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Best External USB Flash drive for PS5

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With game sizes exceeding 150 GB, an external USB flash drive (SSD/HDD) is one thing that you need to get if you game on a console. These flash drives provide a solution for some issues that may arise because of the low size of the custom PS5 SSD.

We know that the internal SSD in a PS5 has a capacity of just around 600 GB so, that can create a problem if you want to store a lot of games on your device.

We also know that PS5 can play almost all PS4 games so, there are so many options to choose from and Install on your machine. But the lack of Space is a major problem. This means an external SSD/HDD is quite important for a PS5 owner. With an External SSD, you can store and play all your PS4 games.

While you can’t play PS5 games from the external SSDs yet (mainly because PS5 games take advantage of the internal SSD), you can still enjoy games like God of War at 60 fps and fast loading even with an external SSD.

Having said that, what are the best External flash drives or SSD/HDD that you can get for a PS5 system?

Let us find out in this article. But before that, a quick summary of the difference between an External Flash Drive and PS5’s internal SSD.

Difference between PS5’s internal SSD and External Flash Drives

A PlayStation 5 system has a built-in proprietary SSD. This SSD is very fast and the exact working mechanism is not known as it is a Sony product. This SSD makes games load faster which means PS5 games are bigger and the loading times are minimum. Even a PS4 game stored in this SSD can be booted quite fast. The SSD has a total capacity of 825 GB but only 667 GB can be used. The rest of the SSD space is used by the PlayStation OS.

So, yeah, you would be right if you think that the space will get filled up quite easily. We all know what the size of games these days is. They are quite large and this SSD will not really do any justice to your gaming needs. There have been no firmware updates to extend this SSD space with the help of an Expansion bay but we are not focusing on an internal SSD in this article.

Our focus is on External SSDs.

So, What advantages do you get from an external SSD?

Well, the first advantage is that you have extra space. You can store your games here. Even the digital PS5 games that you have downloaded can be transferred and stored on an SSD. But these PS5 titles can’t be played off of the external SSD. In addition to this, you can also store the media files, saves, captures, and many other things like DLC data and more on an external SSD.

This will save the internal space of your PS5. If you have a PS5 game that you are not playing right now but don’t want to delete, simply store them on an external SSD.

The real advantage of an external SSD though is that you can play PS4 games straight off of the SSD. Yes, you can enjoy all the backward compatible games on an external SSD without any hassle of any sort. This is quite a huge advantage.

Best External Flash drive for PS5

Portable External Hard Drive Portable External Hard Drive
Toshiba USB 3.0 Hard Drive
  • Storage:4Tb
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Fastest external Drive everFastest external Drive ever
Samsung Portable SSD T5
  • Storage:1 TB
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Overall BestOverall Best
WD_Black P50 Game Drive
  • Storage:1 TB
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Editor ChoiceEditor Choice
Crucial X6
  • Storage:4 TB
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1. Toshiba USB 3.0 Hard Drive

Toshiba USB 3.0 Hard Drive

You might be wondering why we put an HDD here. Don’t worry, we have our explanation. This HDD is USB 3.0 which means faster transfer speeds. In addition, it is not that expensive and the design is quite good. The HDD has a space of 4 TB which is pretty nice.

The transfer time is actually decent here (for an HDD). It took 45 mins to transfer a game that was around 100 GB which is quite okay for an HDD. It is though 4 times slower than an SSD. When playing some open-world PS4 games from this HDD, things were actually fast. The games loaded in under a minute which is not really bad.

2. Samsung Portable SSD T5

Samsung Portable SSD T5

This is one of the best PS5 external SSDs. The T5 is quite a fast SSD with 1 TB of external space. It is a tiny device that is quiet as a whistle and has a nice design.

The selling point here is it’s quick data transfer speeds. The speeds are incredible. For instance, it took just 7 minutes to transfer games like Returnal. Mass Effect, which is around 70 GB in size took just 2 minutes to copy. Load Times? 35 seconds for Mass Effect! Crazy, Isn’t it?

The 1 TB space will very much double your overall space in the console and it provides fast speeds so, what else do you need? The SSD might be a bit pricier but it is one of the best SSDs we have tested. So, you can go purchase this with a blindfold!

3. WD_Black P50 Game Drive

WD_Black P50 Game Drive

WD is a major player in the External HDD/SSD game. The company has made many solid external flash drives over the years and their HDDs and SSDs are quite great. We know that the world is moving towards SSDs these days but HDDs are also important. The WD P50 is a solid SSD for gaming needs. It is all encased and has a cool design with a sturdy build.

The build quality is indeed a selling point. It has a military-style metal casing and the shape is rectangular. In addition, there are traditional WD markings in the case. You can use the USB-C port here as either a USB-A or USB-C. This means you can connect this device to your phones and your consoles. We tried the connections and it works flawlessly.

You also get a small LED indicator with it. This helps you sense the position of the SSD and whether it is connected or not. One drawback is that the SSD can get hot after lengthy usage.

In terms of specification, you are getting a solid external SSD that has a max speed of 2000 MB/s. That’s MB, All caps! Yes, you get 2GB/second of data transfer under ideal conditions. In terms of real-world performance, that gets a 20% hit but it’s still pretty fast! You can transfer game data at a much faster rate. The consistency is quite nice as well. The SSD will definitely improve your gaming experience.

4. Crucial X6

Crucial X6 Best flashdrie for ps5

We know that External SSDs can get quite pricey. Even smaller SSDs can cost a whole lot of money so, there are people that want a cheap HDD for their PS5. If you are one of those people, the Crucial X6 is a value-for-money HDD that you can buy.

The X6 is a traditional HDD meant for use in a PS5. It is quite a cheap option but the quality is decent despite the price. You get a 1TB space here for half the price of a similar-sized SSD. The HDD can store and play your PS4 games and store your PS5 games with ease.

Transfer speeds might not be on par with SSDs but they are still quite good all things considered. Resident Evil 7 can be loaded for just under a minute using this HDD which is quite an improvement. PS5 games can be stored quite easily as well. It will take around 4 minutes to store a 30 GB game using this drive.

The drive comes with a USB-C type connection that you can plug into the front of the PS5. The whole device is super light and easy to use, It is a perfect drive for people on a tight budget, We recommend it!

Buying Guide for External Flash Drives

There are two types of flash drives: HDD and SSD. We know that HDDs are slow and these days people like to use an SSD. SSDs are quite faster and if you can afford them, go for SSD.

What are the advantages of an SSD? They are faster and more stable. There are no moving parts inside an SSD so, they are reliable and don’t break that often. HDDs, on the other hand, are comparatively slower and are prone to failures.

Another thing to consider is the price and storage space you are getting for the price. You need 1 TB space minimum to be on the safe side. 2 TB space, we believe, is overkill but if you get a nice deal go for it! Do remember that more space means a more expensive product.

Now, let us move on to the reviews of some of the best External Flash Drives that we have listed out for the PS5.


The flash drives that we have mentioned in this article are all but worth it. These flash drives are quite great when you consider the value they offer at the price they come in.

We still recommend you update the internal SSD first but that takes a lot of technical knowledge and is quite expensive. Anyway, you can just get an external drive and the drives above will definitely get the job done for you!

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