11 Best Mousepad for Overwatch

11 Best Mousepad for Overwatch

If you want to be a professional gamer, there are many things that you will need. Gear is important in the gaming world and if you play a game like Overwatch then you need the best mousepad for overwatch. 

In most first person shooter games, the action is very fast and you need to keep up with everything that’s happening. You also need to be super fast with your guns and you need to have a very great vision as well.

All of these things mean you need better control over your aiming as well as your shooting. A regular office mousepad won’t provide you the required room and features to do this. Thus, you need a gaming mousepad.

This article is all about gaming mousepad. Here, we are going to list some of the best gaming mousepads that you can buy. So, let us get started! 

Best Mousepad for overwatch

1. Razer Goliathus Control Fissure Extended Mousepad

The Razer Goliathus control is one of the best mousepads for overwatch.  It is a fissure extended mouse pad with a big size. This mousepad has a total length of 10.6 inches and it is 12.9 inches wide.

It is a perfect mousepad for gamers wanting to get the optimal and maximum coverage. This mousepad is compatible with all kinds of optical as well as laser mouse sensors and it works on all surfaces too. So, if you are a very serious gamer who is looking for a mousepad to help you out, this is the perfect option for you. 

The Razer Control Fissure has an extended mousepad which is quite big. It has a hard plastic surface that is used for gaming.

The surface is quite hard here and it can resist all the wear and tear. Due to the constant use of the mouse, the stitched edges will save the mouse from wearing out. This mousepad is also big enough for all kinds of gaming. You can also use this mousepad with all kinds of Razer gaming mice. 

2. Glorious Large Gaming Mouse Mat

There are many mousepads that we have tried in the past. The “Mouse Mat” from Glorious is a good soft overwatch mousepad out of these all mousepads. This mousepad provides just the perfect glide for overwatch.

You can easily pick the mouse up with a simple flick of the wrist and it will allow you to get into gaming in a quick manner.

This mousepad is super durable as well. You can lift the mouse and drop it a few times without even worrying about the mousepad wearing out. 

This mousepad is quite big enough as well. It is an elegant mousepad that you can use. The mousepad features a pretty large surface area that has been designed to provide the most comfortable gaming surfaces in the market today. The look and feel of the mousepad are pretty great as well.

The mousepad has a faster surface area that shows off its true colors as soon as you plug the mousepad in. 

With this mousepad, you will definitely have a good experience. The mousepad will provide a pretty accurate gaming experience as well. It allows you to save time and effort as well. 

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3. Forito Overwatch Professional Gaming Mouse Pad

Fiorito has been providing some of the best gaming mousepads for overwatch. They have a wide array of products from mousepads, gaming keyboards to monitors, and more. Their products are pretty top of the line and they have quite a good quality as well. In addition to quality, the company provides pretty good customer support as well. 

The forito gaming mousepad is a recent addition to the Forito products. The forito company claims that this mousepad is the best overwatch mousepad out there. This pad is made with gamers in mind and it caters to most gamers as well. The pad provides superb comfort and can be used to achieve peak performance. This gaming mousepad can be bought in a total of two sizes: XXL and L. 

This mousepad is a great mousepad to use if you want to take your gaming to the next level entirely. It doesn’t matter if you play CS: GO, Overwatch or just enjoy some casual games, this mouse pad will help you in whatever fashion.

The pad has a pretty smooth cloth surface that lets the users move the mouse fast and in an accurate manner. It has a rubber grip as well that helps to keep the mouse in place. 

4. Razer Goliathus Speed Overwatch Mouse Pad

The Razer Goliathus Speed has a good mouse acceleration in Overwatch. It is a pretty rare example of a gaming mousepad done right. This particular unit improves on the already great Goliathus lineup and adds “speed” to the original. 

While the basic concept of the Goliathus stayed the same, this new version does add some new additions. It has a proper texture added to the mousepad that makes it more usable. This textured finish means that the dirt and dust won’t get accumulated in the Goliathus Speed.

This new surface also gives it a slightly better overall feel. It is slightly less slick as well which theoretically results in a little more friction. This is still a Razer product though. You can get it in a wide variety of colors. You also get Razer’s trademark green in the base as well as the logo. 

As the name suggests, this mousepad provides a faster response and it is overall slick enough to move with minimal drag. This weave combined with that textured rubber base ensures that the pad doesn’t move around on its own. 

5. Corsair MM300 – High-Performance Mouse Pad

Corsair’s MM300 is not really a new release. It comes with a price tag of around $17 dollars and it is budget-friendly as well. This mousepad has gained its reputation as one of the best value in terms of gaming pads. The pad features a total of 4 different surface types.

This also includes a speed surface for high-performance gaming and the three different surfaces also help to reduce friction as well as improve the overall control.

This Corsair pad includes an anti-fraying stitched frame that helps to protect the mat which is also compatible with both laser and optical kind of mouses.

This mat features four different types of surface types and you can make use of these surface types to help reduce the overall friction and also improve the control.

Corsair has also included a stitched frame to help protect the mat. In terms of gaming and performance, the Corsair MM300 lives up to its reputation and is a great overall mousepad. 

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6. ASUS ROG Sheath Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

The ASUS ROG Sheath extended gaming mousepad measures 13 inches by 10 inches. It is 0.2 inches thick. This is quite a large mousepad overall with ample room to play with. This surface area will definitely provide a good experience to all the gamers who get this mousepad. 

The ROG Sheath is quite a long mousepad designed to give gamers ample room to move their mouse during intense gaming sessions. Unlike many other rigid mousepads on the market, the ROG Sheath is a flexible mouse that can be rolled up and transported quite easily. 

The ROG Sheath was launched by ASUS to make sure the overall experience of the mousepad is nice. The mouse can be rolled up and transported easily as well.

The ROG Sheath is an extended gaming mousepad that is thin as well as flexible. It has a unique weave pattern with a hard plastic base that can be used with any kind of mouse.

The ROG Sheath also comes in five different sizes: Small, Large, Medium, XLarge, and XXL. They are available in black red and blue color. Overall, the ROG Sheath is a wonderful mousepad for overwatch. You can definitely use it if you are a pro or a semi-pro overwatch gamer.

7. Litken X-Large Curved Overwatch Gaming Mouse Pad

The Litken X-Large can be considered as one of the best gaming mousepads for overwatch players in addition to designers. It has a large size which is large enough to hover the mouse properly. The soft, cloth-like material on the mousepad is quite comfortable as well.

The mouse can glide in a smooth manner as well. The textured surface of the mouse keeps it from slipping. This is an issue we have with pads that are quite large. The litken mousepad is quite large though and it can fit all kinds of surfaces too.

The size of this mousepad is something we are all big fans of. In addition to this, the mouse has a soft cloth material that will definitely not make your wrist and hands sweaty. The cloth material also offers pretty good traction overall. You might have to move quickly to react to the action in front of the screen. 

8. Forito Extended High Precise Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

Mouses need to have a smooth surface to glide on. When you have a surface that is too hard or too soft, it can result in pretty bad aiming and shooting. So, you need to have a gaming mouse with a pretty high DPI rating.

You also need a mousepad that can keep up with everything. Whether you are playing a first-person shooter like Overwatch or an MMORPG, you need a good mousepad that is going to give you the required space to use all the hotkeys on the mouse. 

The forito extended mousepad can fit in with most people’s personal requirements as well as preferences. This mousepad is made of high-density polyethylene. 

It also has a high wear-resistant surface. The smooth surface that this mousepad has provides you with incredible glide. It is also very long so that you have a lot of room to play with. 

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9.  VicTsing Extended Gaming Mousepad

While the VicTsing Extended gaming mouse might not be the best mousepad on the market, it is still a pretty good overwatch mousepad. This mousepad’s biggest strength is its price. The overall design is also pretty slick here. 

But moving to the price, this is actually the best mousepad to get for under $20 dollars. Yes, it is that cheap.

In addition, it is quite durable and comes with a pretty awesome design. The build quality is solid too. We would recommend this to anyone looking for a solid mousepad at an affordable rate.

This mouse is much cheaper than some of the mousepads on this list such as the Razer Goliathus. It is also not as thick and not as cushy as some of the others on this list.

The amount of grip it has is just sufficient. This large mousepad might not be coming from a popular brand like Corsair and Razer, but it is still perfect for gamers who need a working mousepad. 

10. ASUS ROG Scabbard Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

The ASUS ROG scabbard is a decent mousepad. It is a good choice if you are an overwatch player. This is a pretty good mousepad for overwatch because of the large size that it houses. The scabbard boasts a size of 340 mm x 280 mm x 2 mm.

This high-quality mouse pad is commonly used by professional gaming enthusiasts. It has a pretty sleek surface overall that lets you slide easily. You also won’t have to apply any friction for it.  The surface is also textured here allowing for quick and smooth type swipes.

The mousepad is quite durable as well as water-resistant. It is made up of a dense material that will definitely not bend and crack. Even with heavy use, this mousepad will last a long time. It also doesn’t require any kind of special care or maintenance. 

11. Logitech G640 Large Cloth Mousepad

Logitech is a pretty big company that manufactures a lot of good devices. Their mousepad lineup is pretty great overall. The G640 is one of the best mousepads for overwatch. 

When you buy a gaming mouse that’s high-end, you don’t really think about buying a mousepad. But let us assure you, a good gaming mousepad can do wonders for your gaming needs.

This simple yet effective mousepad can work properly with some of the most high-end mice. This mousepad is designed to be functional and the overall design is also pretty great.

The G640 is a proper mousepad from Logitech. It is one of the best gaming accessories out there and the mousepad is quite great overall as well. 

The mousepad is simple yet stylish. It has a black and grey color scheme that looks quite great. The color combination is pretty nice.

We all know that Logitech has created many gaming accessories over the years and this mousepad is no different either. 

This mousepad comes with a stitched edge that helps to keep the mousepad from ever fraying. It is designed to be used with either a mousepad stand or you can just directly put it over your desk as well.

The G640 is made with a high-quality mouse pad that is perfect for fast kinds of movements. This textured mousepad is made up of small squares that give your mouse a pretty smooth surface as well as a strong grip.

The pad is made up of a rubbery material that stays in place during some of the most intense gaming sessions. It will not slide around like some other pads on the market.

This mousepad is also quite thin which is best for high DPI gaming. It doesn’t give your mouse much breathing room as the other thicker mousepads though. 

What is the Best mousepad for Overwatch?

The best mousepad for overwatch is the Razer Goliathus Speed. Razer is known for making good quality products at rates that are competitive. The Goliathus Speed is one such offering from the company.

This mousepad comes with top-of-the-line features. It has a pretty smooth surface area that can support all kinds of mouse types. The pad is also quite great for overall usage in most areas. So, all of these features make this mousepad a pretty great device to have. 

Features to Look for in the Best Mousepad for Overwatch

If you are trying to make a career in pro gaming, everything about your setup should be professional.  While you definitely need to invest in a good gaming mouse, keyboard, and even headphones too, don’t forget other peripherals such as a Mousepad.

A good mousepad is very important. It helps to enhance comfort and this improves your in-game performance.

For games like Overwatch, a gaming mousepad is a bit different from a common office mousepad that we see. But what are the things to consider for buying a mousepad for Overwatch? Let’s take a look

Size of the Pad

Mousepads come in four main sizes from Small to Extra Large! Most gamers go with the large-sized pads as they have more than enough space for moving the mouse and it works with all kinds of hand movements. Different gamers have different kinds of movements.

You can make long and short glides when you have a long enough mousepad. We recommend large mousepads for games like Overwatch. Using a large mousepad with Overwatch definitely provides you with some advantages. You will get a lower DP so, the aiming gets more controlled.

Thickness of the Pad

Gaming Mousepad’s thickness is the thickness of the base. A thin base mouse pad is super flexible and it can fold to take different shapes.

Slim mousepads are pretty light which makes them incredibly portable. This also means that the slim pads can shift around too much. Standard thick mousepad or medium-sized pads are quite perfect for gamers though. These pads are not too light and they are also easy to move around. So, they can be used in games.


The choice of material all comes down to personal preference but many Overwatch Pros use a cloth pad.

Cloth pads are more portable and they can also be rolled up to fit in almost any bag. We would definitely recommend you get a large-sized cloth mousepad with medium thickness!

Finishing on the Edges

There are two kinds of mouse pads; ones with stitching on the edges and ones that don’t have it. The ones without stitching can get old easily and after using them for a long time or washing them several times, they will wear out.

So, get a mouse pad with proper stitching. A wore out mouse pad looks ugly and it will definitely make your desk look super bad.

We recommend you look for stitched edges. The stitching prevents any kind of fraying. It should also prevent shredding and even scratching!


Price is definitely a key factor. Not all of us have hundreds of dollars to spend on a mouse pad, right?

While it makes sense to spend that money for a semi-pro to pro Overwatch player, we don’t think Casual players need to think too much about getting a mouse pad, just get one that fits your budget. But for the pro players, the products listed on this article will definitely get the job for you. Just pick the one appropriate for your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find the best mouse sensitivity for overwatch?

Mouse sensitivity is a case of personal preference. But there are some things that you should keep in mind when it comes to this topic. One of the most important aspects is definitely the mousepad.

Using a low DPI mouse and a high DPI mousepad will definitely provide you better sensitivity. But if you are using a high DPI mouse then, you need a mousepad with low DPI so you get lower sensitivity and more accuracy. 

What makes a great Gaming Mousepad?

Even the most accurate mouse and the most responsive mousepad aren’t worth it if they don’t work well together. The mouse, as well as the mousepad, need to work properly with each other. The mousepad also has to be well laid out and it should definitely be useful for its original purpose. 

Final Words

The mousepads that we have covered above all have great quality. These mousepads are some of the best mousepads that you can get for Overwatch. They are carefully selected and depending on the kind of design you need, the price you are willing to pay and some other aspects, you should make an informed decision. 

The Razer Goliathus Control is one of the best mousepads for overwatch. This mousepad has a more affordable price than some of the other high-quality gaming mousepads. In addition to that, this mousepad also offers superior performance as well as comfort. 

The Goliathus is made up of comfortable material which is a huge plus. If you are the type of gamer that gets sweaty palms during intense matches, you definitely need this Razer Goliathus mousepad in your gaming arsenal. 

While playing competitive Overwatch, your mousepad might be the most important device that you have.

If you are using the same old style of mousepad with your mouse, you might not have that extra edge to win.

Aside from the Razer Goliathus, some other best mousepads for overwatch include the Glorious pad as well as the famous Logitech G640. But all other items on the list also have their own sets of features that make them worth it. 

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