in the next section. For now, take a look at the table below to see some of the DNS servers. Out of these servers, the GoogleDNS is the one that works in a consistent manner and so does Cloudflare.

DNS ProviderPrimary DNSSecondary DNS
Cloudflare1. 9 (secondary DNS)
Comodo SecureDNS8. (secondary DNS)
DNSAdvantage156.154.70.1156.154.71.1 (secondary DNS)
Dyn216.146.35.35216.146.36.36 (secondary DNS)
Level 3209.244.0.3209.244.0.4
Uncensored DNS91.239.100.10089.233.43.71

We are not going to explain all the DNS servers in the list above but we are going to provide you the information on what we feel are the

Best DNS servers for PS4 [ Top 5]

1. OpenDNS

We all know the networking giant Cisco. They are one of the best networking companies in the world and they founded Open DNS in 2005. OpenDNS is very huge and it is actually a free service, how good is that? The DNS provides the best speeds with 100% up times i.e. it never goes down. The DNS is there to use all the time. It also has great security.

2. Cloudflare

Cloudflare is known for its content delivery network. You can see many streaming sites being built on the Cloudflare platform and they are generally faster. The company has recently expanded to provide DNS services and its DNS service is one of the most popular ones in the world. One of the main features of Cloudflare is fast service.

Privacy is another major area of improvement. Cloudflare doesn’t use your browsing data and it doesn’t feed you ads. In this way, the service is totally private. All of your browsing logs are deleted in a day so, that is always nice. You can visit their website and view the setup guide.

They also have many YouTube tutorials. The Cloudflare service is platform-independent. It can be used in Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux, and even routers. Mobile users can just download an app and click some buttons, it is that easy.

The service is also available for PS4 and Xbox consoles. You also have the option to block ads and adult websites if you want to be extra safe. The DNS service doesn’t do any censorship but you can if you want to! There is also a community forum of Cloudflare in places such as Reddit where you can troubleshoot any problem you are having with the service.

3. Quad9

One of the most recent DNS services, Quad9 started in 2016. It is a young company but it is growing at a steady pace. The number of users is also increasing and there are many reasons for it. The primary reason is that this DNS service boasts the ability to block malicious sites especially.

They have built an intelligent system that can block 90% of the sites with malware. This has gained a positive reaction to the company. The quantity is one thing but the quality is also very important and the DNS service checks that box too. The quality of blocking is the next level here.

As far as performance goes, it gets a solid 7 out of 10. It does lag behind OpenDNS but it is faster than DNS services such as Comodo. One of the problems in this DNS is the speed variation. Sometimes the speed is very good while some other times, it just goes completely down. Moving on to the setup, the DNS service is very easy to set up in all the devices you use so, you won’t have a problem with it

4. Google Public DNS

Google is one of the largest internet companies in the world and it seems like the company has one hand in everything. DNS is one such area. The company provides it’s Public DNS as a cool alternative to your default DNS.  While the privacy of the Google Public DNS isn’t as appealing as Cloudflare or Open DNS, it is not that bad either. You have the option to disable permanent logs and the logs stay for 48 hours maximum.

The performance of this DNS, however, isn’t that reliable. The performance can be very good sometimes while in other cases, it can be very bad. The setup process is also very tricky and really cumbersome.

There are many tutorials however and you can easily set the service up for your PS4 in no time.  You just need to replace the nameservers with Google’s own and It’s easy to remember!

5. Comodo Secure DNS

The Comodo Group is one of the major players in the network security field. The company powers some of the best security products and the DNS service happens to be one of them. As the name suggests, the Comodo Secure DNS focuses mainly on safety.

It utilizes ad blocks and even blocks phishing websites with ease. The DNS will also provide you warning on malware and viruses if you try to visit a site laced with the,. There is also a shield service in this DNS that adds additional security features. The service uses smart AI-based features to really keep the security intact.

So, How do you test the DNS Speed?

You can manually change DNS servers one by one on your PS4 and see which one has the best speed or you can use a software test. Yes, there is software that can test out the DNS speed for you automatically. The software tool is made by Google and t is called Namebench.

You can also test some of the DNS manually and test some other DNS automatically to get better results. You know, test automatically first and then test the top 5 results manually to see which fits you the best. This can be a very good test.

Using Namebench

test ps4 dns server with namebeach

As we discussed, Namebench is a Google tool that is available for free. The tool, however, has not been updated since it launched 10 years ago. So, the interface is quite old but hey, it still works! It works flawlessly in fact.

For downloading Namebench, just do a google search and visit the official download page. It’s simple really, download the version you want to extract the zip file, and run the installer. If you are on a mac, just drag and drop the install file.

When you have finished downloading the Namebench software, run the test as follows:

  • Copy and paste the IP address of the DNS servers you wanna test into the Nameservers field of the application. You can separate the IP address with a comma and an empty space.
  • You can also check the boxes to automatically test the popular DNS servers or regional DNS servers. This is totally optional.
  • Every website has some metric, choose the metric you are testing. The Alexa test is the most popular.
  • Choose the number of queries you want to test. A higher number of queries will take more time. Now just follow the onscreen prompt to test the DNS servers.
  • When the test completes, you will see all the results in a new browser window. The whole test can take 40 minutes to 1 hour depending on your choices, the number of servers you are testing and your internet speed.

How to judge the result of a DNS server?

Now, you might be confused about the results but don’t worry. The result page can be a bit confusing and cluttered.  Just remember these things:

  • The ping is determined by an ‘Avg(ms)’ column. This is what we need, this will impact your gaming performance.
  • Ignore all the comments on the right column, they are not relevant.
  • Some of the DNS isn’t free. Make sure you only test the free ones in your test.
  • The fastest response time will not be the smoothest in real life though, this is why a manual test is necessary.

When you are done testing the servers automatically, now select the top 5 servers on your result page and test them manually. But how do you test them manually? Do not worry. We have got you covered.

After we tested manually we have collected the results of all listed DNS servers.

DNS ProviderMinimum Ping(ms)Maximum Ping (ms)
Comodo SecureDNS12.112.8
Level 31111.9
Uncensored DNS89

Setting up the DNS server on your PS4

When you are done with the automatic test, the next thing that comes is the manual test. For doing the manual test, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the PS4 settings tab and go to the Network setting option.
ps4 setting
  • Now under the network setting menu, you will see a Set-Up internet connection screen, hit X on that.
setup internet connection
  • Select your mode of internet connection. If you use Wi-Fi, select the Wi-Fi tab or select the LAN tab if you use an ethernet cable.
network choose ps4
  • The next thing you need to do is to set the IP address as “Automatic” and the DHCP as ‘Do not Specify
  • Now change the DNS setting to manual for setting up the custom DNS.
internet connection custom
  • Just enter the primary and secondary DNS of the DNS server that you want to test or use. Hit X on the done tab to update the DNS method.
enter dns server ps4
  • Now set the MTU as automatic and select the ‘Do not Use’ option on the proxy server tab.
mtu setting ps4
  • And there you are connected to a DNS server.
dns server connection test
  • You can now try out some games to test the DNS server in the real world. When you are done with one server, repeat this process and test another server till you get a permanent solution!

What is DNS?

DNS, also known as Domain Name System is an address book of the internet. We can access every website by their address or domain names such as, the web browsers access the websites through the IP address.

The DNS does the job of translating those domain names into IP addresses. For example, a domain name such as can be translated as In terms of your PS4, the DNS servers will tell the console where the gaming servers are physically present.

And anytime you use the DNS servers you can connect to a gaming server faster because the DNS servers can help you look faster.

What are the different kinds of DNS?

Just like there are different kinds of address books, (say an address book for all the hospitals. another one for all the schools, etc.), there are different kinds of DNS too. The three basic kinds of DNS are explained below:

Public and Private DNS

The DNS service that you use from big telecom companies is mostly private. If you are using Verizon, they will give you private DNS servers and you will not be able to use any other DNS server. On the other hand, the DNS servers that can be used by anyone are called Public DNS servers. These Public servers can be a bit faster and even safer than some private DNS servers. A good example would be Google’s Public Server.

Router DNS

Nowadays, many routers will automatically set up your DNS servers so, when you are using your home Wi-fi, the request you make for a website will be redirected by the Router DNS. It will ask your ISP for the IP address and then complete your request. This builds up a cache and can be a bit faster to get results.

Custom DNS

There are many private companies that provide Custom DNS servers. These servers can either be free or paid, most of the time the free version will come with some limitations. These servers are definitely faster than your default servers and they help avoid censorship.

So, if you have a site that is blocked by your government, you can easily access it with the help of custom DNS servers. You should use Custom DNS while gaming and in fact all the DNS servers that we will explain in this guide are either Custom or Public DNS.

The main difference between custom and public DNS is that Public DNS is completely free to use while custom DNS, most of the time have an associated cost.

How does DNS affect speed?

Think about searching for a contact in your phone. If you want to phone someone you have recently talked to, you are definitely going to the recent tab, right? You’re not going to manually look the person up again. Why do you do this? It saves you time, right? The same thing happens with the DNS. When your PS4 does a DNS lookup, it will take some time based on the status of the server.

The status generally means the distance to the servers and the load on the server. But if you had a DNS server that is close physically and doesn’t have that much load then, you can access your games and sites more easily.

Similarly, if you get a DNS server that is much far away than your default servers then, your speed will go down. So, yes the wrong DNS servers will make your gaming experience worse but if you choose the right one then, you will get a much-needed boost in terms of speed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know my default DNS server?

Well, if you really want to know your default DNS server, you need to contact your Internet Service Provider. You can also try the IP address of your router to see the DNS server that you could possibly use.

What is the best DNS server for PS4?

There aren’t any particular best DNS servers. Each server has its own benefits and disadvantages. It also depends on the traffic. Sometimes one DNS server can be fast while the same DNS server might not work when you use it two days after. The key here is to keep testing in order to find the best server at the moment.

Will changing the DNS server cause harm?

No, it won’t. There is no harm in changing your DNS server. The process is very safe and you can easily go back to your default DNS server if the speeds are low or if you have some problems.

Can the DNS server make the connection even slow?

Yes, it can definitely happen. Especially when you are using a server that is too crowded so, always use a server that can help you out in the long run.

Should you use paid DNS service?

There are a lot of good free DNS services that work flawlessly but yes, there are some paid DNS services too. These paid services come with extra features and they are the best for offices, small and even big businesses. So, yes you can get a paid DNS service if you want to.

Does PS4 Support all the DNS services?

Yes. The PS4 has an operating system that is based on the Linux Kernel (just like Android) so, PS4 does have support for almost all the DNS services.

Will using a DNS service void the warranty on a PS4?

No, DNS is a software solution. It has nothing to do with tweaking the hardware and it is not like jailbreaking so, it will not void your warranty.


DNS is a very important part of the world wide web. There are many benefits to it. Some DNS is more private, safer, and has better speeds than the default ones. In terms of gaming, DNS can provide you a very good overall experience.

There are different kinds of games that require some of the best internet speeds. Many first-person shooters and survival games are multiplayer these days and the gaming community needs the best connection.

DNS can help you out in this regard. So, yes do use a DNS server if you want to game better on your PS4. The DNS servers that we have listed here are some of the best DNS servers that you can buy.

So, if you want to get the best out of your internet connection, do use these services. And if you don’t like it, you can always revert back to the default DNS in no time. So, why not give it a try?

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