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Best Working Ps4 Emulator For Pc 2021

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With the PS5 out, PS4 has suddenly become a ‘last gen’ console and the talk of emulating the hardware has become a subject that most tech enthusiasts are now very keen on. There has been some progress in emulating the console and a few emulators have even surfaced.

It has still a long way to go through. Even the PS3 is not fully emulated. While yes, you can play around 80% of PS3 games on an emulator on PC but there are still some games that don’t really work. In terms of PS4 though, the emulation is still in its infant phase.

Today, we are going to see three top working emulators for the console. But before that, we must know about the topic of emulation.

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What is Emulation? What is a PS4 Emulator?

Emulation is the process of running software native to one hardware in another. It is used for preserving software and making them run on a different machine entirely. The PS4 emulator is software that will imitate Sony’s hardware and you will be able to run the PS4 games on other devices such as PCs and Macs.

The PS4 is still a very advanced console in the market. It has a huge number of users right now. More than any console in the world. It is also a really demanding console with a premium price tag and quality hardware.

And because of this reason, not a lot of money in small countries is able to get a PS4. This makes emulation a necessity so, there has been major initiation in the PS4 emulation market.  Today, we have compiled a list of some of the best PS4 emulators that you can get.

Which is the Best PS4 Emulator for PC?

There are many emulators in the market but not all of them work. Some emulators straight up don’t even boot. While others will not play most games. There are also a few emulators that are really bad overall. So, getting the right emulator is really a hard thing to do.

Anyways, we have you covered. So, here’s the list of some of the best emulators for PC.

#1 PS4Emus


PS4Emus is one of the top-quality PS4 emulators right now. It was initially released in 2013, the year of PS4’s release. It went through modification, upgrades, and optimization for more than 5 years, and right now, it is considered to be one of the best emulators in the market.

Some of the features of the PS4Emus emulator are:

  • The emulator is made to support all kinds of platforms such as Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.
  • It has an online server from where you can download PlayStation games and play them offline.
  • It also includes inbuilt support for many things such as video upscaling and audio enhancements.
  • The emulator offers a really good fps.
  • The graphics can also be downgraded/upgraded in the emulator.
  • It hosts an online server that can also provide the streaming facility.
  • The emulator is open source so, you are free to use it.


  • Available for multiple platforms.
  • Plays a ton of games.
  • Installation is easy
  • There is a user-friendly interface.


  • You cannot establish a connection with the PSN.

#2 PCSX4

PCSX4 ps4 emulator for pc

PCSX4 is the most recently developed PS4 emulator and it is a semi-open source emulator that works on both Windows and Mac devices.

This emulator has the following features and technologies.

  • It can use all three API renderers, which means OpenGL, Vulkan, and DirectX 12, all of which are supported.
  • There are special functions if you have a high-end computer.
  • The emulator is meant for 64 bit systems. For windows, you need to install software packages such as .net framework 3.5, VC++2015, and DirectX 11.1
  • Your windows should have platform update KB2670838-x64, to run the PCSX4 emulator.
  • You also need at least a quad-core processor and an SSE-4.2 GPU.
  • The emulator has a design that ties your game into the PCSX4 account.
  • The emulator supports 60 fps mode for all games. If you are running a high-end computer, you can get this performance.
  • You need a very well configured Windows Computer for the emulator to run.


  • The emulator is very easy to use.
  • It is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices.
  • It restricts pirated PS4 games.


  • Doesn’t have the support for 32 bit Windows.
  • Errors are frequent while installing the emulator.

#3 Orbital PS4

The Orbital PS4 emulator is developed by a guy named Alexander who is a well-known developer in the emulation field. This emulator is made to work with Linux and Windows.

These are some of its features:

  • It is a low-level emulator that can actually run a virtual PS4 Operating System on your Linux and Windows machine.
  • It doesn’t emulate the CPU.
  • This emulator works with only high-powered computer systems with a minimum  RAM requirement of 16 GB and a CPU that closely mimics the native PS4 CPU.
  • The emulator is an open-source project which is free to use. Numerous Contributors are there for the emulator.
  • Orbital is still in development though and right now, it cannot emulate any commercial games. It also has no binary files.
  • The users also need to build the BIOS, GRUB, and QEMU by themselves. So, it can be a bit hard to gets started with.
  • You also need to decrypt and dump the entire PS4 filesystem in addition to the kernel which is quite frustrating to do.


  • Support for both Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Open Source free software.


  • The Development hasn’t completed yet.
  • Cannot be used for emulating commercial PS4 titles

Is the Ps4 emulator available For Linux?

The Ps4 emulator ps4emu is not available for Linux. There are many reasons why this might be the case, and they all depend on what you want to do with the emulator. If you’re looking to emulate PS4 games on a computer running Windows then it won’t matter if the emulator is available for Linux or not.

The same goes for Macs and Android devices. However, if you would like to use your PS4 controller wirelessly on a Linux gaming device such as Steam Link or Nvidia Shield TV then an emulation program that supports Linux will be required in order to get your controller working properly.


We all know that PS4 is one of the most advanced gaming consoles that run on the 32/64 bit architecture. This makes it quite difficult to emulate.

And because of this reason, not many PS4 games can actually be run on a PC. Still, developers are at it and they have managed to get things going.

There are many other PS4 emulators too but the three emulators we have mentioned here are probably the top quality. All of them still have a long way to go before they are finally able to emulate the entire PS4 library.

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