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5 Best Ethernet Cables for PS5 (No More Lags)

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Gaming has become integrated into the online world. A lot of games these days require a stable connection. This is needed for both casual as well as competitive games. So, this is a major problem that needs to get solved and ethernet cables are one way of solving this issue.

This is true for all kinds of games but the FPS genre is especially influenced by the fast-paced internet. Gunplay in games like Battlefield, COD, and Counter-Strike needs lightning-fast reflexes, quick reactions, and really solid muscle memory. In addition to that, these games also require high-quality monitors and faster internet speed to slow down the latency.

Latency is basically how quickly your character reacts to your button press. Deleted: For all of these things, we need fast and stable internet and one way of making sure you have stable internet is to use the Ethernet cables. So, today we are going to review some of the best ethernet cables for the PS5 console.

Short In time?

The best ethernet cable for ps5 is Dacron CAT 8 Ethernet Cable that is weatherproof and supports up to 40Gbps  and is currently the top-rated cable on market.

Best Ethernet Cables for PS5

We have listed down below some of the best ethernet cables that you must try for a better gaming experience.

Best OverallBest Overall
Dacron CAT 8 Ethernet Cable4.8/5Check On Amazon
Best BudgetBest Budget
DanYee Ethernet Cable4.5/5Check On Amazon
Our ChoiceOur Choice
Cat 8 Ethernet Cable4.8/5Check On Amazon
Cat 7 Ethernet Cable4.5/5Check On Amazon
CableGeeker Cat 6
  • :4.2/5
Check On Amazon

1. Dacron CAT 8 Ethernet Cable

Dacron-CAT-8-Ethernet-Cable (1)

The Dacron CAT8 cable can be used with the previous versions of the RJ45 cabling. In addition to this neat feature, it operates at a frequency of 2000 MHz. This makes sure that the speed is super fast.

The cable is designed to support the standard applications so, it can be used for small to medium-scale LANs. It is also very good for gaming systems such as the PlayStation and Xbox. Since the data transmission is fast, this helps to avoid any sort of lags and network problems.

The build quality of the cable is nice too. It has aluminum foil shied and even a pure copper core. In addition, there is  PVC outer cover and two RJ45 connections. A really solid cable this is!


  • Super Durable.
  • Has resistance to UV.
  • Consists of Weatherproof construction.
  • Speedy data transmission.


  • Will not increase your ISP’s base speed.

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2. DanYee Ethernet Cable


This is a very high-quality cable that comes in varying lengths. The length ranges from 3 to 100 feet. It also offers a number of options in terms of color. There is a 10 Gbps transmission speed and 600 MHz max bandwidth. The cable has compatibility with PS5, Xbox, and other ethernet-enabled devices as well. There is an increased shielding on the copper wire as well here.

The build quality on the cable is its biggest selling point. It has nylon braided housing and it is durable as well.


  • The cable’s got stylish nylon braids.
  • You get Lifetime free customer service.
  • There is a 50-micron gold contact plating here.


  • There aren’t any cons other than its price.

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3. Cat 8 Ethernet Cable


The Cat 8 ethernet cable is really fast. It has the fastest transmission speeds in any commercially used cables. The transmission speed here is 40 Gbps and it runs at a frequency of 2000 MHz. The length is quite good as well.

It has a length of 100 ft and this cable is best for gamers who do not want any type of compromises. It also features a really thick PVC housing. The cable is built for outdoor use and it also has an anti-corrosive quality. In addition, the cable does come with UV-resistant housing.

Since the cable has high speeds and can be used both indoor and outdoor, this cable is incredible for all kinds of networking use.


  • The Weatherproof design is great for outdoor use
  • There is a thick heavy-duty build quality which allows long-distance transmission
  • The cable can give you high speeds from an ethernet cable


  • It might not really be best for home internet, it’s overkill for this situation!

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4. Cat 7 Ethernet Cable


The Cat 7 cable is around 100 feet long and it is made with bare copper which has a great quality. The cable can reach a speed of 10 Gbps. The dual gold plated RJ45 connectors provide minimum noise and interference as well. The blue cable comes in different variations and they can be installed quite easily. In addition to this, there is a shielded twisted pair copper internal that provides a really secure connection.

The cable also has a durable PVC housing with low corrosion. It is highly flame retardant as well. This makes it incredibly great over long distances.


  • The cable has a flat, weatherproof design. It is certified as low smoke and toxicity cable.
  • This cable is available in blue, black, and white.
  • There is a universal connection for all kinds of devices here.


  • The cable is quite thin and this might be bad for some users.

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5. CableGeeker Cat 6


CableGeeker Cat 6 offers a really high-speed connection that can go up to 1 Gbps. It has a flat body design as well. This 150 feet massive cable is perfect when it runs high-speed connections over lengthy distances. Because of the flat design, CableGeeker will avoid entanglement and save space as well.

We recommend this cable for servers, routers, printers, and other devices at your house. You can also use it on gaming consoles for a better experience. CableGeeker provides satisfaction to customers as well.


  • The 150 feet flat cable is really easy to install at your house.
  • The material used is bare copper conductors which are great.
  • It has a flexible design that is anti-wear and tears.


  • The speed is not that great. It only offers up to 1 Gbps of bandwidth.

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Can Ethernet cable improve your internet?

Well, improving your internet boils down to many factors. The first one is obviously your ISP and the package you have. The ISP Package determines your highest bandwidth, another factor is the kind of router you have, and finally the type of connection.

Increasing your package’s bandwidth is costly and so is buying a new router but changing your connection time doesn’t require much money. Ethernet connection is a connection type that can make your internet connection stable.

But this method is not widely used because many people find it difficult to set up the connection. But do not worry, we have you covered. In this article, we are going to provide you complete information on this subject!

Comparison between Wi-fi and Ethernet Speeds

Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity and it is a wireless internet connection that can be established using different bands. 802.11 AC is the latest wi-fi band that can support 5 GHz frequency and  500 Mbps speed. While this is a good enough speed for most use cases but there are home speeds that can go up to 1 gigabit.

On the flip side, a Cat 6 ethernet cable can reach the speed of 10 Gb/s. This is 200 times faster than the wireless connection. You might not find this speed at your home though but you could theoretically get this speed if you connect two devices with Cat 6 cables.

Why is the Ethernet connection better?

Ethernet connection is better for your PS5 because the initial transfer of information from the console to your router will have less latency. This means the information can be sent to the internet faster and this will decrease your ping and hence make your online gaming experience much responsive. It is miles better than the Wi-fi connection.

Then there is the question of stability and even interference. When you deal with wireless networks, you have to deal with faulty connections and this causes instability. The unstable connection can occur because of different things such as interference from different appliances, the strength of the network card, and more.

Temporary disconnections are fine while streaming Netflix or visiting a webpage but if there is constant disconnection on Online matches, this can really ruin your experience.

How to choose the best ethernet cable?

When you are looking for an ethernet cable, there are a few considerations to be made. The cables might look the same to naked eyes but that is not really true. The power of the ethernet cable is directly correlated with the bandwidth that it is able to handle.  If you got a high-end router with fast ISP bandwidth, you can face bottlenecking issues. So, there has to be real coordination while buying the cables.

Here are the different categories of ethernet cable:

  • Cat 3- 10 Mbps, transmission speed at 16 MHz
  • Cat 5- 100 Mbps, transmission speed at 100 MHz
  • Cat 5e- 1,000 Mbps, transmission speed at 100 MHz
  • Cat 6- 1,000 Mbps, transmission speed at 250 MHz
  • Cat 6a- 10,000 Mbps, transmission speed at 500 MHz
  • Cat 7- 10,000 Mbps, transmission speed at 600 MHz
  • Cat 7a- 10,000 Mbps, transmission speed at 1,000 MHz

From the list above, you can clearly see the difference between the lower-end Cat 3 cable and the premium Cat 7a cable is quite big. The Cat 7a is able to handle much more bandwidth. In terms of physicality, these cables are different in their wiring, shielding, noise reduction, and testing standard. Various companies test and give grades to the cables. High-graded cables are better and expensive.

You must be practical though and the most practical way is found somewhere right in the middle. You need to have a network connection of 10 Gbps at least. Anything between a Cat 5e and the Cat 7 cable is able to handle the speeds necessary for your devices.

How to connect the ethernet cable to a PS5?

Connecting the ethernet cable to your PS5 is simple. At first, you simply need to get an ethernet cable that is long enough as you need to run it along with your house if your router is away from your console. The actual connection is quite simple. Find an open port on the router with WAN capability, connect it to the RJ45 port on the router. In normal routers, you can set up four ethernet connections.

Cool. Now all you need to do is get the cable and connect it to the PS5 but cable management is necessary. Here are some tips:

  • Always try to put your long ethernet cable under the carpets. Don’t leave it bundled though.
  • Overlap the cables and cross them at 90 degrees if you have to do it. This will prevent any type of interference.
  • Do be aware of all the electrical devices and other cables while you are running the ethernet cable through a wall or even the ceiling.
  • Don’t place the cables near water pipes. Water can damage ethernet cables.
  • Always label your cables for easy replacement.
  • Do not bundle the cables together. You can use velcro ties to organize multiple cables.
  • Do not expose the cables. It can be really dangerous.
  • Even if the cables are weatherproof, try to keep all of it inside the house.
  • You can use different colored cables for different devices to avoid confusion.


Using an ethernet cable definitely has its advantages. You will see it first hand when you game with the cable. It has better performance than the traditional wi-fi connection. It provides you with lower latency, faster downloads, and a better overall connection. The experience is smoother as well.

But one thing you need to remember is that the ethernet cable will not really improve your connection. 10 Mbps connection will remain 10 Mbps even with an ethernet cable.

It does, however, remove the bottlenecks and lets your device run at the constant maximum speed. It reduces any type of interference and the router can send and receive data faster thus reducing the lag.

And when lag is reduced in online games, the gameplay experience gets better. This is why we recommend these ethernet cables for gaming consoles such as the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox, and even PC.

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