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How to change DNS on PS5?

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The PlayStation 5 is out now and a lot of people are downloading games and playing them these days. With a lot of multiplayer games in the market and a very large section of games needing large download data, it is very crucial to have a proper internet connection.

There are ways to boost internet speed though and with the correct technical knowledge, you can do it in no time.

Today, we will be providing you a comprehensive guide on changing the DNS on a PlayStation console and also provide information on this topic. So, without wasting any time,  let us get started.

What is DNS?

DNS stands for domain name system and it a system that gives you all the domains with the personal IP address. The system of domain names will have a unique IP address when you type in a domain name URL on the browser. A DNS server does this job and our goal here is to change the DNS server.

Different DNS servers can have different effects on the overall speed of the internet. Today we are going to see the ways that you can use DNS servers in a PS5. But first, let us dissect the importance of it.

Why is a DNS server important?

DNS server is very important if you want to get a stable and reliable internet connection. A DNS server largely reduces the traffic and gets the best possible connection. Most DNS services are also pretty safe and they give you unrivaled access to a lot of blocked content. All of these features are explained below:


Some of the free public DNS is actually more secure and better than the DNS server provided your ISP. This public DNS can help you from getting hacked and spammed. They can also filter out phishing links so, you can use DNS servers without any problem.


A public DNS will provide you more download speed on your console. This is because a Private DNS  will not find the best channels which are also the nearest. A public DNS will get you the best bandwidth possible. You can expect around a 10% increase in your internet speed.

Unblock Sites

Not every website is accessible from your internet connections. ISP often blocks some sites and they cannot be accessed without an external DNS server. But if you want to unblock the blocked sites you can definitely change to a Public DNS. We recommend DNS services such as Google DNS for better performance.

How to change DNS on PS5?

Before you change the DNS on a PS5, the first thing that you must do is select the best DNS provider and if it doesn’t work, you can always choose another one.

A wrong DNS server could actually increase the ping and decrease the overall performance. Always ensure the DNS you are using is an official one and it supports the PlayStation console. You can follow the steps given below to change the DNS for a PS5 console:

  • Turn ON your PS5 and go to the homepage, click on the settings tab, and go to the network settings.

ps5 settings


  • Inside the Network tab, go to the Set Up Internet Connection tab. You will see two options here: Use Wi-Fi and Use a LAN cable. Select the appropriate one depending on the type of connection you use.
  • You will now get two options to set up the connection, select the setup manually one.

setup manually

  • When you are inside the settings, set the IP address to automatic and DHCP Hostname to Do not Specify.
  • At the end of the DNS settings option, choose the manual one and it will prompt you to enter the DNS manually.
  • You can now change the DNS by entering the appropriate DNS. Just enter the Primary and Secondary DNS by clicking on the respective tabs.

select ps5 dns

  • After you have done this, go to the MUT settings and set it to Automatic.
  • Keep the proxy server to Do Not Use and then click on the Test Internet Connection to test the speed.
  • You can now see the Updated Internet Connection speed when you use the console.

Which DNS to use for PS5?

Out of all the DNS services available, the two best DNS services for PS5 are:

  • Cloudflare DNS: This DNS server has a lot of servers worldwide and you can use it to get the best speed on your PS5 console. You also have a free version of this DNS server.
  • Google DNS: This is the most widely-used DNS server. It is a public DNS that is absolutely free. The safety features in this DNS is also very commendable.

Another way to increase speed on ps5 is by changing nat type and here we have a guide on How To Change the NAT Type on PS5?


DNS can be an important feature that you can use on your PS5 console to increase internet speed. With a proper DNS configured, you will have the best experience while downloading games and playing multiplayer games on the system.

You can configure any DNS on a PS5 and use them. There are many paid DNS services as well. These paid services come with more options and better safety features.

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