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Best MTU For Ps5 : Best Size Setting For Gaming

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It seems like everyone on the internet claims that an alternative MTU value on gaming consoles such as the PS5 is able to improve the overall speed of your internet connection and even reduce lag.

It is a fact that MTU settings are easy to change on any device and the PS5 also has really hassle-free way of doing it but is this claim correct? Well, today we are going to dissect this topic.

MTU values are not consistent. Some of the values can definitely help you improve the overall bandwidth of your PlayStation 5 console. We have tested a lot of values and have found out some of them that can do really good work. It can make a slight difference to the overall speed and stability but finding that sweet spot is a real burden.

What we mean is, you need to find the optimum MTU value with a hit and trial method, then you can get increased speeds. People who have the patience to try this all agree with it and yes, we have done it too and it is actually a fact. When you add the number 28 to the optimum progress test MTU value, you get a stable connection.

But the question of manual MTU vs Automatic MTU is still left unanswered. But anyway, a lot of people might even not know what the MTU is all about so, before going any further in this topic, let us see the actual meaning behind this term.

What is MTU?

MTU Stands for the Maximum Transmission Unit and it is the largest data byte or packet that a device can send from the data source. The max value of MTU on PS5 is 1500. So, at one time you can send a data byte that is larger than 1500 bytes. This is the maximum cap.

What is the best MTU for PS5?

A lot of people on the internet claim that lowering your MTU value from 1500 can help you get better internet speeds. They even say that values such as 1473 and 1475 are the optimum ones. In 2014, there were reports that this MTU value helped many gamers to connect to the PSN despite the PSN server being blacked out. It was a crazy finding.

But if you think about it, this idea does make sense. When you send smaller packets, they reach the destination quickly. This means there is lower latency. While a lot of people just leave this to it and say that decreasing the value will increase the speed, this is not entirely the case.

The MTU value can only do so much in fact.  It is still a value. This value will not make a bad internet connection super speedy.

How to find the best MTU value for your PS5?

You can find your own optimum MTU value if you can’t see any changes when you enter the number such as 1473. You need to test the values one by one and see what works the best for you. This is why a lot of people don’t bother with MTU.

It can be very time-consuming.  You need to reach the sweet spot where your PS5 can not fragment the packets. This is how you reach the best MTU settings.

When you finally reach this setting, add the number 28 to it and then enter this value to the MTU settings on your PlayStation 5 console. And there you have it.  It is this easy.

Additionally, you can follow this method of Netgear to find an MTU size that’s best for your router.

Here is a Guide- Test to determine Optimal MTU Size on Router

How to change the MTU value for PS5?

The first thing you need to do is manually lower the MTU value on your PS4 by configuring the internet connection with a low MTU value.

  • Go to Settings
ps5 setting
  • select Network
Ps5 Network
  • Now Set Up Internet Connection
setup internet connection ps5
  • Now connect the internet through Lan or wifi and select Advance setting.
advance setting ps5
  • Switch to the Manual MTU settings.
mtu setting manual
  • After You set MTU to manual Now, you can enter any value you want In MTU.
mtu setting ps5
  •  Keep on testing the internet connection with lower MTU values till your console cannot fragment the packets.
  • As we mentioned earlier, the MTU value before this console message is your MTU starting point, add 28 to it and you get that number.
mtu enter value
  • Now, reconfigure your PS4’s internet connection in a manual order. Enter the optimum MTU value and there you have it.

Does Changing MTU have an effect on Internet speed?

It is not really evident that there is any effect on Internet speed and what’s more is that we cannot even judge the speeds like that. You might sometimes see sudden spikes in Internet Speeds with a manual MTU while sometimes, nothing will happen. This makes it very tricky to judge.

Tests show that the fluctuation can happen with a manual MTU but there can also be stability with it. We also don’t have any idea why it happens. It can be because of many reasons. The traffic in your ISP and all of the other things in the networking environment.


Game sizes in PS5 are huge. Most top-quality games are more than 100 GB in size and if you want to download these games, you definitely need a stable connection. While the MTU method will not increase the internet speed provided by the ISP, it can definitely make it a bit stable for you. When this happens, you can enjoy downloads and games without losing your mind.

So, yeah if your internet speed is giving you trouble, do try the MTU method we have explained in this article. It can definitely help you. Just follow the steps above and you should be okay.

You can also change MTU on your router by visiting your router’s settings page. Different routers have different ways to do this so, a quick google search might help you out here!