The Best External Hard Drives for PS5

The Best External Hard Drives for PS5

PS5 has quickly turned out to be a very quick sell. The console has sold a lot of copies despite the worldwide shortage of semiconductors in the world.

For those who have got their hands on the console, they are trying to get a proper hard drive installed on it.

This is because game sizes have skyrocketed in the last generation of consoles and the SSD that’s installed in the PS5 doesn’t have much space. I mean, what is an 825 GB of SSD going to do for you?

But what is the Best external hard drives for ps5? Well, in this article we have a complete list of some of the best hard drives that you can get for your system. So, let us get started!

Best External Hard Drives for PS5

  1. Seagate Firecuda Gaming SSD 1TB
  2. Samsung T7
  3. Crucial X8
  4. WD_BLACK 1TB P50 Game Drive
  5. Crucial X6
  6. Seagate Expansion 4TB HDD

1. Seagate Firecuda Gaming SSD 1TB

The Seagate Firecuda is an SSD hard drive that is priced a bit higher than some of the other drives on this list. The worth of this SSD really boils down to whether you want to get it or not. It is a drive built for gamers who want their stuff to really stand out.

It features a sleek design and also RGB lighting which is quite good. The lighting works with the Razer Chrome RGB.

The external drive feels very premium even at the first sight. This has no cost though since the external drive has no protection.

The drive provides amazing speed up to 2000 MB/s. This means transferring the games back and forth from and to the PS5 will be easy. The FireCuda is meant for gamers and the PS4 games are also supported off of it. It won’t be overkill too.

This particular SSD is really great for all kinds of laptops and computers in addition to the PS Consoles.

One advantage of this SSD is that it has a customizable RGB LED Light Strip that can sync with a gaming dock that’s available with it. The SSD has a very compact weight and it also has an industrial design that properly complements the premium gaming that can be done with it. It also has a strong aluminum casing that can cool the HDD down and is also great for heat dissipation.

The SSD is powered by a USB so, you don’t need an external power supply for it. The price of this external drive is quite high but it makes up for that lack of affordability with its incredible overall set of features.


  • The transfer speeds are ultra fast
  • Cool RGB Lighting for gaming aesthetic


  • Quite Expensive drive
  • Super vulnerable to damage

2. Samsung T7

Samsung has been making hardware for a long time. The company has also made many types of external drives and this is one of them.

The T7 External drive for the PS5 offers quite a lot.  It offers multiple features too. There is a slim case for this SSD which is a perfect fit for PS5 users. The design is low-key but effective.

The transfer speed here is 1050 MB/s which is still fast but not as fast as the Seagate Firecuda.

This transfer speed can still transfer a 50 GB game in around 1 to 2 minutes which is not bad. You can also play the PS4 games straight off of the hard drive. The SSD is quite lightweight too and it can store PS5 games without a problem.

The overall build quality of this SSD is quite good. It is strong as well as secure. It also comes with a shock-resistant build that can stand drops from all kinds of heights.

There is an Advanced heat control system here that can protect the SSD from overheating. The protection is applied by automatically slowing down the transfer speed when required. 

The data transfer speed here depends on many things here and usually, if you have a USB 3.0 Port or above, the SSD can reach its optimal speed.

Samsung has also recommended the users USB Type C cable for data transfer. This type of cable is more resistant to performance degradation. 


  • The Transfer speeds are fast enough
  • The design is quite slim


  • The drive is slow in comparison to other
  • The build quality is not strong

3. Crucial X8

Crucial X8 is an external drive that has a solid combination of strong build quality and good speed. It is also available at an affordable price.

This NVMe external storage for the PS5 can dish out a speed of around 1 GB/s without any problem. So, you can experience quite a good transfer speed and loading times with it.

The Crucial X8 works well with Windows, Mac, iPad Pro, and all other kinds of environments. You just need a USB-C-enabled connector. The design of the drive is quite beautiful and it features anodized aluminum.

There is also a drop-proof of around 7.5 feet here. The SSD is resistant to vibrations and shock as well.

The main quality of the X8 is that it has a solid build quality. The drive is also temperature proof and vibration as well as shockproof. The design is solid too. The X8 is designed to survive even the drops of 7 feet. This is not bad at all.

The drive is quite thick around the middle part. This is a cool enough compromise though for the quality you are getting with it. 

The Crucial X8 won’t put a hole in your pocket too. It’s a great purchase if you are looking for something affordable.


  • The tansfer speeds on this thing is impressive
  • The build quality is sturdy
  • The pricing of the unit is decent


  • Can be a bit slower as comapred to others
  • It has a super thick design.

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4. WD_BLACK 1TB P50 Game Drive

The WD Black P50 has a size of 1 TB which is standard when it comes to external storage. The game drive fits all the system requirements as well.

This NVMe SSD is encapsulated in a solid metal outer body. This design is there for safely keeping the drive as well as catering to gamers. The metal body provides it with a rugged gaming look.

Transfer speeds of the drive is also a great thing about it. This is a boon to PS5 gamers.

With a transfer speed that can go up to 2000 MB/s, the game transfers from the PS5 can be done in no time. The PS5 games will also load at a much faster rate.

The price is a bit high for this drive but you can get one in the 500 GB space for a bit cheaper. If it is the speed that you want, you can’t go wrong with this drive.

You can also buy another model of the drive which has a size of 4 TB. This drive size can be used to keep a backup of games that you might not play for a while.

Another cool feature of this drive is that it is shock-resistant. The hard outer shell provides incredible durability.

You can connect this SSD with both your PC as well as Console. The SSD is built for gamers and the value proposition of the drive is unskippable! 


  • Comes with a super fast transfer speed
  • Available in two variants: 500 GB and 1 TB
  • Attractive and Rugged design


  • Super Expensive

5. Crucial X6

The Crucial X6 is one of the most affordable SSDs present on this list. The price is down because there are some cutbacks that you will have to make to get this device at the right price.

The X6 also has a tiny lightweight design that can make this drive weigh less than even some car keys.

Transfer speeds are not that fast as they will max out at just 540 MB/s. This might seem lower as compared to some of the options mentioned above.

Do keep in mind that this external drive for the PS5 is also a bit cheap as compared to the other offerings. It is available for less than 100 dollars.

And 540 MB/s on an HDD is not actually bad. That is still around 3 times faster than most hard drives.

The HDD can enable you to connect your Crucial X6 drive to any PC, Console, and More.

There is a USB-C port here for added speed and reliability too. It provides you with a perfect connection. 


  • The design is quite nice
  • Affordable option
  • Great for playing PS4 games


  • Transfer speed takes a hit because of the low cost
  • The cable can be a bit short for many

6. Seagate Expansion 4TB HDD

This external hard drive from Seagate has a solid memory of 4 TB. It can store 50-100 PS4/PS5 games which is a lot.

The drive is quite chunky though and it also features its own separate power adapter!

As you might have guessed, the speed on this thing is frustrating, to say the least. It can transfer games at 160 MB/s on the high end. The average speeds are much slower.

This HDD is multi-platform. It is designed to work with the Windows Computer easily. Simply plug and play it to any laptop/PC and it will work.

This unit does require external power though. You get an 18W adapter with it that you need to the plugin. The drive is also shipped with a USB 3.0 Cable. 

You are sacrificing this speed for the additional space. We don’t recommend this drive for playing games off of it as the loading speeds will be bad.

But you can definitely use this to store all your favorite games. This hard drive is a good option for people who are just looking to store their games more than anything.


  • The storage space is quite massive here
  • The transfer speed on this hard drive is decent enough
  • It is perfect for long term use


  • The hard drive is not as fast as SSDs
  • The design is a bit heavy

What to know before installing a Hard drive on a PS5?

There are a few things that you should know. The first thing is that you cannot use external hard drives and even external SSDs to play PS5 games off it. This is because PS5 games make use of Sony’s native SSD’s speed which is inside the machine!

But you are able to store your PS5 games on the external hard drive. Also, the PS4 games stored on the external storage will definitely work without a problem. You can play any PS4 game off of an external device.

For PS5, just transfer the game between the system and the hard drive when you want to play one. While it might be a bit of a hassle, it is still miles better than having to download the game again and it is more efficient than that as well!

PS5 External Storage Requirements

There are some requirements for a Hard drive to work with a PS5. It’s not like every single external hard drive will work when you insert it.

There are set standards and rules that Sony has published. Your Hard drive should meet these standards. They are given below:

  • The hard drive should have a minimum capacity of 250 GB. The maximum capacity is 8 TB.
  • Not all devices work with the PS5 console. There are some hard drive that are not supported.
  • A USB Hub connection to the hard drive won’t work. You need direct USB connection.
  • You can’t use two or more USB storage devices to a PlayStation console at the same time. However, you can connect multiple drives to the console.

So, how do you find a hard drive that meets these requirements? Well, follow our guide. We have only given the list of devices that are supported.

But before that, let us first take a look at some of the things to consider before getting a shiny new External Hard Drive for the PS5.

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Buying Guide for an External Hard Drive for the PS5

There are a few important things to really consider! Here is a list of things that we feel are important to consider before getting an external hard drive:

Type of Drive

There are two types of external drives that you can connect to the PS5: An SSD or an HDD.

SSDs are Solid State Drives with no moving parts that can transfer data quickly but are super expensive. HDD is a bit old and they all have moving parts but they are available for cheap.

The transfer speed on an HDD is obviously slower than an SSD. So, what should you get? Depends on the budget! But if you can find an SSD with similar specs to an HDD for about the same price, we don’t see a reason not to get eh SSD.


We know that PS5 external drives are available in a wide array of shapes as well as sizes. Normally, SSDs are compact and sleek while HDD will feel like a brick in comparison! But there are some sleek HDDs too.

You need to search for them. The design also comes down to preference and budget though. Just weigh in what you need or want to the amount of money you are going to spend on it.


Hard drives can be a pretty big investment. Especially if you are buying one with more storage capacity. The drive can be used in a plug-and-play manner. When you travel with a hard drive, you can have some problems too like you can drop it or even break it. So, get a hard drive with durable quality and superb quality.


The ps5 external hard drives that we have mentioned above are all of the good quality. These external hard drives are carefully selected to cater to the gaming audience.

Sony’s PS4 and PS5 are probably the two best consoles right now to play games on. Game Sizes are quite huge in today’s world so, you’d definitely need an external drive to store all your games in.

You can also play the PS5 games off the hard drive if you own the game (if it is in your library). Anyway, do consider getting the drives that we have mentioned in this article as all of them are quite great at doing their jobs!

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