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DNS Error PS4 NW-31253-4 Occurred [5 Working Fixes]

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The NW-31253-4 is yet another network error for the PS4 console. The network errors seem to be quite limitless in this console and that is not even an overstatement.

There are many network errors related to the same problem i.e, unreliable connection, bad DNS, or server failure. This is another one of these errors and by this point, you might even know what to do already, right? Even then, do read this article in detail to find out an extra trick or two to solve the problem for you. So, without any further delay, let us start.!

Fix for the NW-31253-4 error code

We are going to combine all the fixes for the NW-31253-4 error code and provide them under one umbrella today. So, let us get started.

The first thing you need to do is know what the problem actually is. To do this simply follow the steps given below:

Before Fixing You need to find the root cause of the error to do so you should follow those steps:

Problem with Ps4 or Network?

Determine if the problem is with your PS4 or your Network. Try to connect and use other devices to the network in order to determine this. If every other device except your PS4 works in your network then the problem is with the PS4. Otherwise, the problem lies with the network.

Problem with Network?

If the problem is with your network, then contact your ISP. Also, contact any of your friends using the same ISP to see if the problem is only at your end or not. If the problem is true because of the ISP, tell them to solve it as fast as possible.

Problem not with Isp but with the network?

If the problem is not in the ISP and it is still a network problem then, the problem is at your end of the equation. Maybe you have a faulty router or a bad LAN cable. Resetting the router and using another LAN cable is what we recommend to fix it.

Sometimes the problem can occur because of the faulty port and the distance between the router and PS4 (in the case of wi-fi). Reduce this distance and try again.

Problem with Ps4

But if the problem lies with the PS4 then there are a couple of fixes that you can try:

Fix 1: Change DNS

enter dns server

We have a whole article dedicated to DNS so, if you want to know more you can read that. To summarize that article:

  • You can simply go to the network settings of your PS4
  • Now in the network setting menu choose setup internet connection.
  • Choose a type of connection you use (wifi or Lan)
  • Next, after You choose the type of connection set Ip address to Automatic and DHCP to Do not specify.
  • To fix error nw-31253-4 you need to change the DNS server so set the DNS setting to manual.
  • Now enter Primary DNS server as and Secondary DNS as
  • At last, don’t forget to put MTU setting to automatic and proxy server to don’t use.

Most of the time changing DNS will fix the issue but if the issue still persists you need to follow the next step.

Fix 2: PS4 Hard Reset

You can try resetting your PS4 completely. This means that you need to reset it in software and hardware. Just turn it off on the software side and also completely power it off. Do this and you might just fix the issue in no time.

Fix 3: Check PSN server

Sony has a great tool known as “Fix and Connect”, it is an online tool that helps you to pinpoint your problem and fix it if you have some connection issues on your PS4. You can visit the site from your other devices and follow the instructions to solve the problem. You can even know the status of the PSN servers to know whether there is a server issue or not. This is a very handy tool and we recommend you use it to solve all your network issues.

To check the PSN server You need to follow those steps:

  • Go to the official website of PlayStation.
  • Choose the server country you want to check.

choose your country

  • After you choose the country the status will be shown.
  • If the server says maintenance just wait until the maintenance end.
  • If the server says All services are up and running and the problem still exists in your ps4 then you need to follow the next step.

Fix 4: Check  Playstation port

sometimes we close the PlayStation port that is needed for ps4 to run smoothly. You need to open those ports for internet access in ps4 if closed you may get a DNS error like an nw-31253-4 error.

There are some ports that need to be opened.

  • TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480
  • UDP: 3478, 3479

To do you need to find a router guidebook or contact your router provider. The process is different on routers so you need to contact related support and tell them to open port forwarding for your router.

Fix 5: Restore Default setting

It is rare to not getting a fix using the above fixes but if your ps4 is in the rare case you just need to quickly restore the default setting. By doing so you will remove all the manual settings you have applied to your ps4.

(It will not delete game data or  other media stored in ps4)

I would suggest you follow all of the above fixed before trying this. If non of the above work then follow the below steps to restore the default setting.

  • First You need to turn off everything connected with ps4 and remove the connection with ps4.
  • Second, completely Turn off Your ps4 and leave it to cool down for a minute.
  • Now after a minute boot in safe mode (To do so just press the Power button for 7 seconds and after the second beep stop the press)
  • Now you will see a different option choose the restore default setting and confirm it.

That Must fix your issue completely.

Cause for the DNS Error NW-31253-4

The primary three reasons for the NW-31253-4 error code are explained below:

Bad DNS Settings

If you have manually used a DNS server then, the problem might occur because your DNS server isn’t connecting properly. If this is the case then simply revert back to the default DNS or use the google DNS as an alternative fix. That easy.

Network Problem

The main reason that this error occurs is because of the network problem. Look for network congestion, talk to your ISP about the problem if you have any and you should be able to fix it.

Server Issues

The PS4 itself is to be blamed if the server issue is there. You can always contact Sony and ask them for an explanation if you are facing the issue.

Hardware network problem

Bad ports and faulty routers can also result in this problem. Check all of this networking hardware to locate the actual problem behind the error. Sometimes the routers or the PS4 need a reset and sometimes the LAN connection can be loose.  Do not undermine these simple things. Check Everything

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the fix and connect the tool free?

Yes. Absolutely. The error tool is completely free and you can use it to solve your network issues in no time.

Can we fix the NW-31253-4  error easily?

Yes, the error has some easy fixes that you can follow and use for fixing the NW-31253-4  error code.

Can hard reset damage the PS4?

No, it cannot.  A hard reset is just a way of clearing the excess electricity from the PS4 and turning it back to the default mode. So, it cannot damage the system.

Why is a PS4 so prone to network errors?

A PS4 is prone to network errors because network errors can happen in a lot of areas. The errors have a larger array, it can be because of the system itself, it can be because of the PSN servers and it can happen because of the ISPs. This is why there are so many network errors in the PS4.

 What does NW 31253 4 mean on ps4?

The NW-31253-4  error is another common ps4 error related to network and internet error especially related to DNS, So this error is also called DNS error.

Does resting PS4 solve the ps4 NW-31253-4 error?

Yes, with no doubt it will fix DNS error but I would suggest you follow the above steps and save your game data and other media because resetting ps4 will also erase ps4 data and files.


The NW-31253-4  error is a network error that can be fixed if you can pinpoint the area where the fault actually occurs. You can follow our instructions and troubleshoot the problem. You can also use the “Fix and Connect” technology of PS4 and do it their way as well. Whatever you do, the error is quite common, it is a simple network failure error or server error (sometimes) and it can be fixed. So, do not worry that much about it!

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