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Xbox One Price and Release Date Set

E3 is in full swing and the news cannot be any more newsier for fans of console gaming.  With Microsoft’s Press Conference wrapped up, we now know many things that we didn’t before.  Most importantly, there’s been a comprehensive list of games that are confirmed to be released for the Xbox One as well as a release date for the console.

So for all us lucky gamers, the Xbox One will be released in November of this year, 2013.  Which gives us just enough time to save up what we’ll need for purchase, which has been reported to be $499.99 in the USA.  For any gamer living in the UK, expect the price to be £429.99. Additionally, the European price has also been set at 499.99.  No word about Japan or Australian, but we can also assume that the exchange rates will match the prices Europe or Great Britain are seeing.

It’s also been confirmed that the full Xbox Live service will still require a paid monthly subscription, but no word yet on what the cost will be set at for the new generation of gaming.

If you have the money now, and live in the U.S., you can preorder an Xbox One now from Amazon, Gamestop, Walmart or Bestbuy.  Those of you who live in the U.K. can preorder from Amazon and Zavvi.  Finally, anyone who lives in Germany can preorder from Amazon.

Source: IGN

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