Best Steering Wheel for PS5 in 2022

Best Steering Wheel for PS5 in 2022

The PS5 is now starting to become readily available in the market. There are also many devices and peripherals available for the console now and this includes devices such as controllers, storage devices, steering wheels, and more. You have a lot of options to enhance the gaming experience.

Sony came with the latest decision that the current-gen racing wheels will support the PS5. The market, as a result, is now flooded with PS5 compatible wheels and many people want to get one. But which one is a perfect choice?

Well, that’s where we come in. We have put together this list of Wheels and all of these are on sale on Amazon.

The brands that we have mentioned here are the best steering wheels for PS5 and is great for racing enthusiasts all over the world. We recommend you pick one of these wheels so, you can enjoy it. Let us get started now!

Best Steering Wheel for PS5

  • Thrustmaster T300 RS GT
  • Fanatec’s CSL Elite Wheel Base
  • Logitech G29
  • HORI Racing Wheel Apex

1. Thrustmaster T300 RS GT

If you are searching for one of the best steering wheels for PS5 and can’t seem to know what to go for, the Thrustmaster T300 could be the one that suits you.

The T300 is one of Thrustmaster’s premium models. It is also quite feature-packed. The wheel is an excellent choice as the steering wheel is best for the upcoming generation of consoles.

What really stands out with the T300 is the name also. The Terminator-inspired name is quite great. It has an incredible force feedback motor and the push and pull force is also powered by a brushless motor present inside the wheel.

You can also feel the working of your car with this steering wheel. Another great part about it is the compatibility. This wheel is even compatible with the PS3. In addition, it also supports PS4, PC, and PS5 as well.

The quality of the wheel is outstanding here. There is proper weight to it so, it becomes quite easy to handle and use. The wheel is also quite modular. This means that you are able to replace any of the peripherals in it with ease. They even have a Ferrari branded wheel.

2. Fanatec’s CSL Elite Wheel Base

Fanatec’s steering wheel can be used on any kind of platform. The CSL Elite Racing Wheel is a solid choice for all kinds of systems. They offer quite a great experience if you are on PS5. They are also quite readily available on PC.

The CSL Elite has a design that has support for interchangeable wheels. This means that the wheel can support both Xbox and PS consoles. You can use the wheels with all versions of both consoles. While the PlayStation support is built in the base, it also supports the Xbox controller.

You get an authentic driving experience with the CSL Elite Racing Wheel. It has a Porsche-like design and the experience is best as well. A brushless force feedback motor can create a torque of 6Nm.

As there is a wide 12.59-inch Steering Wheel, you will also be able to fight back against the torque while maintaining a very sturdy grip. The steering wheel’s grade is quite the best as well. It can ensure a solid grip when you use the wheel.

Apart from the number of buttons there on the steering wheel, it also has a telemetry display on the wheel. They can also switch gears when they want and perform different switches even when the wheel is covering the base.

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3. Logitech G29

The Logitech G29 has great build quality. While it does not have a clutch and driving enthusiasts will find themselves kind of cheated because of it, the unit does come with other parts.

It has all other kinds of items such as Accelerator, Brake Pedals, and more. They are quite responsive as well. Compared to the Logitech 29, this item is designed well and has compatibility with the PS5

The first thing that you are going to see here is its powerful force feedback function. The force here is quite great and the feedback comes from the servo that is clamped to the wheel. This lets you get moving pretty fast.

The wheel quality is great too. It has a smooth finish which is actually nice to touch. It is something that can be used for hours without chafing the skin of your hand.

The buttons aren’t placed far apart too. They are easily accessible with just the thumbs. As we mentioned, there is no stick shift here. The flappy paddles are just placed inside the wheel.

The pedal is something to note as well. They are non-resistant pedals with the superb build quality. The overall quality is very sturdy as well.

The Logitech also has a clutch pedal attached which is a nice touch for people who want more control over how they are able to drive. The only gripe is that the pedals are quite small. It is not for people with large feet.

4. HORI Racing Wheel Apex

Looking for a rather inexpensive steering wheel for the PS5? This is the perfect option for you. This steering wheel is great for racing simulators.

The HORI Racing Wheel is an entry-level choice. It boasts quite an affordable gaming solution that can get the job done. The HORI Racing Wheel Apex is the representative in the racing simulator field.

The wheel is intended for an entry-level option for people who want to try their hands on the racing simulation genre without having to shell much cash but still end up with a very enjoyable experience.

As this device is available for quite cheap, there are some areas where HORI has a kind of compromise. This is, as you guessed, done to keep the price of the wheel down. The wheel is super lightweight though. It could feel a bit arcady because of that.

However, it is resilient in terms of build and doesn’t really feel that flimsy. The controls are nice as well. The HORI Racing Wheel can be used to control all kinds of vehicles in a simulation. One letdown is the lack of force feedback here. This means that the device lacks the most exciting aspect of a racing simulator.

The HORI Racing Wheel covers both the performance and immersion aspects of things. It is a great option for people who are new to racing simulators and want a device to get them by.

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How to buy a PS5 Steering Wheel? Buyer’s Guide

There are some things that you need to be wary about before buying a steering wheel. These are the things that we recommend you understand first:

Amount of Rotation

Steering Wheel controllers for the PS5 console all have to rotate. As a result, they have a varying degrees of rotation.

This also gets you turning the wheel before it even sticks. The required rotation is around 900 degrees and this ability means that you will have to turn the wheel more than what it requires.

It will also make it great for all kinds of racing games for the PS5. So, always go for 900 degrees of rotation. This is the absolute minimum for being immersive.

2. Force feedback and Vibration 

Force Feedback is kind of like haptic feedback. If you know, your PS5 controller has these feedback mechanism that makes it vibrate in certain motions when certain actions trigger it.

With this vibration, it can simulate the feeling of driving an actual car in real life. The force feedback will also give sensations of steering a car on the road in many different conditions. If you don’t have force feedback, the immersion will not be the same.

Another thing to note is that these features are available only on expensive steering wheels. Because of this reason, we don’t recommend you buy the cheaper ones as they will not have them. The vibration is only subtle in these cheap models.

3. Build Quality

It is very important to get a steering wheel with the proper build. There are steering wheels that are leather-covered, fabric-covered and there are rubber ones as well.

You also have plastic steering wheels. If you want to immerse yourself, you need to pick up the material that you will be using to drive in actual life. This can definitely help you get immersed properly.

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4. Design

Another important part of the puzzle is the design of the steering wheel for the PS5. There are steering wheels that look like regular ones.

The shifter is present on the side. There are also wheels that kind of look like supercars. Some of the shifters also have flappy paddles.

As we know there are many kinds of steering wheel designs. Some of them may look like F1 steering wheels and some of them are just like Gran Turismo 7.

They do make you feel immersed in high speeds. What you need are a racing helmet and some gaming chair and that is about it.

5. Price

The price of the steering wheel you pick up is another great factor. If you require the best steering wheel, you will have to pay a very high price.

The fanatic line of the steering wheels is quite pricey and they are also the best in their class. Some of them are quite expensive as well. Just select the one that will come within your budget and you can set it for yourself.

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All of the PS5 steering wheels that we have covered here are of great quality. These devices can be used by any type of gamer and they all work quite nicely.

We do recommend them to our readers. Do get these steering wheels on Amazon as they can be available on different sales there.

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