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The Best USB Hub For Ps5 In 2021

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You might have upgraded to the latest gaming console from Sony – The PlayStation 5. Cool, but now what? What are some other accessories that you might want? Well, for one you need a USB hub for your PS5. Why? Because the PS5 has only three USB ports in it.

But aren’t three ports enough? Well, yes for gaming needs they are enough. But what if you install a USB cooling fan and want to charge your controllers and phone off of your PS5? In this condition, 3 ports will not get the job done. This is why we have brought you this article.

Whether you are installing driving wheels, cooling fans, or any other type of peripheral that has to be plugged in, USB ports are necessary.

So, you have to get a USB Hub if you are trying to make your console complete. So, What are some of the best USB hubs? Well, we are now going to discuss that. But before that let us see some things that you need to consider before getting a USB hub.

The best USB hub for ps5 is Sabrent USB 3 Hub which is one of the most rated products and has overall good features that other USB hubs lack.

Best USB Hub for PS5

Anker 4Port USB 3 Hub
  • Extended :Yes
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Kokovolta 4Port USB Hub
  • Extended :No
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Best OverallBest Overall
Sabrent USB 3 Hub
  • Extended :Yes
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 1. Anker 4Port USB 3 Hub

Anker 4Port USB 3 Hub

Anker has been making USB hubs for a while now. This USB hub has 4 ports and along with the two ports in the PS5 itself (one used by the hub), you get a total of 6 ports to use which is more than enough for all types of gamers.

This particular device will get the job done for you with ease. One of the best things about it is the inclusion of a USB 3.0 port. This particular port is important as it gives that great transfer speed. Other ports are compatible with all types of peripherals such as Cable, Mouse, or Keyboard.

Anker USB hub is also meant for devices such as MacBook, Mac Pro, Surface Pro, XPS. Mac Mini, iMac, PC, and many other devices. It doesn’t have support for any charging cable though. You need to bring the 2 ft extended cable for it.

Now, let us talk speed. As we know, Speed matters the most. You get impressive speeds with this one. It can reach up to 5 Gbps which is fast enough to transfer even heavy games in just some seconds. The speed is fast enough for transferring HD movies and games as well.

This USB hub is quite compact as well. It can be ported with ease and is compact enough as well. The build quality here is nice as it has a scratch-resistant polycarbonate material. The 4 ports are decently built with great lightweight chassis so, this provides a greater level of quality and the lightweight chassis is something we are a big fan of.

There is also cluttering on the table here. You get a cable of manageable length. The damage-resistant casing is also available here. It can fix all kinds of damage as well. The design, data transfer speeds, and everything else about this USB hub are quite impressive overall.

2. Kokovolta 4Port USB Hub

Kokovolta 4Port USB Hub

The Kokovolta USB hub has a total of 4 ports. It is well known for versatility as well as performance. It has 4 ports in total which, as we mentioned earlier, is a good number.

This supports both PS5 and PS4. In addition, you can use it with a PC or a laptop. It has support for Hard Drives, Controllers, and more devices. The Kokovolta USB port can provide power to your devices as well.

There are other features here too. You can plug in USB flash drives, cameras, mice, keyboards, and all other peripherals which is cool. Kokovolta’s data transfer speed is something that we are all fans of. It can transfer large files with ease. It has a classic combo of high-speed USB ports.

There is also a USB 3.0 port that makes everything quite easier. Apart from these ports, it also has a USB adapter that gets your phone charged from Zero to 100% in less than just two hours which is quite impressive.

This also only consumes a single port of your console and gets the other ports free that you can later use. It has a triangle-shaped body with some RGB accent that makes the hub look quite decent overall. In addition to this, you can also attach this to any surface using a sticky bottom. It helps to prevent cable cluttering. The cable here is long enough.

This USB hub is designed smartly, it is practical, the design is impressive and the transferring speeds are quite impressive as well. Overall, the Kokovolta is a great device for your PlayStation 5.

3. Sabrent USB 3 Hub

Sabrent USB 3 Hub

The next device on our lineup is the Sabrent which is a tech brand that helps people realize the power of technology with the help of accessories. This power is quite visible in this USB 3.0 hub. Sabrent is a company that can support things like chargers, cables, and many more items.

This device is a true tech-oriented device. It is equipped with some great features that also has incredible performance. It is compact, sturdy, and has some real power inside it.

The USB 3.0 ports can reach the data transfer speed of 5 Gbps. It is a perk and you can see this in all of our top picks as well. This Hub is great in terms of practicality. You get precise controls here.

It is lso backward compatible with both USB 2.0 and even the first USB standard. This makes it great if you have legacy devices like older keyboards and mice. In terms of compatibility, this one supports devices like PC, iMac, Laptops, MacBook,  Mac mini, and more.

You can charge your device and use this for transferring data quickly. You also don’t need to install anything to make this work. It is plug and plays so, it can get quite easy. In terms of price, this one is quite affordable on your

Well! The Sabrent USB hub is meant to be used for data transferring only -but the heavy one, don’t worry! It has no link to charging the devices, so make sure you’re not doing so.

No installation is required; you just have to plug and play and get the things underway. That’s all about this heavy device that’s even easy-going with your wallet too.

PS5 USB Hub: Buying Guide

Here are the things to consider before getting a USB hub:

Data Transfer Rate

There are mainly three types of USB ports – USB 2.0, 2.1, and 3.0. Out of this USB, 3.0 is the fastest. It has an efficient data transfer rate and it gets transferred, charging, and other things quite quickly. And we know it’s all about speed in sony’s latest console so, you gotta get a USB Hub that supports the USB 3.0 standard.

If you are using an External Hard Disk with your PS5, you need to have USB 2.0 and USB 2.1 ports as well. This is because an HDD might not support USB 3.0. The latest hard disks do support it though. So, depending on what kind of devices you have, you need to make the purchase decision.

Even in USB 3.0, you have the slightly better USB 3.1 Standard but only a few USB Hubs have this. If you can find one, go with it!


In terms of Compatibility, the PS5 has 4 ports in total – 3 USB ports and one Type C port. There are two USB Type-A ports at the back of the console that you can use. They are quite fast ports with 10 Gbps of data transfer speed. But are the ports compatible with all USB Hubs? Yes, if your USB hub can be connected via Type C or Type A USB cables, you can use it in your PS5.

Where you plug in the hub is totally up to you. Most people prefer to install the hub in the front as this will give them access to it faster. There are a handful of people putting the hub at the back of the console.


The next thing is of course the design of the USB Hub. If you end up choosing a hub that doesn’t go with the color scheme of the PS5, your setup could look a bit meh. To avoid it, you need to match colors. It’s just like your clothes! Also, since the PS5 has that futuristic vibe going on, you can also get a HUB with this vibe and match the aesthetics of the USB hub.

Number of Ports

The most important thing you need to keep in mind is the number of ports that you need in your PS5 console. This console comes with built-in six ports. There are three USB Type-A, one Type-C and one Ethernet. It also has one 802.11ax Wi-Fi port. The number of ports you need mainly depends on your use case.

If you are going to plug in an external hub in your console, do keep in mind that you will definitely consume one port out of the available ones. You might get some 5 to 10 ports in a USB Hub. You can use them for various purposes.

For a standard gamer and even for pro gamers, 10 ports are more than enough. You don’t need extra ports for anything.


The biggest factor that determines your purchasing decision is the price to quality ratio. This also depends on your budget more than anything. Just get a model that is priced appropriately and you are good to go!

Now let us take a look at three of the best USB Hubs that you can get for your PlayStation console.


The USB hubs that we have mentioned in this article are all great. They have their own set of features and they are nice enough for all kinds of usage. These USB hubs can be used by any PS5 user and you can also use them on some other devices. So, if you are in the market for a USB hub, give this consideration!

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