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Borderlands 3 DLC Characters | Updated

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Borderlands 3 is an action RPG first-person shooter developed by Gearbox. The series comes under 2K games and it is a sequel to the 2012 game Borderlands 2.

Ever since the game released on Xbox One, PS4, and MS Windows, one big question has remained: Will Gearbox add more characters to the game? Well, there are no plans currently of adding any new DLC character. However, the developers haven’t ruled it out yet

During interviews, they have always mentioned that something will come out but it’s 2021 already and there is no information whether the DLC is coming out or not.  They might release another vault hunter though but nothing is sure.

They can definitely add characters in a lot of ways. But they don’t want to release characters as part of the DLC. But there is a Borderlands 3 DLC, right? Well, yeah there are actually 3 DLCs but all of them have story mode extension. New characters aren’t there.

Brotherlands 3 DLC

Why are fans demanding new DLC characters?

The blame here goes to Borderlands as series. Ever since the first Borderlands game, the series had a knack for adding new characters in the expansion slot. The second game had extra characters like Gaige and Kreig. The pre-sequel game gave us Aurelia and Jack.

These characters are very famous in the borderland universe. And people want them back in Borderlands 3. Gearbox, on the other hand, thinks otherwise.

They don’t want to add characters. Borderlands has an incredible replay value when you play the game as different characters but the developers don’t to give that freedom to the players.

Since they are already working on the next game, it would be foolish from their point of view to make this game better. They are putting everything in the next game and this is why Borderlands 3 will not get any DLC characters.

While yes, there are some extra story missions and storylines added to the game with the DLCs but no characters whatsoever.

Why hasn’t Gearbox released DLC with new characters for Borderlands 3?

The only logical reason why gearbox has no plans of releasing DLC characters for Borderlands 3 is that they are already working on making Borderland 4 for the next generation of consoles.

In addition, Gearbox tried making some other genre of games and failed at it so, Borderlands 4 is a huge deal for them. That is the game that needs to succeed.

Because of this reason, we are stuck with some lame DLC with no real new characters for us. Characters in Borderlands do all the heavy lifting for the game and the audience feels attached to them so, that is why a lot of people want new DLC characters but the developers say that they are saving characters for the next game and honestly, this is a big bummer.

Fans want more content and Gearbox wants to sell a new game to a new generation of fans and this has caused major problems between the two parties.

Gearbox even went to the length of making characters like Gaige and Krieg unplayable NPCs in their DLC stories. Fans wanted to play as these characters but they are now NPCs and this caused a huge problem.

What do the developers have to say about it?

Developers think that even though their characters are popular, it won’t translate to the DLC because they have learned their lessons from the previous Borderlands game. In an interview, the creator Sage admitted that the team did consider a DLC pass of characters during development but the move was quickly drawn back and now they would not be going forward with the DLC characters.

Gearbox representatives said that based on their data, they saw that most people wanted to stick with the default character so, they put a lot of effort in making that character stick. They also argued that people wanting to play as more characters is just not feasible as they put all their eggs in one basket with Borderlands 3.


It is quite evident that we are not getting any new characters in Borderlands 3. This is a major bummer for everyone who has been a huge fan of the series since it first came out. While from our perspective, gearbox might be greedy but we also have to see things from their point of view.

Borderlands 3 is a solid 8/10 game in terms of rating, the DLC characters would have only made it better but the developers can’t take that risk. All we can do now is hope that the fourth game has all our characters and is a good enough game quality-wise.

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