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8 Best PS5 Horror Games In 2021 To Play

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It’s time to get spooked! We are talking about the best PS5 horror games, so prepare for some serious scares. The Playstation 5 has some of the most terrifying titles available today.

With a game library that covers every genre imaginable, there is something for everyone here. Check out these top-rated horror games for ps5 and see where your nightmares go next!

Best Horror Games For Ps5

  • #1 Resident Evil Village
  • #2 GhostWire: Tokyo
  • #3 Dead By Daylight
  • #4 Dying Light 2
  • #5 The Sinking City
  • #6 Returnal
  • #7 In Rays of The Light
  • #8 Martha Is Dead

#1 Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village is a survival horror game that takes place in the fictional town of Mulvey, Louisiana. This village has been taken over by mutated creatures and players must make their way through this zombie-filled world as Ethan Winters to find his kidnapped daughter Mia. After encountering Chris Redfield on an airplane, he finds himself back at home with nothing but time on his hands until he receives a distress call from her – one which requires him to fly into action once again!

#2 GhostWire: Tokyo

In GhostWire: Tokyo, players enter the world of Japanese folklore to explore a cursed village and save its inhabitants from impending death. The game is set in an abandoned town called Tama which has become overrun by evil spirits that have been unleashed following a series of mysterious murders. It’s up to you as Detective Yamane to investigate these murders and d solve the mystery behind it all.

#3 Dead By Daylight

In Dead by Daylight, up to four survivors are terrorized in the woods during a ritualistic murder. The killer hunts them down with one goal: sacrifice their bodies on hooks for “The Entity”. This is an immersive game where three of us play as the survivors and another person plays as the terrifying killer who stalks his prey mercilessly before attacking from behind.

A group of people experience horror while playing Dead By Daylight; they’re always trying not to get caught or killed because if you do it’s all over! You have only two ways out – either escape through closing gates that lead back into town (which can be difficult) or stun your pursuer long enough so he drops items like flares which allow you to see what lies ahead at night.

#4 Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 zombie game for ps5

Dying Light 2 is an upcoming survival horror action role-playing game with a twist. The new protagonist, Kyle Crane, will have to traverse the in-game world as he fights for his life against zombie hordes and human foes alike. Tough decisions are made along the way that can change how you play both your friends and enemies forever!

Dying Light 2 takes place years after Dying light 1 left off. With zombies still roaming around our hero’s hometown of Harran City, we find out they’ve developed some sort of immunity to UV radiation which means all those hand sanitizer products aren’t going to work anymore so now there’s no stopping them.

#5 The Sinking City

The Sinking City is a detective game about fighting corruption. The player will experience an open world with spectacular visuals and immersive 3D gameplay, all while trying to save the city from being completely taken over by criminals.

The life of citizens in cities can be more perilous than anywhere else- especially if it’s underwater! In the new video game “Sinking City,” players take on the role of a private investigator – your job is to investigate crime scenes for clues that could lead you closer to solving crimes before they happen.

#6 Returnal


Returnal is an immersive, third-person shooter video game that provides the player with a unique understanding of what it feels like to be lost in space.

Set in a futuristic science fiction setting where you control Selene (Jane Perry), a stranded pilot armed with her suit and high-tech weapons who crawls through foreign environments battling extraterrestrial entities while trying desperately not to die over and over again for reasons unknown. Each death brings them closer to figuring out why they are experiencing these visions as well as their connection with this strange planet called Atropos.

#7 In Rays of The Light

In Rays of Light, you explore the ruins of a post-apocalyptic world where most people have died. You’ll face challenges and solve puzzles as you learn more about what happened in this suspenseful adventure game with stunning graphics.

#8 Martha Is Dead

The upcoming indie game Martha is Dead tackles the big stuff. Set in 1940’s Tuscany, war looming over everything like an impending storm, this intriguing-looking psychological thriller tells the story of Giulia as she mourns for her twin sister who died mysteriously and soon after gave birth to a stillborn baby. In our interview with creative director Luca Dalco of LKA, we found out more about this heartfelt yet eerie coming-of-age adventure that explores trauma through exploration both literal and figurative.