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Best Bluetooth Dongle/Adapter For Ps5 2021

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The PlayStation 5 is the latest and greatest in the console gaming market. This is one of the best options from Sony and if you can find a PS5 in the market right now, you can be quite happy with the purchase.

If you get your hands on one, the next generation of gaming will be quite a breeze. And if you don’t find it, you might want to stick to the current generation of consoles.

Anyway, it is quite important to have priorities and you also need to consider what you will be using. You should be super careful. Because if you are not careful you may end up overpaying for something and you don’t want that.

The Xbox Series X customers are spending a lot of money on External Hard Drives recently. Despite the fact that the System already has 1 TB of storage and it also doesn’t have any exclusives.

The same is with Audio. It is one area of technology where you need to provide investment to see the returns. We know that both Sony and Microsoft have failed to include support for Bluetooth Headsets. With the PS5, you get a wireless controller. But if you want to use a headset, you have to physically plug it into the controller. This is a very tedious approach. But to fix it you can use a Bluetooth adapter.

Best Bluetooth dongle for ps5

OLCLSS USB Bluetooth Adapter
  • Warranty: Lifetime
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1Mii MiiLink
  • Battery:10hrs
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CHASDI Mini Bluetooth Dongle
  • warranty:6months
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1. OLCLSS USB Bluetooth Adapter

OLCLSS USB Bluetooth Adapter

The OLCLSS USB Bluetooth Adapter is quite a small USB Type-A adapter. It is barely the size of a mouse dongle. When you plug it in the back of your console, it will protrude by less than half an inch. This is great for tight spaces. This adapter is also very well designed. The plug is made with Silicon Alloy which is not cheap. This means that the adapter can take a beating. It will also last for years before finally wearing out.

Along with the tiny dongle, you get a short USB Type-C tether. This tether is 3 inches in size and it allows to put this adapter into systems such as the PS5. You can also use it with a Mac or a PC. In addition to that, you will be able to use it as a dongle on the PS3 as well. But you cannot use it with PS4’s gold headset.

What is the signal range like in the OLCLSS adapter? Well, the range is around 10 meters which are roughly 33 feet. This is a standard distance for Bluetooth 5.0.

The signal is quite clear because of this. The Range drops off when you walk around a wall with it. But that is not much of a concern for gaming headsets. You will probably be in the same room while using the adapter so, this is not an issue.

2. 1Mii MiiLink

1Mii MiiLink wifi adapter

The 1Mii MiiLink adapter is manufactured in a reliable fashion. The same company also makes Bluetooth adapters for TVs. We liked the performance of those and so, we were quite excited to take the MiiLink out for a test and this one works quite well too. As the name of this adapter suggests, it is designed for the Nintendo switch primarily. It even has the USB Type C plug for it but since it is Type-C, the same adapter can also be used on a PS5.

It will actually work with any kind of device that has a USB Type-C  Bluetooth audio connection. There is also a Type-C to Type-A adapter here for plugging this into the Type-A devices. This is quite useful if you have got a PC with no Type-C port. Yes, you can also use it with a PC.

The adapter itself is quite flat here. It is shaped like a bar and is designed to sit flat against a Nintendo Switch device. It means that on a PS5 it can protrude a bit. It’s not noticeable though and it certainly doesn’t hamper the experience.

There are two sets of lights here one each in left and right. These will let you know what your connection status is. There is also a row of lights in the center to let you know about the audio codec being used. This is quite a great feature. It is a nice touch as well.

3. CHASDI Mini Bluetooth Dongle

CHASDI Mini Bluetooth Dongle

The CHASDI Mini Bluetooth Dongle is a cross between the previous two adapters. Just like the MiiLink, it has a bar-shaped design. On the other hand, it also has connectivity in line with the OLCLSS. This product is quite wide and flat. It also plugs directly into a USB Type-C port.

In terms of connectivity, this mini dongle can be plugged in the back of both a PS5 and a PS4. It can also be used with a Switch Controller and a PC. In addition, there is a small Type-C to Type-A converter here. This means you can use the CHASDI dongle with any game console, computer, or Xbox system.

The connection here is quite clean and clear. It can be operated nicely as well. The sound is clear enough. You can hear your teammates, music, movie, and everything. The mic is great for talking. The device has a small boom mic for it.

The mic results can be hit or miss sometimes but overall it’s a good mix anyway. The overall design aesthetic is nice too here and the adapter will also not get in your way. It is unnoticeable so, the look of your console will not really change. In terms of compatibility, as we mentioned, this one is a universal adapter. It works well with all kinds of devices.

One best feature about the CHASDI dongle is that it comes with a warranty of six months which is so great. Other dongles in this list do not have a warranty of any kind. This one is solid in that regard. You also get access to in-game chat here and you won’t need a wire for it.

You also don’t pick any background noise with this mic. This issue can particularly be annoying for many. This dongle also has a manufacturer’s warranty. So, you are quite covered in this angle as well.

Buying Guide for a Bluetooth Adapter

What are the things that you should look for in a PlayStation 5 Bluetooth adapter? You can’t just plug in any old adapter in your PS5 system and expect it to work. It just doesn’t work like that. So, you need a compatible one.

The first thing you need to get is an Adapter that plugs in a USB Type-C port. There are many Bluetooth Adapters out there that make use of the USB Type-A. While this is fine for other devices, it will not work on a PS5 controller. This is because PS5 requires you to have a Type-C connection for audio.

Also, there are Bluetooth adapters that make use of a 3.5mm Aux port for audio. These are quite great too. They can be used for many things. Particularly, they are best for many modern applications that don’t have Bluetooth Connectivity. These are not that great for modern games though.

It is also very crucial to find adapters that have the right form factor. Large USB Bluetooth adapters that have the shape of Dongles and Antennas are not the best choice. They don’t use USB Type-C and they are quite large in size. Gamers also don’t really want antennas sticking out of the console as this is quite bad of a look for them.

The final thing to keep in mind is the support for codec and even firmware considerations. The thing is, Bluetooth is used for data, connectivity as well as audio. This type of connection makes big difference when it comes to the audio quality as well as latency. When you have an adapter that is optimized for high throughput, you get quite the latency. In a similar fashion, the one that is designed for devices such as Mouse and Keyboards may only deliver tiny audio.

When you use a dedicated gaming console adapter, you get a Bluetooth adapter that is optimized for the highest quality of Audio. You also get a low latency one that is suited for online chat.

Final Verdict

Owning a Bluetooth Adapter is necessary when you have a PlayStation 5. All of the adapters that we have mentioned here will get the job done for you. The best one we believe is the OLCLSS as it has better quality, sound and is compatible easily. The other options are also quite great. You can definitely use it.

The things you should be taking into consideration are latency, compatibility, and mic quality. When you have a Bluetooth adapter with all three things covered, you can make your decision and get it with your eyes closed! Just make a budget for yourself and get the one that fits your budget requirement and you should be good to go. It is that simple!