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WWE 13 Brings Back Universe Mode

Wrestling fans rejoice for I bring you hopeful tidings on the newest WWE video game, and pray that it is nothing like its previous installment. WWE 13 is slated for release on Oct 30th this year and boasts some nice features to lure fans back into the series good graces. First of which is that it brings back the infamous Attitude Era of the WWE showing off fan favorites in a new trailer such as the devastating duo of the A.P.A and Edge and Christian. Now the second thing is if you pre reserve the game, you will receive the playable character of Mike Tyson when he was “in” DX. The final addition that brings me here is the inclusion of Universe mode where the player can completely craft there own story line complete with title changes, tag team betrayals, heel turns, and underdogs rising through the ranks. So here is a teaser trailer, and happy gaming everyone.

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