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How To Change the NAT Type on PS5 ?

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Network Address Translation (NAT) basically does the job of translating your internet connection. It makes sure your internet connection on a device is stable. In the case of PS5, NAT is automatically configured by your router and firewall.

This allows games to connect to a NAT type by default. This can cause many connectivity issues however and today, we will be providing you detailed instructions on ways to change the NAT type on a PS5. But, why would you want to change the NAT type?

Well, if you are facing constant connection issues and are looking to fix them, you can definitely try changing the NAT type.

When you change your NAT, it can create a less restricted flow of information so, the data can be transferred fast. On a console such as PS5, there are three NAT types and each of them has its own advantages. You can switch to a NAT type to get a better overall result. Let’s get started then!

Types of NAT in PS5

NAT measures your PS5’s ability to connect to the router. Each NAT type shows different kinds of connections and depending on your needs, you can switch between them. You need to understand the different NAT types before actually changing the NAT type. The different types of NATs are discussed below:

NAT Type 1

When your console is in the NAT Type 1, the connection between your console and your router will be direct. There will be no restriction and data flow is very fast. This is the best NAT type to use if you are looking for speed.

NAT Type 2

In the NAT Type 2 configuration, the console and router are connected but specific security restrictions are present there. A lot of them are removed in the NAT Type 2 config but a few are still there. This NAT Type can be perfect for a stable connection.

NAT Type 3

The connection in NAT Type 3 is restricted. This connection type has strict protocols and they cannot be bypassed for the PS5. This creates a very low bandwidth connection.

With this knowledge of the NAT type, you can configure the appropriate NAT type for your system depending on your needs. Proper NAT Type makes a smooth-talking lane between your console and your router. But how do you actually configure NAT type? Time to get into that now.

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How To Change the NAT Type on PS5?

Changing the NAT type on your PlayStation 5 is quite simple. You can easily change it by following a simple tutorial which we have provided here. Just follow the steps below accurately and you should be fine.

  • First of all, turn off the PS5 console by pressing the power button present on the front of the console.
  • When the console has been switched off properly, unplug the power cable and let the console be in this position for about a minute.
  • Now you need to turn off the router and unplug the power for half a minute.
  • Plugin the router and turn it on. Do the same thing for your PlayStation 5.
  • When you are on the home screen of your PS5, select the settings option and traverse to Network > View Connection Status.

change nat type on ps5


Note: If this method causing you an error then you can change nat type through your router.

Getting error while changing nat type follow this guide on nat type failed error.

Which NAT Type to choose on your PS5?

This mainly depends on what you need from your connection. If you value speed over everything then, we recommend you to get the NAT Type 2 connection.

But if your router doesn’t support this or, if you still have connection issues, you can switch to NAT type 1. The Type 1 connection is by far the fastest one in the PS5 but you might not get a fully stable connection in it.

The added level of security in the Type 2 connection is always safe. In terms of Type 3, it is more focused on security than speed. So, if you already have a good internet connection (say more than 100 Mbps), you can use this NAT config and won’t be frustrated. Do not use the Type 3 config with low-speed internet though.


NAT type is an important factor when it comes to getting the best out of your PS5 system. All of the games these days require a huge amount of data download and you cannot game with an unstable connection.

There are many ways to get a bit better speed on a PS5 and NAT type is one such way to do it.  You can select the appropriate NAT type from the three settings and then use them to speed up your downloads and multiplayer sessions.