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The Best Thumb grips for PS5 in 2021

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If you have managed to get your hands on a PS5, you are probably thinking about getting some new accessories for your console and controllers. The accessories market is now flooded with so many great items like skins, thumb grips, extra buttons, and more.

Today, we are going to be discussing thumb grips for ps5. If you are new to console gaming, a thumb grip might sound a bit overkill but trust us, you will need it at some point in your gaming career.

Having said that, let us take a look at some of the best thumb grips you can buy right now. But first, why would you want a thumb grip?

Why would you want custom Thumb Grips?

Not everyone has the same size of hands. Some of us do have very large hands. If you also have large hands, keeping your thumbs on the analog sticks all the time can be quite comfortable.

The Dualsense analog sticks in the PS5 are placed quite on a low height so, this can create problems. So, how do you fix it? Well, you can simply use taller thumb grips. When you make use of a replacement grip that is longer in size, it makes it more comfortable to use.

In FPS games, a longer stick will make the deadline feel a bit smaller. This means better precision while sniping. Cool, right? Also, these thumb grips will also provide you with better controls in general. You will have a longer lever at your disposal.

There is another reason why an extra pair of thumb grips might be needed. The quality of the stock thumb grip is not that great. It will wear out after a year or two so, putting a plastic thumb grip makes your controller better and you can easily enjoy the controller for a longer time. This is a major deal. So, we do recommend you use a thumb grip with your PS5 controller.

What are the best Thumb Grips for the PS5 dual sense controllers?

Well, there are three main companies that make good quality thumb grips and these are the two companies that we will be reviewing. These two thumb grip companies are KontrokFreek and Fosmon. These are branded ones and they are geared towards gamers in mind.

But you also get cheaper Chinese options on Amazon. We don’t recommend those ones. They are quite bad in terms of quality and are not worth it.

Anyway, let us now take a look at some of the best Thumb grips for ps5 from the two companies we mentioned!

Best Thumb grips for PS5

Best Performance GripsBest Performance Grips
KontrolFreek FPS Freek
  • Size: Medium
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Overall BestOverall Best
KontrolFreek Omni
  • Size: All
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Best BudgetBest Budget
Fosmon High Rise Thumb Grips
  • Size: Medium
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1. KontrolFreek FPS Freek

KontrolFreek FPS Freek

The KontrolFreek FPS Freek, as the name suggests, is a set of thumb grips that is mainly focused on first-person shooters. While you can use it with games of other genres, it is mainly meant for shooters. This kit has two thumb grip sets with different heights.

The shorter one is 6.5mm, which is the medium-sized thumb grip. The longer one is 10 mm in height. This is one of the longest available in the market. Why is it this tall though? Well, the main logic behind it is that you use a taller one on the right side and a shorter one on the left. This will result in better movement and better aim accuracy, If you use the flip controls then just simply flip the direction of the thumb grips.

The FPS Freek grips have many features as well. First and foremost, they are made with rubber material. It is quite grippy because of that reason. There are textures in the grips as well. These textures are quite ergonomic and they help you provide impressive overall comfort. The texture also makes sure that your thumbs don’t slip. In addition, you get a white pair of grips that look quite good.

The FPS Freek grips are solely meant for PS5. It will not fit on an Xbox controller. This is mainly because this grip will clip properly on the PS5’s dual sense controller. It also works well with older PlayStation controllers. So, you can use it with Dualshock 3 and 4. The downside of this grip is that they have a loose fit. They can pop off at any given second and this might be problematic for many.

2. KontrolFreek Omni

KontrolFreek Omni for ps5 thumpgrips

The KontrolFreek Omni is year another thumb grip from KontrolFreek. This one is a concave grip with relatively-less height. It comes in at only about 4 mm of thickness. You don’t even notice the thickness of it. But you do get a more sturdy grip with this. It has every feature to make sure your thumbs are protected.

For instance, you get a texture to avoid any slippage of thumbs. The material is similar to the FPS Freek so, comfort is not an issue. The grips are wider so, if you have bulky thumbs, this one will be the right fit for you. This is mainly because the area of the top of the thumb grip is pretty large (almost double). You have a lot of areas to play with here. But if you want a non-traditional grip, you will appreciate the larger surface area of this controller. The controls in here are improved as well. You get the best experience across all genres of games.

The design and the build quality of the grips are nice as well. They are easy to attach and remove. They can be snapped on and off in a simple manner. Overall, the Omni thumb grips are well worth the price.

3. Fosmon High Rise Thumb Grips and Trigger Extenders

Fosmon High Rise Thumb Grips for ps5

Fosmon is a manufacturer that is quite famous in the Accessories market for the PS5, They do a lot of products. This company even makes outdoor wireless remote outlets. Yes, this is the same company that is manufacturing controller grips!

So, is it that good? Actually, yes. Fosmon has done a terrific job with this thumb grip. It also has trigger extenders included here. The complete kit has 4 trigger extenders and 4 grips (two different pairs with different sizes). They are also universal grips. You can use them with any controller (Xbox, PC, and more). The triggers are meant for the PS5 dual sense controllers only though.

Let’s talk about the grips first. These thumb grips are made with a rubber-like material. This soft material is quite comfortable. It is the perfect choice if you are gaming for an extended period of time. But since it is soft, the grip can wear out soon. So, durability is not really an option here. Also, attaching them can be a bit difficult. But they are a loose fit so after you have attached them, they stay put. The grips are tall as well (you get two different-sized grips, one is taller).

The extenders, on the other hand, are made out of hard plastic. They have the same material as the triggers in a dual sense. So, what makes them worth it? Comfort. These triggers are meant for people with larger hands so, they can provide more comfort in such situations. The logic is simple. With a more relaxed grip on the trigger, gaming experience and performance is better.  The extenders are a bit more loose fit though (which is totally fine).

They attach with an adhesive so, this can be quite tricky to install. You first need to clean the trigger before attaching them. You also need to be extra careful as once you have installed them, adjusting them later is close to impossible. Anyway, it’s not rocket science. You will figure it out!


It is pretty straightforward. The best thumb grips are the ones we have mentioned above. Each one has its own pros and cons. There are also off-brand grips that you can get for super cheap on eBay and Amazon. If you are really tight on budget, get those but if you want proper experience and durability, the grips above will do the job for you. Let us give you a short reason to buy each of these thumb grips.

The Kontrol Freek FPS are the grips that are perfect for FPS players.

So, if you play Call of Duty, Destiny, Battlefield, or Doom, close your eyes and get this! The only downside of these grips is that they can pop off soon. But this is not really that big of a deal. The overall texture and comfort levels are nice here.

If you are a casual gamer that wants a pair of grips that are easy to install and use, the KontrolFreek Omni is a perfect choice for you. These grips are also super comfortable and sturdy. They can be used to play almost all kinds of games which is the main feature of it. So, for a casual gamer, this is the best deal.
If you own both an Xbox and a PS5, just get the Fosmon High Rise Thumb grips and Trigger Extenders. These grips are supported by both platforms and provide versatility. You can use the trigger extenders here if you are having trouble with using the trigger on your PS5 controller.

So, yeah get the one that suits your playstyle and use case the most. All of the three grips are great in their own ways!

Also if you are planning for Fps games You can try using a keyboard and mouse that are compatible with ps5.

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