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6 Best Cooling Fan For Ps5 In 2021

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Sony’s previous consoles like the PS3 and the PS4 had a history of sounding almost like Jet Engines because of overheating. Because of this reason, Sony decided to make the PS5’s cooling system much better.

But as developers start pushing new technology, the cooling system might not actually be that great in the future. So, It is best to apply prevention before the cure by choosing a much better cooler for your PS5 system. Today, we will be covering some of these coolers. But before that let us see the buying guide for Cooling Fans.

Best PS5 Cooling Fans

MENEEA Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan
  • Connectivity:USB
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Link style PS5 Cooling Fan
  • Connectivity:USB 3.0
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. FASTSNAIL Cooling Fan Charging Station
  • Connectivity:USB
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Auarte Controller Charging Station with Cooler Stand
  • Connectivity:USB & Wireless
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Best OverallBest Overall
  • Connectivity:USB
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Fyoung Vertical Fan
  • Connectivity:USB 3.0
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1. MENEEA Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan

MENEEA Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan ps5

The MENEEA Vertical Stand is a great option for a vertical console such as the PS5. It is a proper cooling stand and features two very large fans that are able to keep your PS5 console cool while you play games that really get it to work. It has also different positions to store and charge the PS5 DS Controllers. The fan can charge the controllers in just a few hours too.

There are light indicators here as well that let you know that you are good to go. The front of the fan system has 3 USB ports that you can use to power your phones, laptops, power banks, and more.

The PS5 cooling fan can also accommodate both the digital and the standard models. It has a white design which is a solid match with the PS5 controller. There is also retractable storage here that can handle 14 game discs. This makes it great storage for your games too.

2. Link style PS5 Cooling Fan

Link style PS5 Cooling Fan

The Link style PS5 cooling fan is another great fan that is inexpensive. It is probably the most inexpensive on this list. The fan can slide right into your USB port without any trouble whatsoever. It has two small fans and one large fan for proper air circulation. In addition, this one comes with 6 months of warranty which is great.

3. FASTSNAIL Cooling Fan Charging Station

FASTSNAIL Cooling Fan Charging Station

The Fastnail cooling fan is a very smart addition to your gaming setup. This is a really great station with a double dock charging station. You can get two PS5 pro controllers with it. The two LED light indicates the charging level here. All of the features of the cooling fan listed in this article have quite an impressive array of features. The thing that makes this one stand out is the security chip.

This chip prevents controllers from over-heating, charging too much and protects them from current, voltage, and everything else. This cooling fan is also friendly to the environment and it also comes with energy-saving functions. All of this makes it quite a great charging station.

In addition to all of these features, this cooling fan has an excellent framework as well as design. Not only does it not take much space, it also uses vertical cooling tech to take the heat away from the console. This means the overall experience is quite smooth.

The console doesn’t get that much heat with this fan, This cooling fan system also storage compartments for the PS5 games and even controllers. It is a low-powered fan so, it doesn’t consume much juice from the wall socket. You will be able to connect all other PS5 accessories like mouse, fight stick, wheels, microphones, and more using this.

There is also a silicone pad here and this can be removed when it is cleaned thoroughly. These fans have a noise level that is as less as 50 dB. This means the gaming experience here is quite quiet. The metal bottom here helps to dissipate heat in an efficient manner.

4. Auarte Controller Charging Station with Cooler Stand

Auarte Controller Charging Station with Cooler Stand

The Auarte Cooler Stand is a 2 in 1 combo. It is compatible with all types of consoles. The fan is a top accessory for the PS5 console. This one is equipped with storage as well as charging space.

The Auarte controller can also support fast charging ports for the PS5 controller. It can get fully charged in just two to three hours. The charging ports are very useful as they allow you to keep the controllers together and also manage your gaming space.

Your gaming space can be organized in a neat manner. There are also LED lights to present here to charge the controllers. The air outlet at the bottom of the cooling system is great for a PS5. This unit acts as a heat sink and it takes the heat away from the console’s base. This station has a total of two fan outlets. One is placed at the top and another on the bottom.

This means airflow is doubled and the console life cycle is increased. There is also a high-speed fan cooling setting here for better cooling. The fans can rotate at a speed of around 4000 RPMs and provide you with impressive airflow. The operating sound of the cooling fans is low too. It has a convenient storage holder as well which is capable of holding 14 games at once.



In the market for a PS5 cooling fan that has run for a long time? Well, look nowhere else. The Yuanhot cooling fan with a vertical stand is the perfect choice for very long gaming sessions that you might have. This cooling fan has great fast charging ports. In addition, it also has quick charge times. The fan can charge two PS5 controllers in less than 3 hours.

The ports are also quite impressive and you can charge items off them. There are two fans here, one each at the top and the bottom. The high-speed fans will give you vertical cooling and it effectively cools the entire console. So, when you maintain a certain temperature, this cooling fan kind of keeps the overall temperature down and the performance up.

One major feature here is the inclusion of the hotkeys that are present. This allows you to mute the fan and even switch the console on and off. Sweet, right?

6. Fyoung Vertical Fan

Fyoung Vertical Fan

The Fyoung vertical cooling fan system for Sony’s PS5 is an incredible option for a cooling fan. The thing that is most impressive about this one is the design it. The fan just doesn’t take space and that is a good thing. It also makes use of vertical cooling technology that is able to take all the heat away from the console and then ensure a smooth gaming experience.

This stand also has an excellent storage rack that can store many games. This storage rack is quite useful as it allows you to have a total gaming setup together and it makes playing different games easy as well. The gaming track is sturdy and well organized as well.

There is a total of two cooling fans here and they are used by the PS5 system. The fans rotate at a super high speed of 3000 rotations per minute. The fan is quite effective. It takes the heat away from the console and also maintains uniform temperatures. It helps to expand the PS5’s total life by cooling it down properly.

There is also a non-slip mat here that can do the cooling. The cooling system is made quite well. They are engraved and the airflow from a different direction as well. It also has a smart microchip that stops the charging when the controllers get fully charged.

Buying Guide for ps5 Cooling Fans

Before buying a cooling fan, you should be looking at the following things:


We found two types of Cooling Fans in the market. There are larger fans that you can place on your PS5 and a smaller one that you can attach to your PS5. The smaller one is basically more portable and sometimes cheaper than the larger one. But in a larger one, it can have many extra features such as LED lights, space for games, chargers, and more.


Get a cooling fan that is best valued. When you get a cooling fan that has the best value for money, you don’t overpay and you don’t underpay. The price is basically determined by the feature of the product. This means that if the product passes certain features that you want, it is valued more. These features include build quality, performance, extra tidbits, design, and more.

Fan Sound

While you want your cooling fan to cool your console, you don’t want a fan that sounds like a jet engine. A quiet but effective cooling fan is much better than the louder ones. And it’s not like the louder ones will create more cooling. It doesn’t work like that. A relatively quiet cooling fan is impressive in it’s own right and it can even provide better cooling in most cases.

Ability of Cooling

The time and power required by a fan to cool down the console and the extent to which it cools the console down are all important aspects of a Cooling fan. We recommend cooling fans that can effectively cool the PS console without any hassle.

Extra Features

There are many people that are looking for a PS5 cooling fan that is quite the best one. They are looking for a cooling fan that has got many extra features such as dedicated storage for the games and more. There are also people that want to match the cooling fan with their setups. For people that fall under this category, you would want to get cooling fans with these features.

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