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Download Games Faster on PS5? (Quick Methods)

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We all know the PS5 games can be loaded in less than a second, this is not the same with the downloads though. There is no way the console can increase your download speeds if you don’t have a fast enough connection but there are some ways of fixing your connection and using it to its fullest. So, let us get into this article and see some of these methods using which you can accomplish this task.

Why do you need to download games faster on PS5?

The top-quality AAA games have files sizes larger than 100 GB these days. Take Red Dead Redemption 2 as an example, it is around 110 GB. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War can take 136 GB on your console which means that the game will take hours to download and that is a really bad thing.

Even with fast internet, it will definitely take at least 5 to 7 hours. This is why faster download speed has become a necessity and today, we are going to provide you with some fixes to solve this problem. So, let us get started.

How to download Games faster on PS5?

We know why you need faster download speeds on the PS5 but how do you get these speeds? Well, here are some ways to make the download speeds faster on the PlayStation 5:

Reset your router

Netgear Nighthawk Ps5 router

The next solution is to simply reset the router and re-establish the connection between you and the ISP. This will give a breath of fresh air to the connection and it will connect with the best ps5 DNS servers. You can reset your PS5 during this process as it can make a difference too.

Ensure your connection is not being overused

Another great fix is to make sure that your internet speed is dedicated to your PS5. Often times we use the home wi-fi for PS5 and our family members will take all the bandwidth and they will start downloading things and this will affect the PS5 download.

So, just make sure no one in your home is using too much bandwidth. Clogged Bandwidth is a major problem and the only way to fix this is to request your family members to stop downloading stuff. You can also try downloading large games at night when everyone is sleeping so, no one uses the internet.

Use Ethernet Connection


Wi-Fi connection is very easy and convenient. It has no cables and the configuration is sleek but the quality is really bad. Wi-fi often has the problem of getting interference. This means the signal gets scrambled and this may be really bad for your gaming experience. Even if you are only a room away from your router, the connection quality may get worse because of obstacles.

You can easily fix this by using the best Ethernet Cable. These cables will not cause any latency and decrease all the interference. It will fix all your Wi-Fi-related problems and it can be a really effective solution overall.

You can connect an ethernet cable as follow:

  • Open the Settings panel and select Network Settings.
  • Click on the Set Up Internet Connection option.
  • Navigate straight to the bottom to choose the Set Up Manually option.
  • Click on the Use a LAN Cable option and press on Done to activate your wired connection.

Keep your PS5 up to date

Another great fix is to make sure your PS5 is updated. Each system update that Sony pushes out will include stability. It may be rare but the updates are stable. Here’s the way to update the system:

  • Navigate to the Settings panel.
  • Choose the System settings.
  • Click on the System Software tab.
  • Select the System Software Update and Settings.
  • Now, Choose to Update System Software.
  • Finally, click on Update Using Internet.

Use the rest mode while downloading games

When you put your console in rest mode, the console will not waste bandwidth. It will focus all the bandwidth it can get on the task at hand and this is to download the game. To put the console on rest mode, just go to the settings, select system, and then the power saving tab.

Go to the features and make sure you ‘stay connected to the internet while on rest mode. You can also put games on Auto-Download and AutoInstall on the rest mode. Do this from the Game/App settings option.

Increase your internet bandwidth

The final fix is to simply contact your ISP and tell them to increase your overall bandwidth. Normally, we recommend around 50 Mbps as the perfect internet speed for your PS5. If you have anything less than this, you will face major problems. Without a fast internet plan, none of the fixes we provided above would work.

So, contacting your ISP to increase the speed is definitely a way to go. If you like to get a better plan for your home internet, contact your ISP to send a professional at your home and they will take the necessary steps to increase the quality of your internet. You can also ask for a new router while you are at it.

Console gaming can be really hard if you do not have a good internet speed. We recommend at least 40 to 50 Mbps connection for a good experience. You can try the fixes above if things don’t work out for you even though you have the ISP plan. Just make sure to follow the fixes above and you should be able to increase and stabilize your internet speeds!